7/30/2014 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | July 30, 2014
Miami, Florida

The show opened up with Veronica Clyne coming out with The Kingdom behind her. She walked down the isle with the FFP World Title held over her head for all to see.

She got on the microphone and bragged about how she defeated Austin Briggs and Matt Evanston, then faced Nina Fox right after. She said there wasn’t anyone else in FFP that could successfully defend the World Title in two matches like that.

Nina Fox then came out. She demanded a rematch with Veronica and told her that if she had time to prepare against Veronica that there is no doubt she would take the World Title from her. Veronica laughed at Nina. She told her that if she can pin her tonight in the six-woman tag that she will gladly grant her a shot at the World Title at FFP’s August pay-per-view Blaze of Glory.

Deshaun Reed w/ Bianca Hunt vs Christian Alexander w/ Bridget & Samantha West
Deshaun Reed controlled the match for the most part. That is until he went for the Crash Landing and Christian reversed into a back body drop. Reed got back up to get blasted by Christian’s Spinning Elbow. Kristopher Bradley then came down. He climbed up into the apron and argued with Alexander. The girls tried to get Kristopher Bradley down from the apron, but Christian blasted him with the Spinning Elbow as well. He then turned around and was met with a boot to the gut and the Crash Landing from Deshaun. Reed then pinned him and got the win.

After the match Jason Copeland and Alexis Reed were shown watching. They looked disappointed in Deshaun’s win.

Monster Monsuta Hades w/ Synn vs Deranged & El Diablo
Before the match began Synn got on the microphone and talked about how she didn’t know why El Diablo did was he did at the Mid-Summer Classic. She said that Diablo was a good competitor when she was by his side but now he is nothing and will be overcome by the darkness just like Deranged.

Deranged and El Diablo out up a good fight, but Monster Monsuta made sure to plant them with choke slams and powerbombs. Hades hit Diablo with two consecutive Burning Hammers for the win.

Backstage we saw Nina Fox standing by with Francine Davis. Nina talked about how she would do everything she could to pin Veronica tonight.

The scene then cut to The Queendom brawling with Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. The Queendom have wanted another shot at the Women’s Tag Team Titles and apparently thought a brawl would prove that.

Veronica and Lizzy gained the upperhand and left Monika and Jenna laying on the arena floor.

Mid-Summer Classic Rematch
Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher vs The Blake Brothers

This was a back and forth entertaining match. Kashimanaki hit a brutal kick to Beau Blake’s head knocking him down and getting a two count. Logan Christopher got the tag in and went for the Shooting Star Press, but only hit Beau’s knees. Beau then planted Logan with the Shock Drop for the pin.

After the match Kashimanaki climbed into the ring and checked on Logan. As Logan got to his knees Kashimanaki wound up and leveled him with a kick to the face. Logan fell back to the mat. The arena erupted in boos as Kashimanaki left the ring.

Backstage now we saw Caleb Newstead with his left arm in a sling. Tyrece Beckman came up and asked about Caleb’s arm. Newstead said Christopher Morgan did a lot of damage to his arm but he wouldn’t let that stop him. Just as he said this Morgan came up behind him and leveled him with a clothesline from behind. He layed in a couple stomps to the injured arm before security intervened.

Next we saw a promo about a new FFP signee named Rust. The tattooed redhead looked like a very intense wrestler.

We also saw another promo of Missy Hyatt. The promo asked who she would manage. Many are still curious when she will debut in FFP.

First Blood Match
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Daniel Matthews

This match began on the entrance ramp as Daniel Matthews came out during Adam’s entrance. He floored Adam and motioned to Madison to come give him a hug. She ran away.

The match found it’s way into the ring where Adam hit his Superkick. He grabbed a chair and leveled Daniel across the back several times. He went for a shot to the head but Daniel ducked and hit a dropkick. Daniel used the chair to beat Adam down a little. Next the wrestlers fought over the ring bell. Daniel flattened Adam with the ring bell. He grabbed the steel chair again. Madison entered the ring to check on Adam. As he got up she started helping him. Daniel reared back with the chair but Adam moved out of the way and Daniel slammed the chair into Madison’s head.

Daniel looked shocked, obviously not trying to hit Madison. Adam immediately checked on his girlfriend. Matthews sat the chair down. Adam turned toward Daniel and charged. Daniel ducked the attack, scooped Adam onto his shoulders and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews then continuously planted Adam with DDTs to the chair until blood was spewing from his head.

After the match Daniel scooped the still unconscious Madison Castle up into his arms and carried her to the back to get medical attention.

Backstage we saw Taylor Clawson and Ariana Chaos talking. Taylor congratulated Ariana on her victory at the Mid-Summer Classic. She also told Ariana that she looked forward to teaming with her tonight. Ariana thanked Taylor and said the feeling was mutual.

The scene cut to Daniel Matthews who had brought Madison to the medic. Daniel stood, looking concerned as the medic checked on her. Adam Hyatt finally showed up, blood still covering his face. He turned Daniel around and hit him with a big right fist to the face. The two traded punches until Adam took Daniel down with a double leg. Security intervened as the medic try to help Madison.

Six-Woman Tag Match
Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven & Scarlett Ducane vs Nina Fox, Taylor Clawson & Ariana Chaos

This one was a mixture of technical wrestling and brawling. Many tags by both teams. Lizzy Kraven hit a tornado DDT on Ariana for a close two count. Nina hit a Superkick on Scarlett, however the momentum sent Scarlett into the corner where Veronica tagged herself in. Nina got the best of Veronica until a thumb in the eye slowed her down. Veronica quickly tagged out to not be in danger of being pinned by Nina.

Taylor Clawson hit the Flatliner on Veronica Clyne but almost got beheaded by a Kraven lariat from Lizzy. Then a wild brawl broke out between the teams. However, Taylor Clawson had made a tag to Nina Fox and the other team didn’t notice. As Ariana took Lizzy down with a Brainbuster and Taylor Clawson threw Scarlett out of the ring, Nina hit the Superkick on Veronica Clyne and pinned her for the victory. And of course Nina earned herself a World Title match with Veronica at Blaze of Glory because she pinned her.

The show came to an end as Nina, Taylor and Ariana celebrated.


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