7/12/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | July 12, 2014 | Nashville, Tennessee

SSN opened with Veronica Clyne coming down to the ring alone. She took a microphone and asked Matt Kraven to come down to the ring.

Reluctantly Matt came down. Veronica apologized to him. She said that she was disbanding The Kingdom, that she realized she made a huge mistake and she told him that she was more sorry than she could ever explain.

As a tear rolled down her cheek Matt pulled her in a have her a hug. Then we saw Jackson Pearce and Prince Tau sneak into the ring. As both wrestlers approached and Veronica quickly stepped away it looked as if Matt was going to get quite a beating. Although he side stepped Prince Tau’s Spear attempt and instead, Pearce felt the move.

Tau turned and charged Kraven again, but Matt dropped down and pulled the top rope with him, causing Tau to fall to the arena floor. Matt looked at Veronica and shook his head. He pointed to his head as to say, “I was too smart for that one darling”.

Matt walked to the backstage area as Veronica stood looking aggravated.

Kashimanaki vs EJ “Money” Carter
Kashimanaki is a former Cruiserweight Champion. He also holds the longest title reign in FFP history. But this match against EJ Carter, EJ fought a tough fight, and after hitting his finisher Bankruptcy, Carter got the pinfall victory.

Backstage Samantha West was shown speaking with Kristopher Bradley. As they talked Bridget came around the corner. She grabbed Samantha by her hair and the two brawled down the hallway. Kristopher assisted security with separating the women.

Now the scene cut to the view of a camera peaking around a corner. Matt Evanston and Pandora were shown speaking. Pandora then leaned in and kissed Matt on the cheek. Then they turned and walked away together.

Ariana Chaos vs Taylor Clawson
Ariana Chaos has been hell bent on getting back to the FFP Diamond Title after losing it minutes after she won it. Taylor Clawson is in the same boat although she had a much longer run as champion than Ariana. These two battled like the title was waiting for the winner. Lots of technical wrestling and Ariana sprinkled in some high flying antics. However Chaos went to the well too often and had a flying cross body block reversed into a rib breaker. After that Taylor got the pinfall.

After the match the crowd cheered both girls. Ariana and Taylor shook hands before leaving ringside.

Next we saw Francine Davis standing by with Deshaun Reed. She asked Deshaun about his sister Alexis and Jason Copeland. Deshaun said he’s looking out for his sister, he doesn’t like Copeland and he doesn’t want his sister dating a wrestler. Alexis then interrupted and told Deshaun that it isn’t his business and her and Copeland are only friends.

Non-Title Match
Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Hades w/ Synn

Patrick McCoy is a former World, Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion. Meanwhile Hades has yet to win a title in Full Force Pro. Both wrestlers fought hard. McCoy hit an awesome powerbomb for a two count. McCoy hit a Macho Man style elbow drop too. However it was Hades hitting the Burning Hammer to defeat the current Cruiserweight Champion.

Backstage we saw Matt Kraven. He announced that at Wednesday Warfare that Hades would take on EJ “Money” Carter and the winner would face Patrick McCoy for the FFP Cruiserweight Title at the Mid-Summer Classic.

Lizzy Kraven vs Brandi Moore
Many wondered if this was a ploy for The Kingdom to beat down Brandi again. Others wondered if Brandi would wind up joining the group again. But neither happened. This match was a stiff back and forth match with Lizzy Kraven throwing solid kicks and Brandi Moore trying to take out any part of the body she could. Lizzy hit a piledriver but only got a two count. Veronica Clyne came down and caused a bit of a distraction. Clyne climbed up onto the apron and Brandi took her mind off of the match. Brandi then tasted a Kraven Lariat and Lizzy pinned her.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) American Bulldogs w/ Pandora vs Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce

The main event was another back and forth match. The Bulldogs showed off their technical abilities, however Tau showed his explosive power and Jackson showed his speed and great wrestling mind. Nathan Caine was completely worked over by Pearce. However Jackson went for the Shining Wizard but Caine ducked and hit a bridging German Suplex for the pinfall.

After the match the two teams brawled. Wild punches were thrown in all directions as the fight spilled out of the ring and found it’s way backstage. FFP Security struggled to stop the madness, but finally did. The show ended with the American Bulldogs, bloody from a violent brawl, still the FFP Tag Team Champions.


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