FFP Hardcore Title Tournament Announced

ffp_hardcore_titleLate Thursday night President Matt Kraven e-mailed us the official FFP Hardcore Title Tournament brackets! The tournament will begin this weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night, and the finals will be held on September 28th at FFP Lethal Injection in Madison Square Garden!

The brackets have a few interesting matchups, like Logan Christopher vs former tag partner Kashimanaki in the first round. The bracket could go quite a few ways that would make interesting matchups. One that really sticks out to us is having El Diablo and Deranged in the finals.

Also take note that The Kingdom is present in this tournament, with former FFP World and Cruiserweight Champion Patrick McCoy in the very first slot. Hunt Enterprises is also in the tournament with Brandon Kincaide as well as Deshaun Reed.

One thing is for sure, this is definitely going to be a tournament worth keeping an eye on! Check out the brackets below:



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