Who Will Missy Hyatt Manage?

imageArguably FFP’s biggest announcement was made Monday afternoon when professional wrestling manager, legend and vixen Missy Hyatt signed with Full Force Pro.

But the wrestling world wants to know, who will Missy manage here in FFP?

We spoke a little with Missy, as well as President Matt Kraven to try to get an idea of who Missy may go after as a client.

“To be honest, Missy Hyatt is a headline. You could even say Missy Hyatt is the headline,” Missy said, using a play on words, or possibly hinting that she could attempt to manage one or all of the members of The Headline.

She continued, “But, you could also say that Missy Hyatt is simply the best in wrestling.” Did you see it? Another play on words, possibly becoming the manager of Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan.

imageAnd it didn’t stop there. “If you know anything about me however, you’d know I have a dark side.” Another play on words! And could she possibly join the Realm of Darkness?!

We also can’t help but wonder, could Missy be looking at young talent that haven’t made their FFP debut yet? Could she be bringing in a wrestler we have never seen before?

Matt Kraven spoke about Missy as well. “I was thinking about just letting her be the new commissioner of FFP. We could put her desk in my office!” Kraven said with a smile, obviously joking. Matt knows how big of a star Missy is and how she needs to be in the spotlight.

One group Missy never mentioned in her playful interview was The Kingdom. Could she be disgusted by their recent actions, or could she be in line to join them and not want to even mention their name?

We aren’t sure where she will debut for FFP and we don’t know who she will manage. But we so know one thing, Missy Hyatt is coming to FFP and we are in for one hell of a ride!

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