Exclusive Interview with President Matt Kraven: Part 2

imageThis interview was conducted by FFP reporter Francine Davis. She got a chance to sit down with the President of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven. This is part two of that interview.

FD: Let’s talk more about FFP. So much is going on here. We have new tag teams forming. We have Missy Hyatt getting ready to debut. And in September we will be in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

MK: It’s crazy. FFP has really gained momentum. It’s been amazing to see it grow. Blaze of Glory will be awesome. And having Lethal Injection in Madison Square Garden will be so cool. Such an honor.

FD: We’ve had a few titles get a name or design change. And soon we will be seeing the FFP Hardcore Title debut. What’s your hope for the Hardcore Title?

MK: I remember being a kid watching wrestling and some of the hardcore matches were really cool. I want to cater to the fans who enjoy that type of wrestling. It should be really cool.

FD: Do you have any other plans for new titles?

MK: Currently, no. The World Title is by far most important. And the Women’s Title is damn near as important. We have also put an emphasis on women in FFP. Women are very important here, and I will always make sure that’s the case.

FD: That is really cool of you. I know many people enjoy the Women of FFP Twitter. Any other special things planned for us ladies?

MK: This is actually an idea that came to me a few days ago, but I would love to have a special edition of Wednesday Warfare that only features women, and appropriately call it Women’s Warfare.

FD: Very cool idea. When would this take place?

MK: Not sure yet. It’s too early in the creation stages. But I’ll keep you posted.

FD: Definitely. Now, I would love to do some word associations with you right now, if you have time.

MK: I have time. Let’s do it.

FD: Okay. Here we go. Veronica Clyne.

MK: World Champion.

FD: Nina Fox.

MK: Skyrocketing.

FD: Brandi Moore.

MK: Miss her.

FD: Austin Briggs.

MK: Impressive.

FD: Adam Hyatt.

MK: The future.

FD: American Bulldogs.

MK: The greatest tag team in the world.

FD: Missy Hyatt.

MK: Legend.

FD: Last one. The Kingdom.

MK: Disruptive.

FD: Matt, this has been great. I know that we have been planning an interview with you for a while now, and I was honored to be the one to interview you.

MK: No problem Francine. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

FD: Thanks Matt. See you soon.

MK: See you later Francine.

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