10/26/2014 The Haunting (PPV)


FFP The Haunting | October 26, 2014
Montreal, Canada

The scene opened up with clips of Austin Briggs defeating Nina Fox for the FFP World Championship, then bragging about it with Missy Hyatt by his side. The main event for tonight’s The Haunting was an interesting one as Matt Kraven was returning to the ring in what seemed like a retaliation for Briggs’ defeat and taunting of Matt’s girlfriend. Would the President win the World Title? And if so, what would most of the FFP locker room think about it?

Now we immediately cut to Francine Davis who was dressed up as a zombie. It had been reported that many superstars would dress for Halloween. Francine was the prettiest zombie you would ever see. Standing beside her was Daniel Matthews, dressed as a devil. Francine asked how Daniel was feeling tonight, and asked if he had any plans since he wasn’t competing. Daniel said that he always had ways to make an impact, and tonight would be no different. He said this with a smile on his face, then walked away.

Next we saw Seduction Inc walking by. Brandi Moore was dressed in a sexy Army uniform while Taylor Clawson had an Air Force uniform on. Obviously both outfits featured short skirts and low cut shirts. We also got a peak of Austin Briggs, however he wasn’t dressed up like anything except the FFP World Champion, himself. He had Missy Hyatt and Lacey Abernathy by his side. The trio looked rather confident.

FFP Cruiserweight Title | 6-Spot Ladder Match
(c) Hades vs El Diablo vs Deranged vs Kashimanaki vs EJ “Money” Carter vs Patrick McCoy

This match was an exciting match with many high spots that made the fans applaud all six competitors. Hades looked to have control of the match early as the other five wrestlers either dumped the others over the top or took themselves out with dives off the top rope or ladder. However Patrick McCoy cut Hades off and tossed him from the top of the ladder. As McCoy touched the Cruiserweight Title El Diablo leaped off the top rope and dropkicked the ladder, knocking it over and sending McCoy to the mat below.

Deranged and Kashimanaki squared off until EJ “Money” Carter took both out with a double clothesline. McCoy got back up to only get leveled with a superkick from Carter. EJ then climbed up the ladder but was met with a couple of stiff shots from Hades. Hades then proceeded to hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. After the move, Hades was rocked by a couple of kicks courtesy of his former partner Deranged. Deranged tossed Hades out of the ring and began to ascend to the top of the ladder. However, Realm of Darkness leader Synn slid into the ring and dug her fingernails into Deranged’s back. He fell to his feet where Synn hit him with a slap across the face. He grabbed her by the hair, bent her over, and hit a sit-down powerbomb next to the ladder.

As Deranged got back up and pointed to the Cruiserweight Title, Kashimanaki hit him with a boot to the gut then the Kashimanaki Driver. EJ Carter and El Diablo went after Kashimanaki, but he ducked the attacks and flattened Diablo with a shining wizard. He then hit Money with a boot to the gut, and planted him with the Kashimanaki Driver. The Lifestyle member then climbed up to the top of the ladder. He grasp the Cruiserweight Championship, and looking down as his competition made their way toward the ladder, he pulled the belt down and became new Cruiserweight Champion.

The scene cut backstage where zombie Francine Davis was standing by with President Matt Kraven. Kraven wasn’t dressed in a Halloween costume, and also looked very determined and focused. Francine asked Matt if there was any truth to the rumor that legendary wrestling manager Sunny would be accompanying him to ringside tonight for his World Title Match against Austin Briggs. Kraven said that as honored and happy he’d be to have Sunny in his corner, that he hadn’t heard from Sunny in a while. Francine asked Matt if Sunny was still going to be managing in FFP, to which Matt replied that he hadn’t heard any different.

Pins Count Anywhere
Lizzy Kraven vs Ariana Chaos

A hard hitting contest that began with Lizzy Kraven hitting some stiff kicks, some that made Ariana’s body echo and the sound come through your television. Chaos went for the Impaler early but Lizzy escaped and tossed Ariana over the top rope. The two battled at ringside, knocking a commentator’s table over. Lizzy hit Ariana with a high spear that send the two over the steel guardrail and into the crowd. A young man had soda spilt all over him, but still stood up cheering for the two women.

Ariana nailed Lizzy with a chairshot to the head, and a DDT on the arena floor but only got a two count. They continued through the crowd until they wound up in a main hallway of the arena. They traded shots down the hallway and wound up near the merchandise stand. Lizzy attempted a Kraven Lariat but Ariana ducked it and hit a suplex through a table which had hundreds of FFP t-shirts neatly folded on it. Ariana pinned Lizzy but only got a two count.

The action continued down the hallways where Lizzy Kraven knocked Ariana into a concession stand. Kraven got a hold of mustard and squirted it in Ariana’s face. Ariana held her eyes in pain, and didn’t see the hellacious Kraven Lariat coming. Lizzy turned Ariana inside out with her finisher and pinned her for the win.

Backstage we now saw Kashimanaki and Christopher Morgan in their locker room. Kashimanaki had been drenched in champagne as the only two members of The Lifestyle were celebrating their first championship title ring since their stable’s inception.

Next we saw the Two Man Mafia. Hunter Brown and Brandon Kincaide were dressed as vampires. It sounded like they were discussing who should be the number one contenders for the FFP Tag Team Titles after tonight, the Impact Players, the American Bulldogs, or any other team.

Impact Players vs American Bulldogs
This was a hard hitting match that didn’t see as many technical moves as what one would expect. Lance Storm and Matt Evanston did have an exchange of moves that had the crowd on their feet however. Justin Credible did however arm himself with a Singapore Cane but was stopped by an official. Of course this set Lance Storm up to be rocked by a double snap suplex courtesy of the American Bulldogs. Nathan Caine went for a flying headbutt shades of Dynamite Kid, but Lance dodged and tagged in Justin. Nathan went for his Double Underhook Driver but Lance Storm interfered with a springboard clothesline. A little bit of chaos ensued until Matt Evanston tagged himself in and floored Justin Credible with the Go to Sleep. Evanston then hooked the leg and the American Bulldogs secured a victory over the Impact Players.

Backstage we saw an irate Synn standing by with Francine Davis. Synn promised that Deranged would be sorry for putting his hands on her. She then demanded that Matt Kraven make a match between herself and Deranged at this week’s Wednesday Warfare, where she would be sure to show Deranged just why he didn’t deserve to be a part of The Realm of Darkness anymore. Synn then demanded that Hades also receive his Cruiserweight Title rematch Wednesday, and promised that they would gain the title back.

The Final Match
Jason Copeland vs Deshaun Reed

Everytime that these two superstars would face off, we would get brawling, high flying, technical skills and more. Of course we would also get surprises, as Jason Copeland was kicked out of Hunt Enterprises months back, Deshaun Reed surprised everyone by taking Copeland’s spot in the group, then Alexis Reed would help Jason against her brother, then turn around and turn on Jason, helping her brother out again.

After a match filled with knife edge chops, punches and power moves, Deshaun planted Jason with the Crash Landing, but before Deshaun could capitalize with a pin, someone came down the isle. This person was dressed as the grim reaper, but no part of their body was visible. Bianca Hunt and Alexis Reed looked confused, and attempted to get as far away as possible. Deshaun stood and walked toward the entrance ramp. Pointing at the grim reaper, he tried to make sense of what was going on. However in the midst of all of this, Jason Copeland got back to his feet, spun Deshaun around and hit him with the Codebreaker. Copeland then hooked Reed’s leg and got the pinfall.

Jason slid out of the ring, with a smile on his face. He walked up to the grim reaper, who took off the robe and mask. It was Sunny! Sunny finally made her debut in FFP, and it was in a grim reaper costume assisting Jason Copeland score a victory in the final match between him and Deshaun.

Jason and Sunny embraced as Bianca and Alexis climbed into the ring to check on Deshaun. Jason and Sunny stood atop the entrance ramp with their arms raised in victory.

Francine Davis was again seen backstage, standing by with The Queendom. She asked Monika and Jenna if they were prepared for the challenge of not only beating Seduction Inc, but also the FFP newcomers Bellezas Peligrosas. Monika told Francine that she always asks the stupidest questions, and said that her and Jenna would no doubt win the match and become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The scene cut to the locker room now where Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce were standing with the Tag Team Titles in hand. The American Bulldogs walked by with sweat on their brow from a hard fought victory. The two teams seemed to go eye to eye. Just then, the Two Man Mafia showed up. After a moment of all three teams staring each other down, Tau and Pearce announced that they’d be proud to defend against any and every team in Full Force Pro.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles | Triple Threat Match
(c) Seduction Inc vs Bellezas Peligrosas vs The Queendom

This was like any other Triple Threat in FFP, where two teams have to be eliminated for the last team to win. However only two wrestlers were legal at a time, and had to tag in and out like a normal tag team match. Monika Andrews started with Brandi Moore. A lot of history there, and the two proved it with hard shots to each other’s face, head and entire body. Brandi hit a shining wizard early that looked to be the end for The Queendom, but Monika kicked out just before the three count. The Bellezas Peligrosas finally got to make their FFP debut, both hitting amazing high flying moves on both members of Seduction Inc. Firefly had a history with Brandi Moore as well, and hit an awesome bridging German suplex for a near three count.

Taylor Clawson hit Firefly with the Flatliner but Kemina interupted the count. Of course this led to a three team brawl with all six ladies all over the ring. Somehow Jenna Kaufman tagged herself into the ring, and after both members of the Bellezas Peligrosas got thrown from the ring, Jenna rolled Brandi Moore up and pulled hard on her tights, exposing much of her backside, however the referee didn’t see it and counted the three count. The Women’s Tag Champions were eliminated.

Brandi argued with the referee, talking about how Jenna pulled her tights. The referee however demanded that Seduction Inc leave ringside. While the referee took care of this, Jenna Kaufman grabbed one of the Women’s Tag Titles. She attempted to his Kemina with the belt, but Kemina ducked the attack, scooped Jenna up and hit the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina then hooked Jenna’s leg and got the three count. The Bellezas Peligrosas were the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Backstage we saw Jason Copeland and Sunny in Jason’s locker room. Francine Davis was standing by. She asked about Sunny’s FFP debut. Sunny said it was great to be back in pro wrestling and that she hand picked Jason Copeland. She said that she sees a lot of great potential in Jason and hopes that with her management that she will lead him to the top of Full Force Pro.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Prince Tau vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle
This match began with a handshake. Obviously there was mutual respect between these two. Madison stood by and watched, cheering her man on whenever he hit an offensive maneuver on Prince Tau. Hyatt showcased his technical abilities, working Tau down, however Tau used his power to work Adam down. Adam hit a springboard suplex shades of Tully Blanchard. He then went for his Superkick, but Tau dodged and hit the Spear. Tau went for the pin but Adam got his foot on the rope before the three count.

Adam fought back, working on Prince Tau’s left leg, however Tau stopped Adam in his tracks with an awesome lariat. Tau then scooped Adam up and hit the F5 for the pin. Tau retained his Adrenaline Title.

After the match Daniel Matthews, dressed as the devil still, ran down to the ring. He slid in and took Tau down with a clothesline. Matthews then grabbed a hold of Tau’s Adrenaline Title and floored him with the belt as Tau got up to his knees. Matthews stood over Prince Tau’s body, holding the Adrenaline Title in the air. He dropped it on his body and left ringside.

The scene cut to a split screen showing Nina Fox on the left, holding the Women’s Title on her shoulder, and Lacey Abernathy accompanied by Missy Hyatt on the left. Both were making their way to the entrance area.

Daniel Matthews was now backstage with Francine Davis. Before she could even get a word in Daniel said that Prince Tau’s blatant betrayal of Daniel and The Kingdom was deplorable. He said that Tau and Jackson Pearce were officially done with The Kingdom, and that Daniel would be more than happy to dish out their punishments every single event that FFP holds.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Lacey Abernathy w/ Missy Hyatt

Lacey Abernathy targeted Nina’s arm the whole match. Obviously the redhead wanted to lock in that Code Red Armbar and force the Women’s Champion to tap out. Lacey took Nina to the outside and wrapped her arm around the ring post many times. She even had Missy Hyatt hold onto Nina’s arm while it was around the ringpost, and proceeded to lay kicks into the arm.

Nina fought back hitting a tornado DDT that slowed the redhead down. Nina successfully hit the Superkick, but Lacey fell between the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Nina went after Lacey but Missy stood in her way. Nina turned like she was going to walk away, but turned back around and shoved Missy Hyatt back, causing her to trip over Lacey and fall to the floor.

Lacey shot back up and speared Nina into the ring apron. Lacey then grabbed Nina by the hair and forced her back into the ring. She grabbed Nina’s arm again, and started to slap on the Code Red Armbar. However Nina reversed it, grabbing a hold of Lacey’s leg and tripping her up. Nina kept a hold of Lacey’s legs, got back to her feet, and locked Lacey into the Sharpshooter. In the center of the ring, Nina wrenched back on Lacey’s legs, really applying pressure to her back and abdomin. Lacey reached for the ropes, but there was no hope. But before Lacey could tap out, Missy Hyatt grabbed the Women’s Title, slid into the ring and bashed Nina in the back of the head with the belt. Nina crashed to the mat as the referee called for the bell.

Missy helped Lacey up to her feet and handed her the belt. Missy and Lacey muscled Nina back up to her feet where Missy held onto her arms. Lacey brought the belt back and nailed Nina right in the head. Nina’s body fell limp and again hit the ring mat. Lacey stepped over Nina’s body and held the Women’s Title in the ring. Missy stood beside Lacey with a big smile on her face.

President Matt Kraven now made his way out to the ring. He demanded that Missy and Lacey leave. Then he checked on Nina. As he helped his girlfriend up, Austin Briggs sprinted down the isle. He slid into the ring armed with the World Title. Matt noticed Austin and turned around, but before he could do anything he had the World Championship slammed into his face. Matt hit the mat and lied motionless. Austin handed the World Title to Missy, pulled Matt up, and planted him with the Brainbuster.

FFP security and officials ran down the isle. They forced Austin and his group out of the ring while EMTs tended to Nina Fox and Matt Kraven. Once Kraven and Nina came to, Matt took the microphone. He told Austin that a cheap shot like that wouldn’t be enough to stop him from beating Briggs tonight. Matt then demanded that the match start right now.


FFP World Title
(c) Austin Briggs w/ Missy Hyatt vs President Matt Kraven
Austin gladly slid back into the ring, looking to finish Kraven off. But as he approached the President of Full Force Pro, Matt hit him with the Superkick. Briggs hit the mat. And the force sent Matt falling to his chest. He looked up, scurried toward Austin, and hooked his leg. The referee made the count, but Missy Hyatt and Lacey Abernathy pulled the ref out of the ring. He hit the arena floor, and the girls slid under the bottom rope.

Nina Fox now entered the ring and hit Missy and Lacey with a double clothesline. Matt and Nina then pushed the women under the bottom rope. Kraven turned back around and immediately got hit with a kick to the groin courtesy of Briggs. Austin then hooked Matt up and hit another Brainbuster. Nina grabbed Austin to stop him from capitalizing off the cheap shot, but Briggs threw her out of the ring by her hair. The referee made his way back into the ring as Austin hooked Matt’s leg. The referee, groggy from his spill to the arena floor, made the slow three count. Austin Briggs had retained his World Title.

Missy and Lacey climbed back into the ring, a little slow from the hard clothesline courtesy of Nina Fox. Briggs took possession of his World Championship and embraced both women in the center of the ring. The show ended as The Headline celebrated in the ring, with the World Title still in their grasp, held high in the air for the world to see.


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