Is The Kingdom Imploding?

ENlm3C1GLess than 24 hours ago FFP Adrenaline Champion Daniel Matthews, who seemed to be set and ready to take over as the leader of The Kingdom, and FFP Tag Team Champion Prince Tau exchanged words. Matthews claimed to be more ready to take over than Tau, and told Tau that it’s tougher to hold the Adrenaline Title than the Tag Team Titles. Matthews let Tau know that holding the Tag Titles, you had a crutch, a partner to rely on. However Matthews holding the Adrenaline Title, he was all on his lonesome.

Tau eventually told Daniel that he would not only beat Daniel for the belt, but he could beat him in under five minutes. Daniel laughed at Prince Tau, and cockily agreed to accept the challenge right there at Sadistic Saturday Night.

Long story short, Prince Tau won. However it wasn’t as clean as I’m sure Tau would have liked. Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle, FFP’s self-proclaimed Power Couple, came down to the ring during the match. Hyatt and Castle had been on the receiving end of physical and mental abuse courtesy of Daniel for quite sometime now. And even though Adam was going to face Daniel later this month for the Adrenaline Title, Hyatt decided to level Daniel with his Superkick. Tau then capitalized, winning the Adrenaline Title for the very first time in his young career.

So we have to ask, is The Kingdom imploding?

The Kingdom was co-created by Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore. Brandi was booted from the group early on. Veronica lost all the power she had in FFP when she lost to Nina Fox at Blaze of Glory. And the next night on FFP Monday Night, Matt Kraven fired Veronica. Now it seems that Prince Tau will most likely either leave the group (with Jackson Pearce leaving as well), or Daniel and Tau will battle for control, causing Patrick McCoy, Scarlett Ducane and Lizzy Kraven to choose sides. Obviously Scarlett would follow Patrick McCoy, who would surely choose Daniel. But that leaves Lizzy Kraven as the last one to have to choose.

Of course this is all conjecture as no one knows exactly what will happen between the existing members of The Kingdom. However if you really step back and look at what is happening in the group, it’s obvious to tell that the group’s future is in doubt.

The Kingdom was once arguably the most powerful and successful stable in Full Force Pro history. Holding the World, Adrenaline, Cruiserweight and Tag Team Titles at the same time, the group seemed as if they were making a b-line toward a complete FFP takeover. And now that same group looks to be on it’s last breath.

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