Missy Hyatt Signs with FFP!

imageWe here at Full Force Pro are honored, delighted, and so excited to announce that professional wrestling legend Missy Hyatt has signed with FFP!

Missy Hyatt has been in the sport of professional wrestling for nearly 30 years. She has worked for almost every top promotion and managed many of the top superstars in wrestling.

“I’m so excited for this,” the President of FFP Matt Kraven said. “She doesn’t just work in the professional wrestling industry, she’s a fan. Follow her on Twitter and read how she talks about our sport. She’s a fan.”

imageCurrently we aren’t sure when Missy will debut in FFP and we also don’t know who she has her eye on to manage.

“If I were still a wrestler I know I’d be busting my butt to gain Missy’s attention,” Matt said. “Having her as a manager would most definitely help your career!”

FFP has really seen a spike in ratings and viewership these past couple of weeks, and we are sure that with the addition of Missy Hyatt Full Force Pro will really get going.

We here at FFP would like to thank Missy Hyatt for signing with us and welcome her with open arms to the FFP family.

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