Top Ten Swerves in FFP History

Although Full Force Pro only returned in November of 2013, it has been in existence since September of 2008. With only one break from August of 2011 to November of 2013, which came when Chris Kraven won control of FFP and ran it into the ground, the FFP has had quite a few shocking moments and swerves. From a tag team turning on each other, to a boyfriend and girlfriend splitting up, to family members turning on each other, FFP has had it’s fair share of swerves.

In this list, we will look at the top ten swerves in FFP history (voted by our staff and wrestlers).

10. Caleb Newstead attacks Christopher Morgan at the FFP Return Show
On November 16, 2013 Full Force Pro came back after a two year absence. At the return show one of the best tag teams in FFP history, Simply the Best, saw a dastardly demise.

After Christopher Morgan competed and won a hard fought match against Hunter Brown, a masked man came into the ring and attacked Morgan with a steel chair. After planting Morgan with a Fisherman Brainbuster on the chair the mask came off and it was revealed that the attacker was none other than Morgan’s stablemate Caleb Newstead.

Newstead took to the microphone and talked about how he was the founder of Simply the Best, and wouldn’t play second fiddle anymore. The two men entered a hate filled feud. Lucky for us however, Simply the Best eventually came to their senses and teamed back up. We’d much rather see them wrestle together as a team than against each other.

9. Samantha West turns on Nina Fox during their Diamond Tag Title defense in Japan
Nina Fox and Samantha West came out of the Kraven/Clyne Training Camp and were both very promising Diamonds. The two wound up teaming together, and eventually defeated The Queendom for the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

One night after they won the belts, Nina Fox upset Brandi Moore and became the Diamond Champion. Everything seemed to be going well for the duo. However on March 14, 2014 at the fourth and final day of the FFP Tour of Japan Fox & West were set to defend their Diamond Tag Team Titles against The Queendom. They were doing fine in the match until Samantha West refused to tag Nina when she desperately needed a tag. But that wasn’t the worst thing! Samantha ended up getting into the ring and planting Nina with her finisher the STO. Jenna Kaufman wound up pinning Nina and the Diamond Tag Team Titles went to The Queendom. Jealous was obviously a big part of Samantha’s betrayal. The two battled many times afterward, and lately have went their own ways.

8. Patrick McCoy cheats to beat Anarchy and become World Champion
At FFP’s Return Show Veronica Clyne became the first ever female FFP World Champion. However she had to surrender the title on Christmas Eve 2013. That night Patrick McCoy, with his new girlfriend Scarlett Ducane by his side, wrestled Anarchy to crown a new World Champion.

The match was a back and forth entertaining affair. However Scarlett, dressed in a Christmad outfit and carrying a giant candy cane, hopped onto the ring apron. As she distracted the referee, Patrick McCoy took possession of the candy cane and leveled Anarchy, knocking him out cold. McCoy then pinned his opponent and became the new World Champion.

Patrick McCoy debuted in FFP as an up and coming, hungry young superstar that would only let his skills show off his ability. As part of the Soul Assassins he was an honest, hard working superstar. However on Christmas Eve 2013 we saw Patrick make a 180 degree turn around, and meanwhile he disappointed many, including his trainer Daniel Matthews.

7. Austin Briggs uses Anarchy’s past (and present) against him
On May 5, 2010 Austin Briggs defeated Christopher Morgan to begin a 332-day reign as FFP World Champion. Briggs defended against anyone, but seemed to have the most trouble with Anarchy.

After defeating Anarchy twice by questionable methods Anarchy’s ex-girlfriend Sabrina showed up in the third match. She assisted Briggs in his victory and joined him. Anarchy brought his girlfriend Alexis into FFP to even the odds. However, she ended up hitting Anarchy with a low blow and assisting Briggs with the victory. Briggs continued to have Sabrina and Alexis by his side for the rest of the feud.

6. Brandi Moore turns on Logan Christopher and joins Caleb Newstead (and Simply the Best)
The first match in FFP history was Logan Christopher, with his girlfriend and valet Brandi Moore taking on Caleb Newstead. Newstead ended up winning when Logan, targeting Newstead, hitting Brandi and Newstead took advantage of the mistake.

After this happening a couple of times Logan and Caleb had one last match. Brandi ended up getting into the ring and turning on Logan with a low blow. After a Fisherman Brainbuster and a pin, Newstead stood over Logan’s body and kissed Brandi. Moore ended up dating Caleb and joining Simply the Best. Within months Brandi brought Taylor Clawson into FFP and the two became one of the best tag teams in FFP.

5. Elizabeth Summers has Matt Kraven run down by a car
In the beginning of FFP Matt Kraven brought in his girlfriend Elizabeth Summers. Kraven, trusting in his girlfriend, made her the Commissioner. However power went straight to her head.

After weeks of what looked to be a power struggle, Kraven was run down in the parking garage of an arena. Kraven was taken to the hospital, but Elizabeth still ran the shows. That is until Elizabeth assisted Christopher Morgan in defeating Daniel Matthews and regaining the FFP World Title at Hell-o-Ween 2008. That is where Elizabeth made the shocking announcement. She was the newest member of Simply the Best. And Christopher Morgan was the man behind the wheel.

Unfortunately for Matt Kraven, he has always had trouble with giving women too much power in FFP. Kimmy Carmichael and Brandi Moore are two more names that would gain power in FFP and wind up letting it get to their heads. However, somehow Kraven is always able to come out on top.

4. Brandi Moore attacks Taylor Clawson, Seduction Inc shatters
At the FFP Return Show Taylor Clawson along with Firefly, Monika Andrews and of cores Brandi Moore were the last four Diamonds in a 20-Diamond Battle Royal. Therefore that same night the four would battle for the FFP Diamond Title. The final two wound up being Taylor Clawson and Firefly. In an entertaining match Taylor won and finally became Diamond Champion. Something she had always wanted to experience, but never had.

Brandi Moore however, was none too happy. Moore suddenly disappeared from FFP. No phone calls. No texts. No tweets. Nothing. But she began to show up, beating up any Diamond she could get her hands on, with the exception of Taylor.

But at Hail to the Victors on December 1st, Taylor defended the Diamond Title against Firefly. In the match, Brandi made her way to the ring and attacked Firefly. She grabbed the Diamond Title and leveled Taylor in the head with it. Brandi and Taylor had been a team for so long, and because of the jealousy Brandi had for Taylor, Moore turned on her best friend and ended one of the most successful tag teams the FFP had ever seen.

3. Lizzy Kraven turns on Nina Fox and joins The Kingdom
At the FFP 4th of July Event Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox were set to take on all six members of The Kingdom. Two of the six members couldn’t make a flight to the show, which helped the odds a little more.

When Lizzy and Nina chipped away at The Kingdom, only leaving Veronica Clyne all by her lonesome, the odds looked pretty good. Then Lizzy Kraven was eliminated. The match turned into a one-on-one match. Until Lizzy Kraven attacked Nina from behind. Nina and Veronica proceeded to beat Nina severally, planting her with three spike piledrivers. Nina was sent to the hospital, and Lizzy had done the one thing no one ever thought she would do, she went against her cousin Matt Kraven and joined The Kingdom.

2. Matt Kraven Superkicks Veronica Clyne and leaves with Brandi Moore
in the FFP’s early days Matt was dating Elizabeth Summers. But that didn’t work out when she had him run down by a car. Meanwhile, Veronica Clyne was injured at the hands of Brandi Moore. Matt began visiting Veronica in the hospital and a romance evolved.

Veronica’s dream was to become the FFP Diamond Champion, but during her chance she was viciously injured by Brandi. But she got another chance at Aggravated Assault 2009, and this time things would go her way. Or so she thought.

During the match Veronica looked to have the match won, until Matt came down, climbed into the ring and floored Veronica with the Superkick. Brandi pinned Veronica, retained her title and shared a kiss with Veronica’s now ex-boyfriend while she laid in the middle of the ring.

This feud went on for a very long time, although eventually Matt and Brandi did break up, and Matt found his way back to Veronica. It seemed like they would finally have their fairy tale happy ending, that is until May 3rd, 2014…

1. Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore attack Matt Kraven and form The Kingdom
On May 3rd, 2014 the foundation of Full Force Pro was rocked to it’s very core.
Six days before at All Torn Up 2014, Veronica viciously attacked Lizzy Kraven’s injured leg en route to beating Matt’s younger cousin for the FFP World Title. Matt demanded to know why Veronica did such a thing.

Expecting a respectful, awesome wrestling match between the two, Matt, along with all the FFP fans were shocked to see Veronica do what she did to win the title.

In the May 3rd edition of Sadistic Saturday Night Matt called his wife to the ring, and confronted her about her actions.

The couple began to argue. Until Brandi Moore came to the ring. With Brandi’s history with both Matt and Veronica, the crowd wasn’t sure what she would do. Would she side with Matt, with Veronica or neither?

Veronica and Brandi then simultaneously kicked Matt in the groin. And in the weeks to come, the attacks only got worse, involving more and more FFP superstars.

Veronica and Brandi also welcomes Patrick McCoy, Daniel Matthews and Scarlett Ducane into the group that they would coin The Kingdom.

Matt’s rocky past with both Veronica and Brandi finally came to a head. All of the ill feelings that both women pushed down deep inside for so long finally reemerged, leading to the biggest threat to Matt and to FFP, The Kingdom.


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