Seduction Inc is Back!

seduction_inc_backLast night at the first ever FFP Monday Night, we saw a few FFP debuts, a few big surprises and one very shocking return. But the return wasn’t one single wrestler. The return was of arguably the greatest team in Full Force Pro history. And when we say the greatest team, we don’t mean only out of all the women teams. We’re talking, out of all the teams that FFP has ever seen. That’s right. Monday night Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson reunited, bringing Seduction Inc back to FFP!

seduction_incIt all started earlier in the night, when President Matt Kraven announced that Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven would defend their FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. However Kraven didn’t name who they’d face. He decided to let them wonder. So in the main event of the show after Veronica and Lizzy came down to the ring, Matt came out and introduced their opponents. The crowd went wild as the 2014 Miss FFP Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson came down the isle.

Brandi and Taylor debuted early in Full Force Pro. They immediately made a huge impact here winning the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, while Brandi also dominated the Women’s Division. Brandi and Taylor were also the only women (besides Elizabeth Summers) to be part of Simply the Best, which is another top notch group FFP has had in it’s past.

After FFP shut down in 2011, it made it’s return November of last year. On the Return Show, Taylor Clawson ended up walking away the new FFP Women’s Champion. That night, something changed. Brandi Moore went silent. No tweets, no calls, no texts. She eventually reemerged on December 1st at Hail to the Victors and attacked her former tag team partner and BFF. A mere six days later at Sadistic Saturday Night Taylor and Brandi went one-on-one for the very first time, with the Women’s Title on the line. Taylor successfully defended the title that night against Brandi.

A8A7KARCIAA__7GOn January 26, 2014 at Frost Bite Taylor ended up losing the title to Brandi, however it was in a Triple Threat Match that also included Ariana Chaos. Chaos, after being eliminated by Brandi, hit Taylor with the Impaler to assist Brandi in her victory. The Brandi/Ariana team didn’t last very long and Brandi and Taylor went their own ways, barely ever running into each other, talking, or wrestling each other.

Brandi eventually teamed with Veronica Clyne to form The Kingdom while Taylor continued trying to climb back up the ladder of the Women’s Division. However Brandi eventually got kicked out of The Kingdom and found herself on a very rough losing streak. She decided to take some time off from FFP. As Moore took time off, Taylor wound up hyperextending her elbow in a match against Lacey Abernathy.

That led us to Monday night. The return of Seduction Inc. Last night on Twitter Brandi noted “Everything is right with the world.” And we tend to agree. Seeing Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson split seemed so unnatural. To see them as a team again only feels right. It feels like home again. Full Force Pro seems whole once again, and no one, except maybe any of the women wanting to hold the Women’s Tag Team Titles, seem to have a problem.

Welcome back Seduction Inc. We’re very happy to have you back in our lives.

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