09/28/2014 Lethal Injection (PPV)


FFP Lethal Injection | September 28, 2014
New York, New York

Lizzy Kraven vs Ariana Chaos

In a match that seemed to be a must win for Lizzy Kraven, as The Kingdom seemed to be crumbling and a win was something they needed, Lizzy came up just a little short, ending up being planted with a tornado DDT from Ariana Chaos, then being hit with the Impaler for the victory.

After the match Lizzy looked disappointed, and Ariana celebrated in the ring. Lizzy eventually got up, and attacked Ariana from behind, hitting her with the Kraven Lariat as the exclamation point.

Jason Copeland w/ Alexis Reed vs Deshaun Reed

Deshaun Reed came out without Bianca Hunt. This match was a brawl, like most of the times that these two have met. A normal match, the two couldn’t rely on weapons like they had before. Copeland took the offensive, and set Deshaun up for the Fireman Carry Neckbreaker, but Deshaun escaped. Alexis jumped up onto the apron, and Deshaun dropkicked Jason, sending him toward Alexis. Copeland put on the breaks before colliding with his girlfriend, but he received a hard slap across the face anyway. Copeland stumbled, but was immediately picked up by Deshaun and planted with the Crash Landing. Deshaun hooked Jason’s leg and got the three count. Alexis then climbed into the ring and embraced her brother.

The two celebrated as Bianca Hunt made her way out to ringside. Bianca took a microphone and announced that Jason Copeland failing Bianca was an unpardonable sin, and this proved that she had control of all things.

FFP Cruiserweight Title | Triple Threat Match
(c) Hades vs Patrick McCoy vs EJ “Money” Carter

Another exciting high flying match between these three saw Patrick McCoy become the first man eliminated after being hit with a spike piledriver in the center of the ring. Hades and EJ battled back and forth, with EJ hitting a missile dropkick for a close two count. Hades fought back and wound up hitting the Burning Hammer for the pin.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs The Queendom

This was a hard hitting women’s tag match. Seduction Inc took control early on, but The Queendom fought back. Monika Andrews hit the Angel’s Wings on Taylor Clawson for a two count, Brandi Moore interrupted the count. Taylor fought back and tagged in Brandi who planted Monika with a Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin.

After the match two women jumped the guardrail. One, was former FFP Women superstar Firefly, and the other was a beautiful blonde. The two cleaned house, beating both members of Seduction Inc and The Queendom down before security escorted the two out of the building.

FFP’s First Ever Cage Match
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Daniel Matthews

A brutal brawl, both men slammed the other into the steel cage many times. Blood was spilt early by Adam Hyatt when Lizzy Kraven came down and tossed a steel chair into the ring for Daniel. Madison ended up spearing Lizzy on the outside of the ring, and Adam got possession of the chair. Hyatt cracked Daniel across the back many times with the chair before starting the long climb up the cage.

Daniel eventually climbed up and threw Adam off the top of the cage. Daniel then hit an impressive flying elbow off the top. He started climbing up the cage, and looked to have the match won until Madison Castle climbed up and met him at the top. The two smiled before Madison wrapped Daniel in a hug. He looked as shocked as the crowd members. Daniel began to celebrate, until Madison leveled him with the hardest punch she could throw, right to the family jewels. Daniel slipped off the cage and fell to the ring below. Adam Hyatt then got to his feet and gave a thumbs up to Madison, who was still perched at the top of the cage. Adam then waited for Daniel to get back to his feet and leveled him with the Superkick. Adam climbed up the cage, gave Madison a kiss at the top, and climbed down to become the victor of the very first Cage Match in Full Force Pro.

FFP World Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Austin Briggs w/ Missy Hyatt

Nina came out on fire. Austin got a couple of good shots in on her, and went for the Brainbuster early, but Nina hit him with a knee to the top of the head while in the hold. Nina fell to her feet and hit the Superkick, knocking Briggs to the ground. Nina then hooked his leg for the pin, but only got a two count. She waited for Austin to get up again, and went for another Superkick, but Briggs ducked and hit a gruesome high angle German suplex. He waited for Nina to get up, and turned her inside out with a clothesline. Briggs then hit the Brainbuster for the pin. Missy Hyatt quickly grabbed a hold of the new FFP World Title belt and presented it to her client. In Missy’s managerial debut, her client Austin Briggs won the World Title in a very impressive and dominant way.

Austin and Missy stood in the ring celebrating with the title as President Matt Kraven came down and helped Nina to the back. The show ended with the camera focused on the smiling faces of Austin Briggs and Missy Hyatt.


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