8/25/2014 FFP Monday Night


FFP Monday Night | August 25, 2014
Wichita, Kansas

The show began with the announcement of the new FFP World Champion, Nina Fox. Nina came out and thanked the fans for their support. She said that she was still in a lot of pain, and it was absolutely the toughest match that she had ever been in, but that she was so happy to be Full Force Pro World Champion. Nina said that Veronica Clyne was one hell of an opponent, but she knew she could defeat her. She also talked about how excited she was to know that now FFP was under full control of Matt Kraven.

Next, Matt Kraven came out. He thanked Nina for winning control back for him. He also congratulated her, saying that last night’s main event was the gutsiest effort he had ever seen in FFP. He told her that he was proud of her and so happy that she won the World Title. Matt then said that he never intended to date Nina, but that last night their true feelings were revealed. Nina smiled and shook her head in agreement. The two hugged before Matt continued.

Matt then told the crowd that he had a few big announcements. First he announced that Daniel Matthews wouldn’t get off of the hook with Adam Hyatt as easy as he did at Blaze of Glory. He then announced that Daniel Matthews would face Adam Hyatt at Lethal Injection in Full Force Pro’s first ever Steel Cage Match! Kraven said that if Daniel still had the Adrenaline Title at the time of the match, that it would indeed be on the line inside the cage.

The crowd erupted. But Matt had more news. He also announced that tonight Veronica Clyne would be in action again, when her and Lizzy Kraven would defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against a team that he would name later on tonight.

April Hunter vs Alexis Reed
April Hunter hadn’t wrestled in FFP for a while, so fans wondered if she would have any ring rust, but she did not. Alexis hit a couple of power moves on April, but Hunter fought back and hit a big powerbomb for a three count.

Backstage we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Jason Copeland. Copeland said that Deshaun Reed was the winner last night, but the war was far from over between the two of them.

Next we saw a graphic that simply said, “FFP gets Sunny SOON!” Obviously hinting that Sunny would be debuting soon!

Blake Brothers vs Two Man Mafia
Another back and forth matchup with the Two Man Mafia looking rather impressive. It had been a while since they had held the Tag Team Titles, but it was definitely on their minds in this match. However, after Brandon Kincaide got flattened by a Mudlick Clothesline, Hunter Brown found himself at the receiving end of the Shock Drop by Beau Blake. Blake then pinned Hunter for the win.

Next The Lifestyle were shown backstage. Christopher Morgan and Kashimanaki were talking about how they would get a shot at the FFP Tag Team Titles, and that they wanted their shot sooner than later. Morgan said that once the papers could be drawn up that they wanted to get their shot scheduled, and that they would defeated Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce and become the new champions.

Ariana Chaos vs Pandora
Pandora was another woman in FFP that hadn’t stepped into the ring for quite sometime. She had mostly just been managing the American Bulldogs. Pandora hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count. She went up top again, this time for a regular splash, but only connected with Ariana’s knees. Pandora quickly got back to her feet but obviously couldn’t gain her breath. Ariana then hooked her arms and hit the Impaler for the win.

Next we saw the lockerroom of The Kingdom. It wasn’t the usual environment. It was quiet. Almost as if the members were in mourning. Patrick McCoy was getting ready for his title match against Hades while Daniel Matthews was busy watching over his shoulder. Veronica and Lizzy simply looked disappointed.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Hades w/ Synn vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane

This one could have been match of the night if the two men wrestled a cruiserweight style, but instead this one became an all out brawl. McCoy clotheslined Hades over the top and hit a suicide dive. The two brawled around the ring. Hades dropped Patrick sternum first on the steel guardrail. He brought him back into the ring and hit a springboard elbow drop for a two count. McCoy fought back and scooped Hades up for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Hades slipped away and hit a dropkick to McCoy’s knee. McCoy fell to the mat, then was on the receiving end of a shining wizard. Hades now pulled McCoy back up and hit the Burning Hammer for the pin.

Next the American Bulldogs came to the ring. They thanked the fans for supporting them. They guaranteed everyone that they would become the FFP Tag Team Champions once again, come hell or high water. The lights in the arena then went black. When they came back on it was revealed that Lance Storm and Justin Credible, the Impact Players were standing behind the Bulldogs. Nathan and Matt turned around. Nathan was nailed in the head with a Singapore cane shot by Justin Credible while Lance Storm hit Matt with a superkick. The Impact Players proceeded to beat down the American Bulldogs and tossed them out of the ring. Justin Credible then took the microphone and announced, “that’s not the coolest, that’s not the best, that’s making an impact. And that’s Justin Credible!”

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven vs ???

The Women’s Tag Team Champions, Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven came out to the ring. Veronica took the microphone and said that she was not upset or embarrassed about losing to Nina Fox. She said that she helped train Nina, and obviously taught her too much. Veronica then said that she gets a rematch for the World Title, and when the time is right she will have her match with Nina Fox and she will win the World Championship back.

Matt Kraven then came down the isle. He told Veronica that after all the shenanigans she had pulled over her 119-day World Title reign, that she would not be having a rematch for the belt. Veronica tried to argue, but Matt reminded her about how she lost all control of FFP less than 24 hours before.

Kraven then announced Veronica and Lizzy’s opponents. To the absolute shock of all FFP fans not only in the arena but also watching around the world, Miss FFP 2014 Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson came out from behind the curtain.

Seduction Inc was back!!!

Veronica and Lizzy looked stunned. The match immediately started when Seduction Inc entered the ring as Veronica and Lizzy attacked. However, the team that was arguably the greatest in FFP history isolated Lizzy Kraven, hitting her with move after move until they planted her with a double DDT and rolled her out of the ring.

Then it was Veronica’s turn. Veronica put up one hell of a fight. Obviously she dug down deep, using frustration knowing that she wouldn’t get her championship rematch. But Taylor Clawson stopped Veronica dead in her tracks with the Flatliner. Brandi Moore then scooped Veronica up and hit the Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin. Seduction Inc had returned, and became the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions, for the fifth time.

After the match Matt climbed into the ring. He congratulated Brandi and Taylor, then turned his attention to Veronica Clyne. As Veronica came to, Matt explained to Veronica that he had some bad news. He told her that her whole reign as World Champion and leader of The Kingdom was an embarrassment to professional wrestling. He told her that everything she did was detrimental to Full Force Pro, and that he had no other choice but to fire Veronica.

Tears began to form in Veronica’s eyes. She slowly walked to the ring ropes and took one more look around the arena. Then she climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance, disappearing behind the curtain.

Next, Matt said that Nina Fox had one more thing she wanted to tell the crowd. He invited her out to the ring, and handed her the microphone, leaving ringside letting her have the stage. Nina announced that she would be a fighting champion and hoped to not only put Veronica’s reign to shame, but to hold the title for a very long time.

Nine was then interrupted by the much anticipated debut of the legendary Missy Hyatt. Hyatt came down to the ring and took the microphone from Nina. Missy said that the World Championship should only be held by a man because a man can get the job done right. She then told Nina that she was here to introduce Nina to the new number one contender for the FFP World Title, and her new client, Austin Briggs.

Briggs came down to the ring and stood beside Missy, staring at Nina. Missy told Nina that she should cherish her time with that World Title, because at Lethal Injection in Madison Square Garden, Austin Briggs will show the World that it’s about time that the men take the World Title back.

Austin then took the microphone. He told Nina that the World Title has went from Lizzy Kraven to Veornica, to Nina herself, and that it was time that the girls stop playing around and the men do what the men do, and that was perform in the ring better than any woman could ever dream.

Missy Hyatt then leveled Nina with a slap across the face. Nina looked shocked. She attempted to go after Missy but Austin flattened her with a clothesline. Matt Kraven hurried back to the ring and slid in. Of course Missy Hyatt and Austin Briggs slid out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp with smiles on their faces. Matt checked on Nina. You could hear him yelling at Missy and Austin, saying “you were supposed to announce it, you weren’t supposed to do that!”

As Matt helped Nina back up to her feet she took the microphone and told Austin that she would gladly kick his ass at Lethal Injection. Then the show came to a close.


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