Who Will Lead The Kingdom Now?

ENlm3C1GNow that the title loss of Veronica Clyne is behind us. Now that the reign of Veronica as the World Champion, and what seemed like the dictator ruler of not only The Kingdom, but of FFP at times is gone there is still one question to be asked.

Nina Fox may be the new World Champion. Matt Kraven may now be the 100% owner of FFP. However The Kingdom is still here. They are still around, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

So the question is, who will step up and lead The Kingdom? Who will take over as the head of the group and continue their attempted takeover?

The Kingdom doesn’t lack former World Champions. And that’s a title that not everyone gets, and one that many take very seriously.

Daniel Matthews
We start with Daniel Matthews. He’s been a mainstay here in Full Force Pro. Matthews was the first ever FFP World Champion. He also holds the record for the most World Title reigns, with three. Matthews currently is in a huge feud with Adam Hyatt, using Adam’s girlfriend and manager Madison to distract and mentally hurt Adam in the process. Daniel trained Veronica Clyne, and former FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy. He definitely would fit the mold of the new leader of The Kingdom.

Lizzy Kraven
Lizzy Kraven is another former World Champion that The Kingdom has in it’s group. Lizzy won a grueling tournament in FFP’s Tour of Japan, and cashed her opportunity in to defeat Patrick McCoy for the World Championship immediately following her tournament win. Lizzy is one of the toughest women FFP has ever seen. Being the little cousin of Matt and Chris Kraven, Lizzy has a great wealth of pro wrestling knowledge. She could be the next leader of The Kingdom and carry on Veronica’s vision.

Patrick McCoy
Patrick McCoy has been talked about a lot here, but let’s talk about how he defeated Anarchy to become the FFP World Champion after Veronica Clyne had to forfeit the title. McCoy brought in his girlfriend Scarlett Ducane to manage him and everything sky rocketed for the former Cruiserweight Champion. McCoy has learned a lot from Daniel Matthews, but has also held quite a few titles here in FFP. Still in his youth, Patrick may be the perfect choice to step up and take the leadership role.

Scarlett Ducane
On paper you wouldn’t think Scarlett would have anything more than an ice cube’s chance in hell of becoming The Kingdom’s new leader, however look at Patrick McCoy’s career before and after Scarlett. He was a Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion before Scarlett, but afterward, he became one of the most memorable FFP World Champions in history. He defeated Anarchy, who wasn’t a push over, and beat him several times, including sending him packing in a match that saw Anarchy put his career on the line, only to lose to the up and coming McCoy. Could the vivacious redhead be the next leader of The Kingdom?

Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce
Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce defeated the American Bulldogs for the FFP Tag Team Titles and haven’t looked back since. They’ve taken down many teams here in FFP and quite possibly could be an underdog choice of leading The Kingdom. The only question is, if one of the two would step up to take over the leadership role left with the absence of Veronica Clyne, would it be Tau, would it be Jackson, or would it be both?

We all can come up with predictions of who we think may step up and become the next leader of The Kingdom. And any guess would be as good as any other. But one thing is most definitely for sure, The Kingdom is still present in Full Force Pro, is still very strong and will eventually reveal just who will be the next leader of the rebellious group.

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