Women and Full Force Pro

imageWritten by: Drew Wynters

In a sport that has always primarily consisted of men, it’s a breath of fresh air to see so many women dominate the roster of Full Force Pro.

Professional wrestling has always featured a majority of male matches, with a woman match here and there. And some, not even that. In the world we live in now, so many people would much rather see girls dance around in skimpy outfits than actually step into the ring to electrify crowds with suplexes, moonsaults, STFs and piledrivers.

Currently looking at the FFP roster it features 23 male superstars and 20 Diamonds (which is what the female superstars are named). Of course out of the 20 Diamonds, five of them are primarily managers/valets (including the newly signed Missy Hyatt). However that is three away from being completely equal. Something unheard of in any other pro wrestling promotion unless an all-women promotion.

imageFFP not only features a Women’s Title (appropriately named the Diamond Title), but they also feature the Diamond Tag Team Titles (obviously their version of a women’s tag title).

However, women aren’t forced to only compete for these titles. Just ask one of the two women who have won the coveted FFP World Championship. Veronica Clyne was the first female to win the World Title, defeating Daniel Matthews, Austin Briggs, Anarchy and Patrick McCoy in a 5-Spot Ladder Match. Lizzy Kraven defeated Patrick McCoy for her World Title reign coming off of a tournament win in Japan.

Lizzy has also held the FFP Television¬†Championship, which is primarily won by men. Although Hunter Brown’s girlfriend and former manager Madison Grey is the other female to hold the belt.

imageFull Force Pro is a different kind of professional wrestling promotion. It is exciting. It has amazing stories and excellent matches. It also has the best women wrestling in the world. Whether it’s Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven or Nina Fox. Whether Brandi Moore, Ariana Chaos or Taylor Clawson. These women come to the arena every event to give the fans the best wrestling they can see. And instead of trying to do so with short skirts and low cut tops, they do it by wrestling.

Early on in FFP Matt Kraven made the decision to feature women in more ways than just managers and valets, and it seems to be that he not only made the right decision, but he made an admirable decision that other promoters should take note of. Kudos Mr. Kraven.

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