Exclusive Interview with President Matt Kraven: Part 1

imageThis interview was conducted by FFP reporter Francine Davis. She got a chance to sit down with the President of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven. This is part one of that interview.

FD: Hello Mr Kraven. It’s great to sit down with you.

MK: Well thank you Francine. You look lovely.

FD: Aw. You look handsome yourself.

MK: I doubt that. (Laughs) And you don’t have to call me Mr Kraven. Matt is fine.

FD: Okay, Matt, first thing is first, how are things going in FFP?

MK: Going good Francine. In a few weeks we have Blaze of Glory coming up and already have a big time main event named for it. I can’t wait.

FD: I notice that lately you and Veronica aren’t having as many problems. Any news there?

MK: No news. She’s still the leader of The Kingdom. Still leading a group trying to take away my company. But the last few events I haven’t had a problem with her decisions. She booked the Bulldogs against Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce in a No DQ Match for this Wednesday, and I’m fine with that. She also made the stipulation that if Nina Fox pinned her in a six-woman tag that she would defend the World Title against Nina at Blaze of Glory. Great decision because now we have a great main event.

FD: Speaking of Nina Fox, you knew I’d have to bring her up…Veronica had said that she caught Nina and you during a training session, and she claims that you and Nina are a couple. What do you have to say about that?

MK: Yes, I knew you’d bring it up. No worries. Veronica knows what she actually saw. She knows that there is absolutely nothing going on between myself and Nina. I remember the training session vividly. I had Nina in a side headlock. About to take her over in it. Veronica walked in and we greeted her. The training session continued. That was it.

FD: That was it?

MK: Yes. Veronica is either trying to make me look bad by saying these things, or she’s delusional.

imageFD: So what is your relationship with Nina?

MK: Nina and I are friends. Nina is an awesome woman. She’s a great wrestler. She’s very nice. She’s a trainee of mine, so of course I have a vested interest in her. I watch her matches, I hope she does well and I’m extremely proud of her. She came into FFP about eight months ago and her and another of my trainees, Samantha West won the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Nina then went on to upset Brandi Moore for the Women’s Title. Nina has been on a tear. She is one of the fasted rising FFP stars ever, and I couldn’t be more proud.

FD: That was a lot about Nina. Honestly Matt, from an outsider perspective, I could see thinking you are into her.

MK: Well, that would be your opinion. You’re entitled to it.

FD: You have to admit that you have dated quite a few women in FFP, so it would be easy to assume you and Nina are or could become a couple.

MK: I understand that. But if you actually look at the relationships they all are understandable. Elizabeth Summers and I were dating when FFP opened. We split because she tried to take the company from me. Then I fell for Veronica because I visited her in the hospital. I then went with Brandi Moore simply because of the attraction I had for Brandi. I honestly hate what I did to Veronica in assisting Brandi. Then I dated a few more girls until finally finding my way back to Veronica. And then, her and Brandi simultaneously shattered my heart.

FD: So do you ever see you and Veronica reconciling, and being a happy couple again?

imageMK: (Thinks hard) Honestly…I don’t. It’s not just what she did to me physically. It’s the fact that after everything I’ve been through with women, with my brother and with my family, FFP is the only thing that has been here for me, and I’ve even lost it! And she is simply trying to take it away from me. She broke my heart. She hurt me physically and emotionally. And she wants to take the one thing I’ve worked so hard for, and lost so much to keep. I can’t forget that. And I’d never be able to get over it.

FD: What about Brandi Moore? Could you see you and Brandi ever getting back together?

MK: (Thinks again) I wouldn’t be surprised.
Brandi and I have always had something. We’ve always been attracted to one another. We’ve always…clicked. If her and I dated in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised. But right now I just don’t see myself dating. Veronica put me through so much. And Brandi helped her. And Lizzy turned on me. I’ve been through so much heart break lately. I just need to be Matt Kraven and just keep on keeping on.

FD: What about Nina Fox?

MK: (Pauses) I…Nina is great. She’s attractive. She’s a great person. And to be honest Francine, I don’t know if Veronica knows this but she really forced Nina and I to build a close friendship. Veronica created this group to try to steal FFP from me, and she immediately made myself and Nina a target. Nina and I have both been beaten down. Nina and I have both had to work together to try to stop The Kingdom. We still have to work together to try to stop them. So whether Veronica sees it or not, she has forced Nina and I into a closer relationship than what we had. Can I see me and Nina dating after all of this is finally behind us? Yes, I do.

(Part 2 of this interview will be up sometime this Tuesday.)

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