Nina Fox and Matt Kraven, What I Saw

imageWritten by: Drew Wynters

Sunday night FFP produced arguably it’s best pay-per-view to date. Blaze of Glory was all around amazing. From the opening match to the main event, it was fantastic. However, it not only had some of the best wrestling I have seen in a very long time, but it also had the conclusion of a four month battle that also included one of the best love stories in FFP history. And the thing that makes it even better is the fact that we didn’t necessarily realize that it was indeed a love story.

Back in May Veronica Clyne turned on husband Matt Kraven. She formed The Kingdom. And not long after, she accused Matt of having a thing for Nina Fox. Supposedly in a training session Matt and Nina seemed to be doing more than just wrestling. However Matt and Nina shot the accusation down quickly. And Veronica never really brought it back up, which spoke volumes.

Many attacks courtesy of Veronica and The Kingdom on Nina Fox really brought this feud to a boiling point. Finally Nina was scheduled to main event Blaze of Glory with Veronica Clyne for the FFP World Championship. Then in a face-to-face interview Veronica and Nina came up with two more stipulations for the match. If Veronica won, Nina would have to join The Kingdom. If Nina won, Veronica would lose all of her authoritative power in FFP, and Matt Kraven would once again have all power.

But you all know this. You all watched this unfold. And I’m sure you watched the match because let’s face it, Blaze of Glory was off the hook, and the women here in FFP know how to tear the house down when it comes to professional wrestling.

matt_kraven_blue_sig_02After Nina Fox locked Veronica in the Dragon Sleeper, and forced the World Champion to tap out, Nina got to her knees. With tears in her eyes she cried. Matt Kraven quickly grabbed the FFP World Title. Matt slid into the ring and fell to his knees in front of Nina.

This is what I saw.

Matt held the championship title out for Nina. As to say, “Nina, this is yours. You deserve this. You won this. You took months of abuse for this. You got beaten up by Veronica, by Brandi Moore, by Lizzy Kraven and the rest of The Kingdom for this. You are the new FFP World Champion. Here is your belt. This. Is. Yours.”

However, Nina took the belt. And she didn’t even look at it. She took possession of it, and locked eyes with Matt. She dropped the title to the side. As to say, “That belt wasn’t what I was fighting for. That belt wasn’t what I took those beatings for. That championship isn’t why I fought through the pain of a fractured rib to force Veronica Clyne to tap out. I like that belt. I’m glad I won that belt. But that belt wasn’t what I was fighting for. That belt isn’t what I want.”

Then Nina wrapped her arms around Matt. She looked him in the eyes. As to say, “I was fighting for you. I took those beatings for you. I did it all, for you.”

Nina and Matt then kissed. Not a gross sloppy kiss. Not a quick peck. They kissed because in this crazy feud they were pushed together. They were drawn together by Veronica and The Kingdom. They were there for each other, and only had each other. Watching the end of this spectacular event I saw that Nina Fox and Matt Kraven are the perfect match. And we all were rooting for them to finally get together.

That’s what I saw.

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