7/23/2014 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | July 23, 2014
Pierre, South Dakota

The show opened with the President of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven coming down to the ring. He looked still aggravated after what happened on SSN.

Kraven announced that behind his back Veronica signed Matt’s mom to a contract to be a manager in FFP and that’s something he can’t void. He also said that Mrs Kraven will be able to be at ringside for tonight’s Diamond Tag Title Match, but so will April Hunter.

Matt also said that tonight’s main event will be the American Bulldogs putting the Tag Team Titles on the line against Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce, and he will be keeping a close eye to make sure it is a fair match.

Two Man Mafia w/ Bianca Hunt vs Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher
The Two Man Mafia had taken a little time off after losing the Tag Titles to the American Bulldogs. Hunter and Brandon looked like they hadn’t missed a day however. Kincaide really wore Logan Christopher down, but it was Hunter Brown hitting the Deal Breaker for the pinfall.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Mrs Kraven. Francine asked Elizabeth what made her join Veronica Clyne and The Kingdom. Mrs Kraven said that Matt has always been a brat that doesn’t like when he doesn’t get his way. She said that she is trying to help teach him a lesson. Francine then mentioned the house that Matt bought for his mother. After the question was asked Elizabeth said she had to go and walked away.

Jason Copeland w/ Alexis Reed vs Deshaun Reed w/ Bianca Hunt
This wasn’t as much a wrestling match as it was a fight. Wild punches and kicks. Jason clotheslined Deshaun over the top and hit a suicide dive. The match found it’s way back into the ring where Deshaun hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Bianca climbed into the apron but Alexis grabbed her and pulled her down. Alexis floored her as Deshaun looked on. Deshaun yelled at his sister, pointing his finger at her. When he turned around Jason hit a spinning elbow. After that Copeland hit the Ace Cutter for the pin.

After the match Alexis celebrated with Jason in the ring.

Backstage we saw Tyrece Beckman with Daniel Matthews. He asked Daniel if he was nervous about facing Adam tonight. Daniel said absolutely not. Adam Hyatt then came in from behind and nailed Matthews. Hyatt laid punches into the back of Daniel’s head until security came over and pulled him away.

Next inside the ring we saw Bridget and Samantha West. The two girls talked about how they both for screwed over by Kristopher Bradley and that they formed a friendship from it. They announced that they would begin competing as a tag team.

Kristopher Bradley then came out. He begged the two to reconsider and both be his managers. When they refused he grabbed them by their hair. The girls tried to fight away but he kept ahold.

Christian Alexander then stormed out to the ring. Bradley let go of the two Diamonds in time to get speared by Christian. Alexander laid in a few punches before planting Bradley with a spinebuster and checking on the two girls. He helped the two to the back as Bradley laid in pain.

Non-Title Match
Nina Fox vs Ariana Chaos

The next match could very well have been match of the night. These two had wrestled before and Ariana beat Nina for the Diamond Title. Ariana looked very good out there, hitting many offensive moves including a frog splash for a two count. Nina hit an awesome clothesline and slapped on a Texas Cloverleaf but Ariana reversed into a small package for a very close two count. Ariana went for the Impaler but Nina escaped and hit the Superkick for the pin.

After the match Nina and Ariana shook hands. Lizzy Kraven then interrupted the moment, coming out and telling Nina that at the Mid-Summer Classic this weekend that Nina will finally kiss that title goodbye and it will go home with The Kingdom. Nina just smiled and held the title up in the air.

Next we saw a promo for FFP’s newest big name sign, the legendary Missy Hyatt!

Backstage we saw Matt Evanston and Pandora talking. She told Matt that she was so scared when he was attacked last weekend. He told her that it’s just Veronica having her goons trying to stack the odds in her favor. Pandora told Matt that she hates to see him in so much pain because she really likes him. The two then shared a kiss.

Non-Title | No Disqualification Match
Daniel Matthews vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

Daniel Matthews came out still holding the back of his head in pain. Adam stormed out and attacked Daniel from behind. He threw him into the ring and leveled him with clotheslines. Hyatt took possession of a chair and really let Daniel have it.

Daniel tried fighting back but Adam was too much for him. Adam hit the Superkick but refused to pin his opponent. He grabbed a table from under the ring and set it up inside. After he set the table up Patrick McCoy came down. Adam immediately nailed him with the Superkick, but afterward Daniel scooped him up and hit the Death Valley Driver through the table. Matthews then pinned Adam for the win.

After the match Daniel looked over at Madison with a smile on his face. She took off backstage in fear of what he would try to do to her. Daniel then took possession of a chair. He hit Adam many times with the chair. Him and Patrick McCoy then put Adam’s left leg inside the chair. McCoy held the chair on his leg while Daniel climbed to the middle rope. Matthews jumped down and stomped on the chair, causing it to close around Adam’s leg. Adam held his leg in pain as Daniel and Patrick walked away and FFP medical personnel came out to help Adam.

Now backstage we saw two hillbilly redneck looking guys. One man was bald with a beard, the other had long dark hair and a wild bushy beard. They said that they came from Mudlick, Kentucky to find the best competition they could find, and to dominate the tag team division. The bald one talked the most, introducing himself as Beau and his brother Levi, the Blake Brothers.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven w/ Mrs Kraven vs The Queendom w/ April Hunter

This was a wild brawl which even saw April Hunter slam Veronica with a devastating German suplex while the ref was down. However Lizzy flattened April with the Kraven Lariat. Monika planted Lizzy with the Angels Wings but the ref was still down.

When the ref finally came to, Veronica and Lizzy had already used the Diamond Tag Titles to blast their opponents. Lizzy slapped Jenna in a Crippler Crossface and forced a tap out.

Backstage we saw Matt on the phone. When he hung up he said “Thanks Missy”. Then Taylor Clawson walked in. She said she appreciated Matt setting her up to face Ariana Chaos to become number one contender for the Diamond Title. Then she gave Matt a hug and left.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) American Bulldogs w/ Pandora vs Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce

Tau and Pearce attacked the Bulldogs as they made their way into the ring. Jackson planted Matt Evanston with a DDT on the arena floor while Tau went for his Spear to Nathan Caine. Caine dodged the attempt, and hit a Superkick knocking Tau to the outside.

After the attack in the beginning it turned into a normal tag match. Nathan Caine attempted his Double Underhook Driver many times to no avail. Matt Evanaton hit the Go to Sleep on Prince Tau but the momentum sent him into Jackson Pearce for the tag.

Later on in the match Jackson grabbed Pandora by her hair and looked like he was going to attempt a move on the outside but Matt Evanston floored him with a clothesline. In the ring the distraction may have actually hurt the challengers, as Nathan Caine was finally able to wrap Tau up and hit the Double Underhook Piledriver for the pin.

After the match Pandora joined the Bulldogs in the ring to celebrate. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce attempted another attack but got fought off, that is until it took two Bulldogs to force Pearce out of the ring. Prince Tau took advantage and leveled Pandora with a Spear.

Tau rolled out of the ring and him and Jackson quickly retreated to the back as the Bulldogs tended to Pandora.


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