11/1/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | November 1, 2014
Detroit, Michigan

The show opened with the FFP World Champion Austin Briggs coming out with Missy Hyatt by his side. Briggs took the microphone and said that he needed to get his win back from Jason Copeland. Briggs said that the only reason Copeland beat him was because Anarchy came out and caused a distraction, and if they went one-on-one again the outcome would definitely be different.

Jason Copeland then came out with Sunny on his arm. Sunny, with microphone in hand, smiled and waved to the crowd. She told Austin that since Jason had pinned him fair and squared at Warfare, that he should be the number one contender, and he would gladly face Briggs against tonight, if the World Title was on the line.

Briggs was obviously hesitant, which brought Anarchy out onto the stage. Anarchy told Briggs that if he had any balls he’d put the title on the line against Copeland. Austin finally agreed to put the title on the line tonight.

Triple Threat Match
Firefly vs Taylor Clawson vs Jenna Kaufman
A fast paced match all around. Firefly seemed to arm drag everyone many times. Jenna caught Firefly off guard with the Spear, but Taylor attacked Jenna and threw her out of the ring. Firefly and Jenna went head-to-head with Taylor hitting the Flatliner to eliminate Firefly. Jenna came back in and went for a surprise Spear on Taylor. Taylor leap frogged her opponent, sending Jenna crashing into the corner, more importantly the steel ring post. Taylor then hit the Flatliner on Jenna and pinned her for the win.

Next we saw Austin Briggs backstage with Missy Hyatt and Lacey Abernathy. He was telling them how Jason Copeland stood no chance. But was he telling them, or trying to convince himself?

Christian Alexander now came down to the ring. We hadn’t seen him for in a while. Christian took the microphone and said that it was time for him to shine in FFP. He issued an open challenge. As he finished issuing his challenge familiar music hit the speakers, and Patrick McCoy came down the isle with Scarlett Ducane by his side. McCoy accepted the challenge, saying he seemed to have found himself in a funk and needed something like this to get back on track.

Christian Alexander vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane
Patrick dominated the match. Hitting suplexes, an elbow drop off the middle rope and a couple of high dropkicks, McCoy looked like he was in no funk whatsoever. He even paused so that Scarlett could take a picture of him with her cell phone. Patrick then scooped Christian up and hit the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin.

Next Synn came down to the ring. She talked about how she defeated Deranged at Wednesday Warfare and intended to continue her winning ways. Like always, she promised that the Realm of Darkness was only growing stronger and would overtake Full Force Pro. However, as she spoke, a figure appeared behind her. It was a large woman with a weird mask over her nose and mouth. She forcefully turned Synn around, scooped her up onto her shoulders and planted her with a modified Ace Cutter. The woman then stood over Synn’s motionless body as the lights went black. When the lights turned back on, she was gone.

Triple Threat Match
Kemina vs Brandi Moore vs Monika Andrews
Kemina came out on fire hitting speedy high flying moves. However Brandi and Monika teamed up to take Kemina down. Most notably, the two pressed the Mexican wrestler up into the air and planted her ribs into their knees simultaneously. Brandi then planted Kemina with the Fisherman Brainbuster.

After the pin, Monika hit Brandi from behind. She used Brandi’s hair to control her body and really let her have it. Monika hit the Angel’s Wings and gained the pinfall on Brandi, winning the match.

After the match Monika pointed to Brandi’s head and motioned that she was going for Brandi’s other finisher, the End Game. However Taylor Clawson hit the ring. This brought out Jenna Kaufman and Firefly. The three teams then partook in a three-way brawl with all the girls connecting with some nice shots to the others.

Backstage we saw President Matt Kraven standing by with Francine Davis. Matt said that he wanted to announce one of the Throwback Diamonds who would be taking part in the Diamond Battle Royal at FFP Rebirth on November 16th. Matt said that the first Throwback Diamond was a former girlfriend of his however she didn’t spend much time in FFP. Her name was Ginger Fields.

FFP Throwback Diamond Ginger Fields

Matt then reminded everyone to vote for the FFP Awards. Voting would end on November 15th, the day before FFP Rebirth. That is when the awards would be awarded to the superstars with the most votes. Kraven definitely seemed excited about the first ever FFP Awards.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Prince Tau vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle
This match began with a handshake. It was a nice clean match however both men resorted to using rough tactics like punches to the face, however the crowd wouldn’t want it any other way. Adam Hyatt worked on Tau’s back, hoping to soften him up so he couldn’t use his F5 or Spear finishing moves. Adam went for the Superkick but Tau dodged it and hit the Spear. He went for the pin but Adam grabbed a hold of the bottom rope. Tau waited for Adam to get up and went for the Spear again, but Hyatt dropped down and Tau tumbled to the outside of the ring. Hyatt then hit the ropes and hit an impressive suicide dive, sending Prince Tau crashing to the floor.

The men laid for a moment on the arena floor, but eventually got back up and battled back into the ring. Prince Tau hit an explosive superplex which looked to seal the deal, but Hyatt kicked out just before the three count. Prince Tau attempted the F5 but Adam slipped off Tau’s shoulders and floored him with the Superkick. He pinned Tau, however he kicked out after the two count.

Adam got up and asked the referee about the count. He turned back around, pulled Tau up to his feet and attempted to scoop him up, but Prince Tau turned the tide, scooping Adam up instead and planting him with the F5. Tau then hooked Adam’s leg and got the three count.

After the match Jackson Pearce came down the isle and congratulated his tag team partner. Tau and Adam shook hands. Hyatt congratulated the champion and told him he deserved the title.

As Adam Hyatt left the ringside area, Daniel Matthews appeared from behind the curtain. He told Tau that he and Jackson Pearce are nothing without The Kingdom. Prince Tau interrupted Daniel, telling him that they were just fine without The Kingdom. Daniel then laughed at Tau. He told him that he wasn’t out here to invite him back into The Kingdom, but to challenge them for the FFP Tag Team Titles. Tau asked Daniel who his tag team partner would be, but before he could get the question out Patrick McCoy came out and stood beside Daniel.

Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce talked for a moment, and then told Matthews and McCoy that they’d gladly kick their asses whenever they’d want. Daniel and Patrick celebrated the accepted proposal.

Backstage now we saw the locker room of The Lifestyle. Kashimanaki was sitting on a leather couch polishing his Cruiserweight Title while Christopher Morgan was talking on his cell phone. Morgan was speaking to someone about them showing up next Saturday at SSN. Morgan verified that they’d be at next weekend’s SSN before hanging up.

FFP World Title
(c) Austin Briggs w/ Missy Hyatt vs Jason Copeland w/ Sunny
This match was a brawl the whole time. Briggs took advantage of Missy Hyatt causing a distraction which turned into a catfight outside of the ring between Missy and Sunny. After clobbering Copeland from behind while he watched the catfight, Briggs hit a powebomb for a two count. Austin then took the microphone and told Jason that he was sorry for the beating that he was giving him, but when he looked at him all he saw was Anarchy.

Copeland fought back, using a couple of European uppercuts to rock the World Champion. Copeland then hit a lariat, an elbow drop and a flying dropkick for a two count. Copeland brought Briggs up onto his shoulders for what looked like his finisher, the Fireman Carry Neckbreaker, but Briggs escaped and hit the Brainbuster. He hooked Copeland’s leg and got the pinfall.

However instead of taking his title and leaving, Austin pulled Copeland up, yelled at him, slapped him across the face and then hit the Brainbuster again. Austin held the World Title up in the air screaming at the TV camera. He then tossed the belt to the side and set Copeland up for another Brainbuster. But before he could deliver, Anarchy stormed the ring. He slid in but Briggs was quick to slide under the bottom rope and hide behind Missy Hyatt.

Anarchy grabbed a hold of the FFP World Title which Briggs had left in the ring. He looked at it for a moment before setting it down near the edge of the ring so Briggs could grab it and get away like the coward he was.

Anarchy then helped Jason Copeland to his feet as Briggs and Missy exited the ringside area.


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