7/19/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night

Sadistic Saturday Night | July 19, 2014
Lincoln, Nebraska

The show opened up with Veronica Clyne coming out to the ring by herself. She announced that Matt Kraven had to go home because his mother was ill. She said that because of this unfortunate turn of events that she would be running Sadistic Saturday Night.

Veronica then smiled. She said that she hopes that Matt’s mother gets better soon. Then she announced Matt’s mother, Elizabeth Kraven. Elizabeth came down to the ring with a big smile on her face.

Veronica thanked Mrs Kraven for playing along. Elizabeth said it was her pleasure, and said that Matt’s actions lately have been questionable and Veronica needed to run the show for a little bit.

Veronica then announced to the crowd that she had a couple of awesome surprises in store for tonight. She said that number one is that Adam Hyatt has been banned from the arena and security and law enforcement are stationed outside. She said that she knows Adam is gunning for Daniel Matthews and she can’t let Daniel get attacked. She said more to come later.

Alexis Reed vs Synn
Alexis started the match on fire. Synn fought back and hit a hellacious clothesline almost knocking Alexis out of her shoes. Synn then applied the Nosferatu and Alexis tapped out.

After the match Jason Copeland came out to check on Alexis. Deshaun came out not long after and fought with Jason on who would help Alexis up. Alexis shoved Deshaun. She took Jason’s arm and walked away from her brother. Deshaun stood in the ring looking frustrated.

Next Kristopher Bradley came out to the ring. He asked if Bridget and Samantha West would come out so he could speak with both of them. They came out and both stood, arms crossed, looking frustrated. He announced that he needed to pick one of them. Then he chose Bridget. He tried to kiss her, but she smacked him.

So he turned to Samantha and said he chose her. Again, he received a slap. He turned back toward Bridget and got a hard kick to the groin. He dropped to his knees in pain. Both girls then shoved him over and left the ring together.

Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher
This match didn’t seem as if Kashimanaki and Logan had a chance, but they really put up a good fight. Kashimanaki hit an awesome running kneeing Tau which got him a close two count. Logan Christopher missed a Shooting Star Press which was followed up by the Shining Wizard by Jackson Pearce for the pinfall.

After the match Veronica came out and announced that Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce were the new number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles, and they’d get a shot at the titles Wednesday at Warfare.

Lacey Abernathy vs Firefly
An entertaining Diamond match featuring a couple of beautiful high risk moves from Firefly. However she attempted a flying double axehandle to the outside but only caught the metal guardrail. Lacey for Firefly back into the ring and locked her in an MMA style armbar. Firefly fought to get to the ropes, and even shifted Lacey up onto her shoulders to attempt an unsuccessful pin, but Firefly finally tapped out.

The scene cut backstage where Matt Evanston was lying motionless on the floor. Pandora turned the corner to see Matt lying there. She screamed for help as she started checking on him.

Austin Briggs vs Caleb Newstead
Austin Briggs and Caleb Newstead both have storied histories in FFP. The two battled back and forth with a lot of technical wrestling. Newstead worked on Briggs’ neck, softening it up for the Fisherman Brainbuster. Briggs eventually turned the tide, reversing a superplex attempt into a top rope Rockbottom. Briggs covered Caleb and got the win.

The scene cut backstage again where Jason Copeland and Alexis Reed were seen together. Bianca Hunt entered and demanded Copeland step away from Alexis. Bianca said that she is bad for his career. He said that it hasn’t been working out with Hunt Enterprises anyway and told Bianca to get lost. Bianca told Copeland that she was disappointed, and he needed to be taught a lesson. Deshaun Reed then came in from behind and leveled Copeland with a steel chair to the back. Copeland crashed to the concrete where Deshaun continued his assault with the chair. Alexis tried to stop him but he shoved her out of the way. Bianca then welcomed Deshaun to Hunt Enterprises.

Next Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven came down to the ring. Veronica announced that she had a very special surprise main event for the Lincoln, Nebraska crowd. Veronica announced that tonight The Queendom would defend their FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles against….Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven! Veronica then announced that April Hunter was not to be at ringside.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) The Queendom vs Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven w/ Mrs Kraven

Another back and forth match with Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman putting up a fight. Veronica hit a spinebuster that looked to be the end, but Jenna kicked out. Jenna attempted the Spear on Lizzy but Lizzy dodged and hit the Kraven Lariat. Jenna somehow got her foot on the rope during the pin.

Monika Andrews hit the Angels Wings on Lizzy but Veronica attacked her from behind before the pin could be made. Veronica grabbed the ref as she attempted to interfere. While he was distracted, Mrs Kraven handed one of the Diamond Tag Titles to Lizzy. Jenna tried to take it from Lizzy, but Lizzy leveled her with the title. Lizzy then rolled Jenna out of the ring. She attempted to hit Monika with the title but Monika ducked, hit a kick and planted Lizzy with the Angels Wings. The referee finally made Veronica get out of the ring and made the count. The Queendom retained!

After the match Veronica grabbed the microphone. She stopped the celebration and announced that that was just the warm up match. Veronica then demanded that the referee call for the bell again and start the second match.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) The Queendom vs Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven w/ Mrs Kraven

As the bell was rung Veronica grabbed the referee by his shirt. As she stood on the apron holding onto the official Mrs Kraven slid one of the Diamond Tag Titles to Lizzy. Lizzy then blasted Monika in the face. Lizzy slid the title out of the ring and made the pin. Veronica let go of the ref and dropped off the apron. The ref made the count and new Diamond Tag Team Champions were crowned.

The crowd filled the arena with boos as Veronica grabbed the other title and joined Lizzy in the ring. The rest of The Kingdom came down to the ring to celebrate with the new FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions. The show ended as the group stood in the ring with the majority of the FFP Championships in their possession.


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