8/23/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | August 23, 2014
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The show opened up with Lizzy Kraven coming down to the ring. She explained to the audience that she had made her decision for who she wanted to tag with tonight to face Veronica Clyne and Scarlett Ducane. Lizzy then asked reigning FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox to come down to the ring.

Nina came down and asked Lizzy how she could trust her. She reminded Lizzy, and us, how she turned on Nina and joined The Kingdom. Lizzy reassured her, saying that she listened to Veronica Clyne’s bullcrap and that she shouldn’t have.

Nina stopped Lizzy and asked her how she could know that Lizzy isn’t just lying. Lizzy then reminded Nina how she was kicked out of The Kingdom. She told Nina that she needed a partner to help her defeat Veronica and Scarlett. She said that she wanted Nina to be her partner, as Nina had personal business with The Kingdom as well. And she reminded Nina that if she gave Veronica a good beating tonight, that Veronica wouldn’t be 100% for Blaze of Glory tomorrow. Nina said that she wanted to beat Veronica when Veronica was indeed 100%, but she would tag with Lizzy tonight.

Lizzy thanked Nina, and gave her a hug. However after the embrace, Nina told Lizzy that if this was somehow a double cross that Lizzy would pay dearly. Lizzy reassured her, and told her that tonight they would win the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Christopher Morgan vs Rust
A fast paced match that saw the former FFP World Champion, Christopher Morgan control most. However Morgan went for his finisher, the Tiger Driver, but Rust escaped and hit a hard clothesline. Afterwards he hit the Cradle Shock Driver for the surprising upset victory.

After the match we saw a replay of Wednesday Warfare when Deranged attacked Monster Monsuta.

Monster Monsuta w/ Synn vs Deranged
This match ended about as quickly as it began. Monster flattened Deranged early, and toyed around with him. Playfully kicking him in the head as he lie on the mat, Monsuta pulled him up once more and planted him with a chokeslam for a pin.

Next we saw Veronica Clyne and Scarlett Ducane in their locker room. They spoke about how Lizzy couldn’t find a good partner, so she had to settle for the only woman who could find a little bit of pity for her. Veronica and Scarlett then talked about how they’d celebrate with the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Christian Alexander w/ Bridget & Samantha West
This was another quick match. McCoy and Alexander went back and forth for a while, but Patrick gained the upperhand, and worked Christian down until finally planting him with the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin.

After the match McCoy got on the microphone and demanded that he receive a Cruiserweight Title match on FFP Monday Night against whoever wins between Hades and EJ “Money” Carter.

Backstage we saw Jason Copeland walking hand in hand with Alexis Reed. Deshaun snuck up behind them and took Jason down with a punch to the back of the head. Alexis grabbed Deshaun to pull him away from Jason. Copeland quickly got back up and took Deshaun down, delivering punches to his face. FFP security intervened and pulled the two feuding wrestlers apart.

Synn vs Ariana Chaos
Both women got huge ovations from the crowd throughout the match with their high risk moves. Synn hit a top rope fisherman brainbuster which got a huge reaction. Something she isn’t quite used to. Ariana fought back and hit a superkick for a two count. She went to the top rope and attempted a flying clothesline, but Synn reversed into a spinning powerslam. Synn went to lock on the Nosferatu, but Ariana rolled out of it. Ariana got flattened by a clothesline. Synn then attempted a powerbomb but Ariana reversed into a hurricanrana. Chaos then hit the Impaler for the pin.

After the match President Matt Kraven came out. He told Ariana that she has been quite impressive lately. He also noted that Synn looked very good in the ring as well. He announced that at Blaze of Glory the two would go at it one more time, and the winner would be the number one contender for Nina Fox’s Women’s Title.

FFP Hardcore Title Tournmanet (First Round)
Kashimanaki vs Logan Christopher

This match had some history behind it as Kashimanaki just turned on Logan a few weeks ago. Logan beat Kashimanaki down with a trash can lid before Kashimanaki got ahold of a steel chair and clobbered Logan in the head with it. Kashimanaki went for a piledriver but Logan escaped and hit a spin wheel kick. Logan then hit Kashimanaki with a Van Daminator for a two count. Logan went to the top rope but Kashimanaki stopped him with punches to the head. Kashimanaki then hit a top rope brainbuster on the steel chair for a three count.

Next we saw a split screen of Veronica and Scarlett walking toward the entrance ramp, as well as Lizzy and Nina on the other side of the screen. Nina walked with the Women’s Title in hand, behind Lizzy, seemingly still untrusting of Lizzy.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
Veronica Clyne & Scarlett Ducane vs Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox

Lizzy and Veronica started the match out. They went back and forth, feeling each other out before Veronica knocked Lizzy down and demanded that Nina get in the ring. Lizzy asked Veronica if she was sure she wanted Nina. Veronica said yes, so Lizzy tagged Nina in.

Then, Lizzy flattened Nina, blindsiding her with a Kraven Lariat from behind. Nina crashed to the ring mat, now with Veronica and Lizzy laying in stomp after stomp on her. Scarlett stood to the side, clapping, cheering on the attack.

Lizzy pulled Nina up and fed her to Veronica, who hooked her up and planted her with the Vertabreaker. Veronica spit on Nina, raising her hands up in the air. Veronica and Lizzy then pulled the Women’s Champion up, and viciously sent her into the corner. Nina’s body went inbetween the top and middle turnbuckle, her ribs crashing into the steel ring post. Lizzy walked over and delivered stiff kicks to Nina’s body while draped motionless inbetween the two turnbuckles. Veronica went to the outside, grabbed Nina’s arm and leg, and pulled her ruthlessly into the steel ring post, focusing the damage obviously on Nina’s ribs. As Veronica continue to pull on Nina’s limbs, Lizzy backed away, and repeatedly hit running kicks and knees to the other side of Nina’s body, slamming her ribs into the ring post.

Matt Kraven finally rushed to ringside where Veronica, Lizzy and Scarlett left the ring. Paramedics followed Matt out to the ring, where Nina still hang motionless in the corner. The show came to an end as the paramedics and Matt Kraven tended to Nina.


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