Veronica Clyne and Nina Fox Face-to-Face

imageEarlier this morning Francine Davis sat down with Veronica Clyne and Nina Fox to discuss their main event match scheduled for FFP Blaze of Glory on August 24. The following is the exclusive interview.

FD: Hello Veronica and Nina. How are you?

VC: Just fine thank you.

NF: Good. But after last night’s Warfare, I’m disgusted.

VC: Oh boo-hoo.

NF: You’re sick. And power hungry. It’s ridiculous.

VC: Cry me a river Nina.

FD: If I can, I’d like to try to stay on topic. Veronica, you will put your World Championship on the line against Nina on August 24th at FFP’s August pay-per-view, Blaze of Glory.

VC: That’s correct. And I will win, with ease.

NF: (Rolls her eyes and laughs) Yeah…

FD: This one definitely appears to not be a traditional wrestling match, but there is a lot of bad blood here.

VC: Yep. Nina has always been jealous of me. She doesn’t like that I’m married to Matt. She doesn’t like that I’m a better wrestler. And she doesn’t like that I’m 50% owner of FFP. I’m the greatest Women’s Champion FFP has ever seen, and frankly probably the best wrestler in FFP. Nina just can’t get over that.

NF: Keep telling yourself that Veronica. Keep stroking your own ego. Keep telling yourself that you’ll beat me with ease at Blaze of Glory. Because trust me Veronica, you will not beat me with ease. In fact, you won’t beat me at all. You and I so completely different. You are on top of the world right now and feel like you’re untouchable. I’m hungry. I’m ready to take my place as one of the best. And I’m coming to Blaze of Glory to tear you apart and take the title from you. And I’m doing it for all the people you’ve wronged. I’m doing it for Matt, for Brandi, for the American Bulldogs. I’m doing it for Taylor, for Lacey and all other people your screwed over and crapped on.

VC: Aw, it’s so nice you’ve labeled me the bad guy in all this and you the heroin. Reading to many comic books I see. You want to be the heroin who fights for justice. You’re here to right the wrongs and blah blah blah. Shut up and get over it. I do what I can to make sure I can make the decisions here because frankly I’m a better decision maker than my husband. The Kingdom decided to put him on the shelf so I can make decisions for FFP and make sure that this company is living up to it’s potential.

NF: You are screwing over everyone that you can and making sure that your chosen wrestlers are holding all the gold.

VC: Nope. I’m doing what’s best for the future of Full Force Pro.

NF: You’re killing FFP.

FD: If I can interrupt for a moment, let’s stay on point. Nina, how have you been preparing for this match?

NF: I’ve been preparing for this match like most big time matches I have. I train long and hard. I keep all of my focus on coming out on top. I-

VC: You’re boring. You train hard. You’re a good guy. Blah blah blah. Whatever you say doesn’t change the fact that you will lose at Blaze of Glory. You. Will. Lose. Case. Closed.

imageNF: Keep telling yourself that hun. Keep telling yourself you’re going to win. Because that’s the only time that you will beat me, is in your mind.

VC: Nina, I helped train you. I’ve taught you what you know. That’s it. I know more about this sport than you. I know more about this business than you. And I’ll give you a little spoiler alert, I’m going to drop you on your head with the Vertabreaker, maybe twice. Then 1…2…3.

NF: So confident. Or so cocky. If you’re so sure you’ll beat me, why not out your money where your mouth is? Let’s make this interesting.

VC: What did you have in mind?

NF: Simple. If I beat you, I get your World Title, and Matt Kraven gets 100% of his company back. You become nothing more than what I am. Just a wrestler. Not an owner, not a staff member, nothing but a wrestler.

VC: (Thinking) Okay. That’s fine. I’m going to beat you anyway, so if that tickles your pickle then let’s go for it.

NF: Great. Prepare to lose everything.

VC: Alright, well you’re so confident you won’t mind me naming my own stipulation huh?

NF: Name it…

VC: If I beat you, you have to join The Kingdom. You have to say and do what I tell you. You have to be a contributing member of The Kingdom. If I tell you to beat on Matt, you beat on Matt. If I tell you to injure Ariana Chaos or Brandi Moore you do it. No questions asked.

NF: (Pauses) I-

VC: You seem reluctant sweetie. What’s wrong?

NF: You’re on Veronica. And after August 24th I will take everything away from you that you hold dear. Every bit of power that you hold will be ripped from you. (Stands up and gets in Veronica’s face) I am going to leave you a bare powerless woman who only comes to FFP to wrestle and that’s it. No more gold for you. No more power trip. Nothing. See you at Blaze of Glory. (Storms away)

VC: Wow. Someone is in a bad mood. That will have to stop when she joins The Kingdom.


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