11/12/2014 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | November 12, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

The show opened with Daniel Matthews coming down to the ring. He asked Jason Copeland and Sunny to join him in the ring. They indeed did. Matthews then announced that he had spoken with President Matt Kraven and convinced Matt that Jason should get a shot at Prince Tau for the FFP Adrenaline Title, tonight!

Jason Copeland thanked Daniel for the favor. Copeland obviously knew that Matthews was doing this to entice him to join The Kingdom. Jason told Daniel that he still wasn’t interested in joining his group, but Daniel assured him that it was just a favor for a good wrestler.

Alexis Reed vs Samantha West
Samantha West came out on fire, knocking Alexis silly early with a spin kick to the head. West hit a tornado DDT for a two count. She came off the top rope with a flying shoulder block. After that she planted Reed with the STO for the pin.

Next we saw a dark room filled with Vanity, Hades and Monster Monsuta again. Vanity spoke about how Synn hadn’t spoken since she was attacked by her own group. She then said that she spoke with President Matt Kraven about facing Synn at FFP Rebirth. She said that she planned on destroying Synn at the pay-per-view, if Synn had the guts to show up.

The Originals vs The Lifestyle
Christopher Morgan and FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki owned this match. Caleb Newstead started out with Kashimanaki, however Logan Christopher ended up on the losing end after being planted by a Christopher Morgan Tiger Driver.

After the match Caleb Newstead got on the microphone. He said that him and Logan Christopher were both two very talented individuals that just happened to be having a string of bad luck. He said that at FFP Rebirth he would like to face any tag team because him and Logan would finally be able to get back to their winning ways.

The Two Man Mafia then came out onto the entrance stage. Hunter Brown said that he and Brandon Kincaide would gladly face off against The Originals, but he warned them that they aren’t going to be a team that’s easy to defeat.

After the match we cut backstage where Ariana Chaos was walking down a hallway. Lizzy Kraven walked out of her locker room and almost bumped into Ariana. Lizzy told Ariana that she didn’t stand a chance at Rebirth, and that she’d be lucky to leave the pay-per-view under her own power. Ariana laughed and shrugged off the threat. She began to walk away until Lizzy grabbed her by her dark hair and jerked her to the concrete floor. Ariana was dazed, but quickly got back up to go after her rival, however Lizzy had hightailed it away.

El Diablo vs Hades w/ Vanity
A back and forth match with a lot of high flying moves. Hades hit a superplex that looked to be the end of the match, but Diablo kicked out. Diablo gained the offensive, but went for a splash from the top only connecting with Hades’ knees. Hades then set Diablo up for the Burning Hammer, but the lights in the arena went black.

When they came back on we saw Synn standing behind Vanity. Synn had a disturbing angry look plastered on her face. She grabbed Vanity, spun her around and hit her with a boot to the gut followed by a DDT on the arena floor. Synn then slid into the ring where Hades had dropped Diablo. Synn approached Hades, however Diablo grabbed him from behind and hit a Dragon Suplex for the three count.

Synn then got on the microphone and announced that she would gladly take on Vanity at Rebirth, but at the end of the match Vanity’s short FFP career would be over.

Now we saw Lacey Abernathy backstage with Francine Davis. Lacey talked about how she felt she still had one more good shot at Nina, and she planned on taking advantage at FFP Rebirth. Lacey said that she understood that she had had a shot before, but she knew she could not only beat Nina, but make her tap out. Lacey then accused Matt Kraven of protecting Nina because she was Matt’s girlfriend.

Just then Nina showed up beside Lacey. She told Lacey that she couldn’t be more wrong. Nina then announced that at Rebirth she would gladly face Lacey with the Diamond Title on the line.

Kemina w/ Firefly vs Taylor Clawson w/ Brandi Moore
Another fast back and forth match with a lot of technical wrestling. As the match went on The Queendom came out to the entrance stage to get a closer look. Obviously all three teams had been feuding for a while and any time to scout should be used wisely.

Kemina hit a beautiful moonsault on Taylor for a two count. She pulled her up and went for the Cradle Shock Driver, but Taylor escaped the move and hit a big clothesline. Taylor then hit Kemina with the Flatliner. Taylor hooked Kemina’s leg, however before the count could be made The Queendom stormed the ring. Obviously Firefly and Brandi Moore shot into the ring as well. A three team brawl ensued until FFP security came in and broke it up.

Next Matt Kraven was shown backstage. He reminded everyone to vote for the FFP Awards as voting would end tomorrow night. He said that on Friday for the first time ever FFP would air an award ceremony.

Then, Matt announced that the final two Throwback Diamonds would be the former FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Natalie and Mona, the Skye Sisters!

wwe_profiles_hero_kaitlynLVEFFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Prince Tau vs Jason Copeland w/ Sunny

Prince Tau used his strength to really beat down Jason Copeland. Copeland used his technical abilities trying to wear the big man down. Jason worked on Tau’s leg, trying to at least take one of his strengths away.

Tau attempted the Spear, but Jason leaped over the attempt and hit a superkick off the rebound. Jason pulled Tau up and planted him with a spinebuster for a two count. As the two went at it, Daniel Matthews casually walked down the isle and stood at ringside, clapping for any Jason Copeland offensive. Copeland hit a snap suplex followed by a flying headbutt for another two count. He then brought Tau up for the Fireman Carry Neckbreaker, however Tau escaped the move and attempted the Spear again. Copeland dodged again, but Tau connected with the referee. He turned around to a clothesline attempted from Jason, however Tau ducked it, scooped him up and hit the F5.

Prince Tau then turned around to check on the referee, but was instead blasted in the head with the Adrenaline Title by Daniel Matthews. Matthews tossed the Adrenaline Title aside, pulled Jason’s body over to Tau’s and draped his arm over Tau’s chest. Daniel slid out of the ring just in time for the groggy official to make the very slow three count.

Sunny screamed in excitement. She took possession of the Adrenaline Title and slid into the ring, handing it to Copeland who was just starting to come to. As Sunny encouraged him to celebrate, he tried to make sense of just how he ended up defeating Prince Tau. He looked down at the title, down at Tau’s motionless body and then he saw Daniel Matthews, smiling and clapping at ringside. Copeland began to shake his head no. He obviously didn’t want to win the match this way, but could you really want to give back a championship that you had just won?

The show ended with Copeland getting to his feet, looking frustrated although he was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion.


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