8/2/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night

Sadistic Saturday Night | August 2, 2014
Tampa, Florida

Veronica Clyne opened the show up, coming out and talking about how she will successfully defend the World Title against Nina Fox at Blaze of Glory. Veronica talked about how today is day 97 of her World Title reign, and it won’t end any time soon.

We now saw a promo about how Missy Hyatt will make her much awaited FFP debut at the special Monday event one day after Blaze of Glory.

Backstage now Synn spoke about how The Realm of Darkness is only herself, Monster Monsuta and the Cruiserweight Champion Hades, but spoke about how it was stronger now than ever.

Lacey Abernathy vs Bridget
A back and forth exciting women’s match featuring quite a few close counts. Bridget hit a running knee lift followed by a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. She followed that up with a swinging DDT. However Bridget when for another offensive move and Lacey reversed it into her tight armbar. Both wrestlers were on the mat during the move. Bridget tried to get to the ropes, but couldn’t. She tapped out.

Backstage Francine Davis was standing by with Daniel Matthews. Matthews looked very upset, and apologized for Madison getting hit with a chair Wednesday. He said that him and Adam’s feud had went too far and that as far as he is concerned he’d be happy to wrap up their feud and move on. Francine reminded Daniel that Adam wasn’t there tonight but he surely would respond next Wednesday.

Two Man Mafia vs Blake Brothers
The Mafia cut the ring in half and really dominated the Blake Brothers. However after Levi hit a running big boot on Brandon Kincaide, momentum started to change. Hunter Brown attempted a clothesline but Beau Blake ducked and Hunter connected with Brandon. Beau then scooped Hunter up and hit the Shock Drop for the pin.

Backstage we now saw Veronica Clyne and Lizzy discussing when they’d defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles. They agreed that defending against The Queendom at Wednesday Warfare would be fine.

Next Caleb Newstead came to the ring. With his arm still in a sling he spoke about Christopher Morgan’s attack. This brought Morgan out. He rained Newstead until he threw the sling off and took Morgan down. The lights flickered. Then Kashimanaki was standing in the ring. He immediately used his kicks to knock Newstead to the mat.

This brought Logan Christopher out. Caleb and Logan attempted to rid the ring of Christopher Morgan and Kashimanaki, however after a couple more stuff kicks Morgan planted Newstead with the Tiger Driver. Kashimanaki then hit a brainbuster on Logan, and the two men left their foes lying in the center of the ring.

Backstage Tyrece Beckman hurried to catch up with Christopher Morgan and Kashimanaki. Morgan told Tyrece that him and Kashimanaki are two of the best that the FFP has ever seen, and they’re tired of being mistreated and ready to live the lifestyle. Morgan then announced that that is their team name, The Lifestyle.

Jason Copeland w/ Alexis Reed vs Kristopher Bradley
At Warfare Kristopher ended up getting involved with Christian Alexander’s match with Deshaun Reed, and of course Deshaun Reed got involved with this match. Coming out to start an argument with his sister Alexis, Jason became distracted and went to the outside to deal with Deshaun. Bradley then hit Copeland with a suicide dive to the outside.

The match went back into the ring where Jason Copeland gained the upperhand again. As he set Kristopher up for the Ace Cutter Deshaun slid into the ring and floored Jason with a superkick. The referee called for the disqualification.

After the match Deshaun scooped Copeland up and hit the Crash Landing. Alexis climbed into the ring and went after her brother but he slid out of the ring and left ringside.

Backstage with Francine Davis we saw Caleb Newstead and Logan Christopher. They talked about how no one would have ever expected them to be on the same page. Newstead said that the two were both obviously duped by their former tag partners, and that they had decided to help each other out. Logan talked about how they were the very first match in FFP history so what better name for them to be called than The Originals.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) American Bulldogs w/ Pandora vs Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce w/ Mrs Kraven

This was one hard hitting match. With the physicality that Tau and Pearce had gotten with Pandora, Matt Evanston was out for payback. The Bulldogs used a lot of brawling. Evanston hit a flying headbutt and slapped on an STF on Jackson Pearce. Mrs Kraven distracted the referee and Prince Tau flattened Matt with the Spear.

Nathan Caine found his way in and planted Jackson with the Double Underhook Driver. Tau got involved again which led two all four men brawling. Matt eventually grabbed a steel chair and leveled Prince Tau with it. The referee couldn’t help but disqualify the American Bulldogs.

After the match Jackson Pearce attacked Matt and tossed him out of the ring. He pointed to Pandora like he was going to go after her but Nathan Caine hit him with a boot to the gut and a piledriver. The Bulldogs and Pandora then left ringside.

Veronica Clyne then came out and announced that because of the DQ that she thought it was only right for Tau and Jackson to get another chance at the belts, this time a No DQ Match. Matt Kraven came out and agreed with Veronica. The show came to and end as Matt announced the Bulldogs defending against Tau and Jackson at Wednesday Warfare for the Tag Team Titles.


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