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ffp_logo_pinkIn case you missed anything on Full Force Pro TV lately, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things that you may have missed that it wouldn’t hurt to be filled in on.

Austin Briggs and Missy Hyatt flaunted their World Title win over Nina Fox at Lethal Injection in September. After a while, Matt Kraven took exception, threatening an announcement of a number one contender that Austin wouldn’t want to face. Briggs figured it would be Nina, however Nina said that she was honored to be FFP World Champion, but would like to put all of her efforts into remaining FFP Women’s Champion. President Kraven eventually named himself as the number one contender, and vowed to take the title away from Austin Briggs.

Seduction Inc and The Queendom found themselves in a nice little feud. At Lethal Injection Firefly and her blonde friend showed up, taking down both teams. Firefly introduced her friend, Kemina. Apparently they made quite a name for themselves in Mexico, and came to FFP to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Their team name, Bellezas Peligrosas. Translation: Dangerous Beauties. These two girls can wrestle. And with Seduction Inc and The Queendom claiming to be the best Women’s Tag Team in the World, it’ll be interesting to see an international duo in the mix.

At Lethal Injection Adam Hyatt defeated Daniel Matthews in FFP’s First Ever Cage Match. Hyatt has now set his sights back on the Adrenaline Title. He has asked Prince Tau for a title shot, but Tau has not answered. We would love to see these two go at it for the belt.

Lacey Abernathy joined The Headline and has since been taking down all women who stand in her way. She easily has been named the number one contender for the FFP Women’s Title. Nina Fox will gladly take on Lacey at The Haunting, and will look to finally shut the fiery redhead up.

At Lethal Injection Ariana Chaos defeated Lizzy Kraven, who attacked Ariana after the match. The two have traded victories back and forth, and will look to continue their feud, as both women want to stand victorious.


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