Nina Fox is the new FFP World Champion

nina_fox_world_champion_smaSunday night’s FFP pay-per-view Blaze of Glory brought us an insane amount of action. Physicality, technical wrestling, blood spilling brawling and a brand new FFP World Champion, Nina Fox.

Nina was set to face Veronica Clyne for the World Title. But there was more on the line than just that. If Veronica Clyne could win the match, she not only retained her title, but Nina Fox had to join Veronica’s rebel stable The Kingdom. And if Nina won, she not only became the FFP World Champion for the first time, but she won 100% control of Full Force Pro back for Matt Kraven. That would mean no more Veronica Clyne running shows, no more Veronica Clyne having The Kingdom assist each other in title victories. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

At Sadistic Saturday Night, one night before, Nina suffered a vicious beating courtesy of Veronica Clyne and a woman she thought was going to have her back that night, Lizzy Kraven.

Veronica and Lizzy beat Nina down, wrapped her around the steel ring post, and after laying in several blows fractured one of her ribs. It wasn’t looking good for Nina Fox. In fact, President Matt Kraven even attempted to talk her into canceling the match and facing Veronica for the title at a later date.

Nina wouldn’t have any of it. It was now or never. It was go time.

Nina showed the world how much heart she had. She showed the world just how damn tough she is. And after taking many blows to the ribs, submission moves concentrating on the ribs, and even outside interference from Lizzy Kraven, Nina locked Veronica into a Dragon Sleeper. And after several grueling minutes of Nina keeping the move synched in, Veronica Clyne tapped out. Nina Fox became our new World Champion.

However, she also became the one person who won full control of FFP back for Matt Kraven. And, at Blaze of Glory Nina Fox became the fastest rising superstar in Full Force Pro history.

Nina Fox debuted in Full Force Pro on December 11, 2013 defeating Samantha West. Nina and Samantha went on to become a tag team, and defeated The Queendom on February 22, 2014 to win the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. 24 hours later at the February pay-per-view Desperate Measures, Nina defeated legendary FFP wrestler Brandi Moore for the FFP Women’s Championship.

Nina ended up losing the title to Ariana Chaos in April, but weeks later defeated April Hunter to become a two time Women’s Champion. She currently still holds the Women’s Title. ¬†However, at Blaze of Glory last night Nina became World Champion and it only took her eight months to do so.

Brandi Moore, Veronica Clyne, Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs are arguably some of the fastest rising and greatest superstars that FFP has ever seen, but none have matched the quick ascension to the top that Nina Fox has completed. We would like to congratulate Nina Fox on her hard fought victory last night. We look forward to having her as the World Champion for a long time.

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