7/9/2014 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | July 9, 2014 | Chicago, Illinois

The show opened up with Matt Kraven. He had promised a surprise and was bound and determined to deliver.

Matt announced that the FFP Television Title would revert back to the Adrenaline Title effective immediately. He said that Daniel Matthews was still champion, but changing back keeps it an FFP original title.

After the announcement Veronica Clyne came to the ring. She told Matt that she had heard enough. She said that she was 50% owner and that she was going to change the main event of the Mid-Summer Classic, change Matt’s announcements and be an absolute thorn in Matt’s side.

Matt laughed at Veronica. He told her that they got married and that in marriage everything is 50/50, however when they filled out paperwork after the marriage, it stated that Matt was the majority owner and had majority control. He told Veronica that if he is not present at a show, or unable to run the show, that’s the only way she’d have full control. He then told her to leave the ring so the show could continue.

EJ “Money” Carter w/ The Headline vs Deranged
EJ impressed in his debut match. Deranged did take control in the middle of the match. Carter used his speed to retake control. Then he hit the Bankruptcy for the pinfall victory.
Winner: EJ “Money” Carter

After the match the scene cut backstage where it looked like Lacey Abernathy had been attacked. She was lying motionless backstage. FFP medical personnel was already tending to her.

Brandi Moore & Lacey Abernathy vs Synn & Firefly
Brandi came out first. Veronica then came out and announced that for some reason Lacey was attacked backstage and would be unable to compete. Veronica told Brandi she would have to wrestle by herself.

Synn and Firefly dismantled Brandi. However Veronica and Lizzy came out and assisted. For some reason Matt Kraven didn’t try to stop the attack. The only reason possible could be that Brandi was the co-creator of The Kingdom – a group hell bent on taking control from him.

Veronica and Lizzy helped lay Brandi out and Synn pinned her for the win.
Winners: Synn & Firefly

Hunt Enterprises was now show backstage with Francine Davis. Bianca Hunt said that things needed to change, and they needed to change for the best for Hunt Enterprises. Bianca said she knew exactly what would do just that. The stable then walked away.

Next we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Ariana Chaos. Ariana said that she had been taking wrestling very seriously as of late. She had been training more than ever before and that her goal is to become FFP Diamond Champion again. She said that she knows her and Nina Fox could electrify crowds all over the world.

Alexis Reed vs Taylor Clawson
This was a back and forth exciting Diamond match. Taylor went for the Flatliner but Alexis reversed and hits a bulldog. Jason Copeland came down to admire Alexis. It wasn’t a big deal until Deshaun came out to confront Jason. The two bickered back and forth which gained Alexis’ attention. She ended up getting planted with a Flatliner and pinned.
Winner: Taylor Clawson

After the match Alexis argued with Deshaun who was arguing with Jason. The three disappeared behind the entrance curtain visibly yelling at one another.

Next, Nina Fox came down to the ring with the FFP Diamond Title around her waist. The crowd cheered and she thanked them. Nina talked about how Veronica Clyne tried to make up a rumor about Nina and Matt being a couple, about Veronica trying to get Brandi to beat Nina for her belt over and over again, and about Lizzy Kraven turning on Nina, and Lizzy and Veronica injuring her.

Nina said that she was a fighting champion and that she would gladly put her Diamond Title on the line at the Mid-Summer Classic against Lizzy Kraven. Nina said that Lizzy is one of the best Diamonds in FFP history and that she would love to prove that she can beat her one-on-one.

Lizzy came out onto the entrance stage. She said that she would gladly beat Nina for the title, and that wasn’t a threat but a guarantee. Lizzy instructed Nina to spend as much time as she could with the belt, because it was coming home with Lizzy on July 27th.

Backstage we saw Pandora and the Tag Team Champion American Bulldogs. They spoke about how they are open to defending their titles against any team. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce interrupted and demanded a rematch for the belts. Nathan and Matt agreed to the match and suggested it be this weekend at SSN. Tau and Jackson seemed to like the idea.

Next, Synn led Monster Monsuta out to the ring. Synn issued an open challenge to anyone in the FFP locker room. Moments later, former FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki.

Monster Monsuta w/ Synn vs Kashimanaki
This match had a lot of stiff action. Kashimanaki kicks echoed through the arena. But Monster Monsuta took the beatings and still ran through Kashimanaki. Monsuta hit his finisher, Death Becomes You, and pinned the cruiserweight.

Following the match Matt Kraven came back out. He thanked the fans for coming to Warfare. He also said he had one more announcement that he just couldn’t hold in any longer. He ended the show announcing that the September pay-per-view, Lethal Injection, will take place on September 28th and it will be held inside the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden!


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