FFP Spotlight: American Bulldogs

imageSome people don’t realize that Nathan Caine of the American Bulldogs actually came to Full Force Pro long before Matt Evanston did. Caine was known as Nathan “the Pitbull” Caine, although he looks and wrestles the exact same way.

Nathan debuted in FFP in 2009 and on August 29th of ’09 at FFP’s then August pay-per-view Hotter than Hell, Nathan defeated Madison Grey. Grey is Hunter Brown’s girlfriend and former manager. At the time, she was also the FFP Television Champion (although back then it was known as the Adrenaline Title). The way that Madison had won the title was simple, Hunter was the champion and laid down for her so she could be the first female to hold it. However, she held the belt for 94 days before being beaten by Nathan. Nathan held the title for a very impressive 239 days before losing it to Daniel Matthews at FFP All Torn Up 2010.

Matt Evanston didn’t actually debut in FFP until the Return Show which took place on November 16, 2013. That was the first time he teamed with Nathan Caine, and they defeated Deranged and El Diablo with a powerbomb/flying leg drop combo with Evanston being the one dropping the leg.

imageThe tag team quickly impressed the fans, and on December 1, 2013 at FFP Hail to the Victors the Bulldogs won a Three-Team Ladder Match (also involving the Two Man Mafia, who at the time was known as Youth Gone Wild, and the Realm of Darkness) to win the FFP Tag Team Titles.

They defended the titles against any tag team that stepped up, but really got into a heated feud with the Two Man Mafia, who began attacking the American Bulldogs whenever they could.

Meanwhile the FFP took a four show overseas tour of Japan. On the first show the Bulldogs successfully defended theTag Titles against the Two Man Mafia, even though Madison Grey made her return to FFP and interfered. Then there was a tournament held throughout the tour, and the winner of the tournament would get an opportunity to choose a date when they could challenge for any title.

Matt Evanston defeated Hunter Brown, Adam Hyatt and finally Christopher Morgan to win the tournament. Evanston would hold onto his opportunity for quite a while.

imageIn April of 2014 at FFP All Torn Up, the Two Man Mafia finally defeated the American Bulldogs for the Tag Team Titles. Ending a 147 day title reign.

But in June at FFP Uprising Matt decided to “cash-in” his opportunity and challenge Veronica Clyne for the FFP World Title. Unfortunately for Matt The Kingdom got involved and Matt came out on the losing side of things. Nathan Caine came out to assist with the interference as did FFP Diamond Pandora.

However, on the FFP 4th of July Event Nathan and Matt challenged the Two Man Mafia for the Tag Team Titles again, and came out victorious!

The American Bulldogs are still a fairly new tag team in Full Force Pro, but are already very storied. They have been through ladder matches, they’ve been attacked from behind and they keep on going forward. We look forward to them putting on great matches against other tag teams for a very long time. And if for some reason they ever do decide to go into singles wrestling roles, we are sure that they both would do just fine. Either way, these two superstars should have very successful and amazing careers in Full Force Pro.

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