8/24/2014 FFP Blaze of Glory (PPV)


FFP Blaze of Glory | August 24, 2014
Norman, Oklahoma

Blaze of Glory 2014 opened up with a replay of the attack that Nina Fox suffered courtesy of Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. President Matt Kraven then came out and explained that Nina Fox had indeed suffered a fractured rib from the attack, but that Nina was full of heart, and would still be participating in tonight’s main event. The crowd cheered Nina’s courage. Kraven then expressed his extreme disappointment in Veronica, Lizzy and the rest of The Kingdom.

Lizzy Kraven vs Lacey Abernathy
The crowd erupted in boos as Lizzy Kraven made her way out to the ring. She didn’t mind. She actually seemed to enjoy it. Lacey came out with something to prove. Coming off of a few big wins, Lacey had a future Women’s Title match in her mind. The two battled back and forth, with Lizzy landing quite a few stiff shots to the face. Lacey reversed a clothesline attempt into a DDT, then hooked Lizzy into the Code Red Armbar.

Lizzy struggled, trying to get to the ropes. Lacey held the move on tight, causing Lizzy to fall to the mat. Lizzy eventually got to the ropes and the ref made Lacey release the hold. Lacey attempted to stay on the offensive, but Lizzy used the classic thumb to the eye. She then scooped Lacey up for a Samoan drop, followed by the Kraven Lariat for the pinfall.

Lizzy celebrated as she left the ringside area. Lacey stayed in the ring, looking disappointed. The crowd still cheered for her.

Backstage we now saw Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle. Adam was keeping an eye out for Daniel Matthews. Not sure if he saw Daniel if he’d try to get Madison away, or try to kill him.

Four Team Elimination Match | #1 Contender for Tag Team Titles
The Lifestyle vs Two Man Mafia vs The Originals vs Blake Brothers
An obviously wild match featuring eight superstars. Once one member got pinned, the other had to leave. This was proven somewhat early after Kashimanaki planted Caleb Newstead with a Kashimanaki Driver and pinning him. The Originals had to leave the ring, leaving the match with only two teams. The next team to go surprisingly was the Two Man Mafia, after Levi Blake hit a Mudlick Clothesline on Brandon Kincaide. Hunter Brown attempted to break the pin up, but he received the Shock Drop from Beau Blake.

The end of the match left a lot to be desired, as after the elimination of the Mafia, Christopher Morgan hurried into the ring and rolled Levi up, pulling on his jeans as the referee made the three count. the Lifestyle celebrated in the middle of the ring as the new number one contenders for the FFP Tag Team Titles.

Next we saw a video package showing the history between Deshaun Reed, Alexis Reed and Jason Copeland. Francine Davis was standing by with Alexis Reed. She asked Alexis how she could sit back and root for her brother to be busted open tonight. Alexis said that she loved her brother, but the way he continues to attack Jason Copeland is uncalled for, and that he needs to get payback.

First Blood Match
Deshaun Reed w/ Bianca Hunt vs Jason Copeland w/ Alexis Reed
A very violent match from the beginning, as Jason Copeland came out during Deshaun’s entrance and attacked him. The two brawled down the entrance and around the ring. One of the commentator’s tables were destroyed when Deshaun slammed Jason through it. Afterward he attempted to hit Jason with the ring bell, but lucky for Jason, he dodged and dropkicked Deshaun. Jason then climbed into the ring, the first time one of the two superstars had been in the ring.

The two involved a chair and ladder into the match. Jason attempted a flying headbutt, which could have spelled disaster for either one or both of the men, but Deshaun moved out of the way. Reed ended up rocking Jason with punches to the face. He followed that up with placing Jason’s head into one of the rungs of the ladder, and repeatedly slamming it into the ringpost, which finally busted Jason’s forehead open. The referee called for the bell. Deshaun shoved Jason down and left with Bianca Hunt.

Next we saw Patrick McCoy with President Matt Kraven. McCoy was still trying to talk Matt into giving him a Cruiserweight Title match tomorrow at FFP Monday Night against tonight’s winner. Kraven thought it over, and told Patrick that he was a really good wrestler, and that even though he was part of The Kingdom, Matt could agree to the terms. Patrick thanked him, and left the office.

#1 Contender for Women’s Title
Synn vs Ariana Chaos
Just one night earlier Synn and Ariana electrified the crowd, and they did it again tonight. Synn came out strong, even planting Ariana with a stalling brainbuster which looked to be the end, however Ariana barely got her shoulder up before the three count. Synn hit a bulldog and a stiff kick to the face for another two count. She attempted an elbow from the middle rope, but only got a face full of boot courtesy of Ariana. Ariana battled back, hitting a springboard elbow and a German suplex. She went up top and hit a guillotine leg drop for a two count. Then she hooked Synn up for the Impaler. However Synn reversed it into a roll up, and the leverage was just too much for Ariana to kick out. Synn won the match, and was the new number one contender for the Women’s Title.

The scene cut backstage where Nina Fox was with the FFP trainer getting her ribs taped up for tonight’s main event. Nina grimaced everytime her injured rib was touched. She was obviously not in very good shape.

Miss FFP 2014

Next was the announcement of the very first Miss FFP. Only ten women had the honor of being up for the prestigious award. Matt Kraven came out and announced that this would absolutely be an annual award that would be given at Blaze of Glory. He thanked everyone for their votes, and announced that the top three vote receivers were very close. He first announced the third place woman, with 16% of the votes, April Hunter. Next he announced the second place woman, with 20% of the votes, Missy Hyatt. Matt then announced, with 24% of the votes and the first ever Miss FFP, the returning Brandi Moore!

Brandi Moore then came out on the entrance stage. With a big smile on her face, looking as beautiful as ever, Brandi looked into the sea of people and waved, proudly accepting that now she was not only the very first FFP Women’s Champion, but also the very first Miss FFP.

The scene cut backstage again where Scarlett Ducane was throwing a fit, obviously because she didn’t win the title of Miss FFP 2014 like she thought she so easily would.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Hades w/ Synn vs EJ “Money” Carter

Both men came out and left everything out in the ring. EJ hit a beautiful springboard DDT for a two count. He followed that up with a high moonsault that also got a two count. Hades battled back and hit a double arm DDT followed by a piledriver for another two count. Synn did get involved once, climbing up onto the apron after setting the Cruiserweight Title on the mat for Hades to use. However, as she distracted the ref EJ got ahold of the belt, and leveled Hades with it. He tossed it to the outside and pinned Hades, but somehow Hades kicked out at two.

EJ then took Hades up to the top rope for a superplex. But Hades battled back with right hands. After rocking Carter with a couple of punches, he scooped him up and hit the Burning Hammer from the second rope. Hades then hooked EJ’s leg and got the three count.

After the match Patrick McCoy came out onto the apron and smiled at Hades. He motioned that he would soon be wearing the title.

Next we saw a split screen of the FFP Tag Team Champions Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce, and the American Bulldogs heading to the entrance area.

Backstage we now saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Miss FFP 2014, Brandi Moore. Tyrece asked her how she felt. Brandi said that she was so happy to be back and that she was absolutely stunned that even after a month absence that the FFP fans would still vote her as the 2014 Miss FFP. Tyrece then asked Brandi when we would see Brandi back in the ring. Brandi responded saying that it would probably be sooner than we think. She then winked at the camera and walked away.

FFP Tag Team Titles | 2 Out of 3 Falls
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs American Bulldogs w/ Pandora

A very impressive showing from both teams. The American Bulldogs came out and really took control of the match early, however Prince Tau cut Nathan Caine down with an unexpected Spear. It only got him a two count, but the damage had been done. Jackson Pearce hit an awesome powerbomb on Caine which won them the first fall.

The second fall Tau and Pearce beat down on Nathan more and more, however Caine fought his way to the corner and he tagged in Matt Evanston. Evanston knocked both of his opponents down with a fury of rights and lefts, as well as kicks. He clotheslined Prince Tau over the top rope and hit the Go to Sleep on Jackson to get the three count, and tie it up 1-1.

The third fall saw Prince Tau hit a Spear on Matt for a two count. Nathan got back into the match and planted Tau with the Double Underhook Driver, but it was too close to the ropes and Tau draped his foot over to stop the pinfall before the three count. The momentum really took a turn for the worst for the Bulldogs when Tau and Pearce successfully dumped their opponents over the top rope, then grabbed Matt’s girlfriend Pandora and pulled her into the ring. Jackson Pearce held the redhead by her hair, and Tau set her up for a Spear, however the Bulldogs rocketed back into the ring. Prince Tau nailed Nathan with the Spear again while Matt Evanston went straight to Pandora, trying to protect her. Jackson double legged Matt and laid punches in while Prince Tau pinned Nathan for the three count to retain the Tag Team Titles.

The scene cut backstage where Ariana Chaos was talking to Lizzy Kraven. Ariana was telling Lizzy how far she has fallen since joining The Kingdom and told her that what she did to Nina was disrespectful, uncalled for and cowardly. Lizzy then leveled Ariana with a slap across the face that you could feel through the TV screen. The two began to brawl wildly until FFP security separated the two women.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

This match was not only for the FFP Adrenaline Title, but if Adam Hyatt lost, Daniel Matthews would win the managerial services of Madison Castle. The match began when Adam Hyatt attacked Daniel before the bell. Clobbering him with a sloppy clothesline and landing kicks to Daniel’s head, Adam was ready to tear Daniel apart. Adam had put up with weeks and weeks of Daniel not only abusing him, but abusing Madison as well.

Patrick McCoy stormed down to ringside and hopped up onto the apron. Adam quickly knocked McCoy to the floor with the Superkick. However when he turned back around Daniel cracked him over the head with the Adrenaline Title. Hyatt fell to the mat and the referee had no choice but to already call for the bell. Daniel laid in punches on his downed opponent while Scarlett Ducane came down. She grabbed Madison and shoved her into the ring. Meanwhile Daniel drug Adam over to the corner and handcuffed him to the bottom rope. He laid in a couple more kicks, then turned to Madison. Scarlett fetched the microphone for Daniel as Patrick McCoy got back to his feet and rolled into the ring.

Daniel spoke into the microphone, telling Adam that this match was never for the Adrenaline Title or for the managerial services of Madison Castle. Daniel asked Adam how Madison’s managerial services have helped him in the past. Obviously he had no intentions of letting Adam answer the question.

Daniel then grabbed Madison who was sitting not he mat crying. He pulled her up off the mat, set her up, and staring into the eyes of Adam Hyatt, planted Madison in the center of the ring with a vicious jumping piledriver. Adam screamed out. He tried pulling the handcuffs off the ropes, but it obviously didn’t work. Daniel took possession of his Adrenaline Title and stood over the unconscious redhead. He slowly hoisted the title up in the air, still staring at Adam with a big smile on his face.

Backstage we saw Matt Kraven watching the monitor. He obviously looked disgusted at what had just taken place. He then turned his attention behind him where Nina Fox was walking toward the entrance area. Matt told Nina that there would be no shame in calling the match off. Matt told Nina that he didn’t want to see her get hurt anymore, and that if she wanted to wait and have this match after her rib healed, that he would gladly set that up. Nina told him no. She said that she was ready to finally give Veronica what Veronica deserved, and that tonight was finally the night that The Kingdom would lose all the power they’ve ever had. She told Matt that she won’t just win the match for herself, but she’ll win for the crowd and for Matt Kraven himself.

FFP World Title
(c) Veronica Clyne vs Nina Fox

Nina came out first. Limping, and looking like she was in extreme pain, she brought her Women’s Title with her, and looked determined as she possibly could be. Veronica Clyne came out next, with Lizzy Kraven by her side. As soon as the match began, Lizzy Kraven slid into the ring, however she received a Superkick for her efforts. Lizzy fell to the mat, and the momentum sent her rolling out of the ring. However Nina turned around to receive a running knee to the ribs. Nina fell to the mat, screaming in pain. Veronica then planted a couple of stomps into Nina’s ribs before hooking her leg, but Nina kicked out at two.

Veronica laughed at Nina’s weak kick out. She stood up, and waited for Nina to stand again. Nina got to her feet, but got hit with a spear. Again, in extreme pain Nina hit the mat. Veronica went for another pin, but again, Nina kicked out at two. But instead of getting back up, Veronica hit a couple of elbows to the rib, and then hooked Nina into a modified abdominal stretch, putting pressure on the ribs.

Matt Kraven now came down the isle. He walked down to the ring, watching with extreme concern painted all over his face. Veronica saw Matt, and spit at him. She pulled Nina up and called for the Vertabreaker, looking right into Matt’s eyes. As she hooked Nina up for the move, Nina reversed into a roll up. The surprised World Champion kicked out at two. Nina got back to her feet, and Veronica leveled her with another running knee to the injured ribs. Veronica turned to Matt, and winked at him. Meanwhile Nina crawled painfully toward the ropes. Matt looked over at the time keeper, but Nina audibly screamed at him, telling him not to call for the bell.

Veronica then grabbed Nina’s legs and applied a high angle Boston crab. Nina began to openly weep as the pain was too much for her to bare. She stretched her arm out, trying so hard to reach for the ropes, fighting through the pain.

Veronica kept the hold on for quite a while. But finally released it when she felt Nina wouldn’t tap out. Veronica pulled Nina up again. Holding her by her dark hair, she began screaming in her face. Nina responded with a stiff slap to the face. Veronica’s knees buckled. She stumbled back. Nina then went for a clothesline, but Veronica ducked it and hit a German suplex. She stood up and put her arms out to her side. The crowd booed as the World Champion stood over Nina.

Veronica continued toying with Nina. Playful kicks to the face. Slaps on the top of Nina’s head. Veronica pulled Nina up and again set her up for the Vertabreaker. However this time, Nina escaped and hit Veronica with the Superkick, but Nina fell to the mat as well. Obviously Nina was in excruciating pain. Using so much energy, Nina crawled to Veronica and draped her arm over her chest. Veronica kicked out at two.

Nina crawled to the ropes, and pulled herself up, using the ropes to stay standing. Veronica slowly got up to her knees. The second she got back up to her feet, Nina went for the Superkick again, but Veronica ducked it. She grabbed Nina for her own German suplex, but Nina pushed away and hit two hard kicks to Veronica’s side. Nina then grabbed Veronica and hit her with two knees to the side. After that Nina scooped Veronica up and planted her with the Death Valley Driver. Instead of going for a pin however, Nina kept ahold of Veronica’s head. She swept her legs around and hooked them around Veronica’s body, hooking her in a Dragon Sleeper. Nina wrenched back on Veronica’s head, not only torquing Veronica’s body in a very painful way, but also having to put so much pressure on her own ribs. Nina kept the hold synched in, screaming out in pain.

Veronica reached for the ropes. She pulled on Nina’s knee pad, actually pulling it down past her knee. Veronica swung her leg around and got onto one knee, Trying extremely hard to reach for the ropes, Veronica fell back to the mat, placing herself a position where she now could no longer even come close to touching a rope. Nina continued wrenching back, again screaming in pain. Finally reaching the limit of pain she could bare, Veronica tapped out on Nina’s leg. The injured Nina Fox won the FFP World Championship.

Nina immediately released the hold. She popped up to her knees, keeping one hand on her ribs, she yelled out, still crying. The referee walked over to grab the World Title and present it to the new champion, however Matt Kraven had already grabbed it. Kraven slid into the ring and dropped to his knees in front of Nina. He held the title out to Nina. With tears still in her eyes, Nina grabbed the title, but she didn’t look at it, or strap it around her waist. She dropped it to the side. Then she wrapped her arms around Matt and the two shared a kiss.

The crowd erupted as the two shared the moment. Nina was the new World Champion. Matt was the sole owner of Full Force Pro. And apparently the situation had made them realize the strong feelings that they had for each other. Matt took Nina’s hands and helped her up to her feet. Matt grabbed the World Title and handed it to her. She kept ahold of his arm as she walked around the ring holding the title as far up in the air as she could. The crowd was on their feet. Cheering. Cheering that we had a new World Champion. Cheering that The Kingdom’s power was gone. And cheering one hell of an effort from Nina.

Nina turned to Matt once more. He put his hand on her head and whispered something in her ear. The two embraced and shared one more kiss as Blaze of Glory came to an end.

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