2014 FFP Awards

ffp_awards_adFull Force Pro returned on November 16, 2013. In less than a month, we will be at the one-year anniversary, and it just so happens that November 16th is the date of our next pay-per-view, FFP Rebirth.

However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We’ve decided for the first time ever (since it’s the end of our fiscal year) to have our very first FFP Awards. And all the power is in your hands. We have a bunch of great categories, like Superstar of the Year, Woman Wrestler of the Year, Rivalry of the Year and more. And you can vote for them all, as many times as you want.

So without further ado, here are the 2014 FFP Award categories. Feel free to vote as soon and as often as you can.

FFP Superstar of the Year
– Austin Briggs is the current FFP World Champion, defeating Nina Fox for the title at Lethal Injection. He is also managed by legendary wrestling manager Missy Hyatt.
– Patrick McCoy won the FFP World Title for the first time in 2013 and won a hard hitting feud with Anarchy that wound up forcing Anarchy into retirement. McCoy held the title for 80 days before losing it to Lizzy Kraven in Japan.
– Adam Hyatt is the longest Adrenaline Champion in FFP history. He, along with his manager Madison Castle have really impressed this year in FFP.
– Daniel Matthews defeated Adam Hyatt for the Adrenaline Title, ending his record long title reign. He also helped Veronica Clyne form arguably the biggest stable in FFP history, The Kingdom.

FFP Woman Wrestler of the Year
– Nina Fox debuted in late 2013, and in a matter of months won the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, the Women’s Title and most recently, the FFP World Championship. She is the reigning Women’s Champion and has skyrocketed to the top of the mountain in FFP.
– Veronica Clyne became the FFP’s first ever woman World Champion at FFP’s Return Show in November. She lost the title due to an injury, but won it back defeating Lizzy Kraven at All Torn Up. Veronica created The Kingdom, and came close to taking the FFP from the hands of Matt Kraven.
– Lizzy Kraven became the second woman World Champion, defeating Patrick McCoy for the title in Japan.
– Taylor Clawson saw her dream of becoming the FFP Women’s Champion come true at FFP’s Return Show in November. She then went on to feud with Brandi Moore and successfully defended her title against all comers.

FFP Tag Team of the Year
– American Bulldogs made their tag team debut at the FFP Return Show and became a well respected tag team very quickly. They defended their titles against all comers, including the Two Man Mafia as well as Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce.
– Two Man Mafia are two long time members of FFP. Formerly known as Youth Gone Wild, the duo finally held the Tag Team Titles in April.
– Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce debuted as members of The Kingdom and immediately began feuding with the American Bulldogs. Tau and Jackson impressed and became the FFP Tag Team Champions.The duo have held the titles since early August of 2014.
– El Diablo & Deranged finally split from The Realm of Darkness and are on their own. Although they haven’t held tag team gold since, their will to win and skills could lead them to the championship.

FFP Women’s Tag Team of the Year
– The Queendom became a tag team this past year and dominated the division, holding the Women’s Tag Team Titles three times. Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman have really impressed since teaming to win the titles in November and continue to improve in the ring.
– H Double-D made their return to FFP in April and defeated The Queendom for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. However the group wound up making their exit shortly after losing the titles back to The Queendom in May.
– Seduction Inc broke up, and stayed broken up for most of the fiscal year, however in late August the duo reunited and defeated Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven for the Women’s Tag Team Titles.
– Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven are two of the greatest woman wrestlers in FFP history. The duo wound up teaming up as members of The Kingdom. They only held the Women’s Tag Team Titles for 37 days, however the duo were a powerful force.

FFP Rookie of the Year
– Nina Fox believe or not only made her FFP debut in November. Since then, she has held the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, the FFP Women’s Title twice and of course she defeated Veronica Clyne at Blaze of Glory for the FFP World Title. Nina Fox could definitely be considered the fastest rising star in FFP history.
– Prince Tau joined FFP as a member of The Kingdom. Alongside Jackson Pearce, he won the FFP Tag Team Titles from the American Bulldogs. He also defeated Daniel Matthews for the FFP Adrenaline Title and currently holds the title today.
– Adam Hyatt debuted in November and quickly became the FFP Adrenaline Title. He held the belt for 147 days before losing the title to FFP veteran Daniel Matthews.
– Hades also debuted in November at the FFP Return Show. Hades, using the Burning Hammer as his finisher, helped the Realm of Darkness and won the Cruiserweight Title from Patrick McCoy. Hades held the title for 91 days before losing it at The Haunting in a 6-Spot Ladder Match.

FFP Match of the Year
– Nina Fox defeated Veronica Clyne at Blaze of Glory to not only win the FFP World Championship, but to also win 100% control of FFP for Matt Kraven. This match also wrapped up a long feud between Nina and Veronica. Nina ended up winning the match by submission with a dragon sleeper.
– Lizzy Kraven vs Synn was the finals of a tournament in the Tour of Japan in March. Lizzy ended up winning the tournament in a hard fought battle against Synn, using two Kraven Lariats.
– Patrick McCoy defeated Anarchy at the Desperate Measures pay-per-view after dropping Anarchy with two Kryptonite Krunches. This match was a hard fought match which saw a stipulation of, if Anarchy lost he would have to retire. He did in fact, leave FFP after the loss.
– Nina Fox successfully defended the FFP Women’s Championship against Lizzy Kraven at the Mid-Summer Classic. Nina made Lizzy tap out with the Crippler Crossface after a hard fought match.

FFP Stable of the Year
– The Kingdom was a very powerful stable which saw Veronica Clyne as the leader, and the likes of Brandi Moore, Lizzy Kraven, Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Scarlett Ducane, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce as members.
– The Realm of Darkness saw a few members join and leave, however Synn was always a mainstay. Pandora and Firefly were two of the members who left the group, as well as El Diablo and Deranged. Hades joined in November and Monster Monsuta is their newest member.
– Hunt Enterprises is another group who has seen a few members come and go. Bianca Hunt is obviously in charge of the group, and currently has Deshaun Reed and his sister Alexis as the other two members.
– The Headline is FFP’s newest group, centering around FFP World Champion Austin Briggs and legendary wrestling manager Missy Hyatt. Lacey Abernathy is another promising member of the up and coming stable.

FFP Feud of the Year
– Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson was a hate-filled feud fueled by jealousy. Brandi Moore took exception of Taylor Clawson winning the Women’s Title in November and couldn’t accept seeing her BFF take the spotlight.
– Veronica Clyne vs Matt Kraven saw Matt Kraven almost lose power over FFP. It also saw Veronica form The Kingdom. Although the two never had a match, the feud was a very tiring and painful feud.
– Nina Fox vs Veronica Clyne went hand-in-hand with the Veronica/Matt feud. Nina took many beatings courtesy of Veronica, however Nina ended the feud by making Veronica submit at Blaze of Glory for the FFP World Title.
– Patrick McCoy vs Anarchy saw many great matches between the two. Although McCoy never lost the World Title in the feud, the rivalry did culminate in a match that forced Anarchy into retirement due to a stipulation at Desperate Measures.

FFP Manager of the Year
– Missy Hyatt manages Austin Briggs, and in her first managerial appearance, led him to the FFP World Title.
– Madison Castle has stood behind her boyfriend Adam Hyatt since their debut in November. Since then she has made jaws drop with her beauty, while Hyatt set the record for longest Adrenaline Champion in FFP.
– Scarlett Ducane is another fiery redhead. She debuted in FFP in December and assisted Patrick McCoy in many of his successful World Title defenses.
– Bianca Hunt has managed Jason Copeland, Christopher Morgan and currently manages Deshaun Reed. Although her group hasn’t seen much gold, she has created a few shocking moments in FFP.

FFP Signing of the Year
– April Hunter signed with FFP in March of 2014. She went on to make a surprise appearance, defeating Ariana Chaos for the FFP Women’s Title on April 12th.
– Missy Hyatt made her managerial debut in FFP managing Austin Briggs to the FFP World Title at Lethal Injection.
– Sunny made her managerial debut at The Haunting, surprising everyone leading Jason Copeland to a victory over Deshaun Reed.
– The Impact Players debuted by attacked the American Bulldogs. They haven’t seen too much action in FFP yet, but did put up a fight against the Bulldogs in a losing effort at The Haunting.


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