Can Brandi Moore Handle Taylor Clawson Winning?

Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson

We are four short days away from celebrating FFP’s one-year anniversary of returning to the world of professional wrestling. After shutting down in August of 2011, Full Force Pro made it’s triumphant return on November 16, 2013. On that night we were treated to the FFP Return Show where we saw Brandi Moore, Taylor Clawson, Firefly and Monika Andrews defeat 16 other Diamonds in a 20-Diamond Battle Royal. These four girls did battle for the vacant FFP Diamond Championship. Taylor Clawson ended up winning the match, and for the first time in her career, holding the Diamond Championship. And as Taylor celebrated with her new title, Brandi Moore did not share the enthusiasm. Instead, Brandi stormed off.

Brandi ended up going silent. She didn’t show up to events. She didn’t call anyone. She didn’t tweet anyone. She finally turned up, beating down any Diamond that she could get her hands on, except Taylor Clawson. Was it because she didn’t want to ruin the friendship? Was it because she respected Taylor? Or was it because she was afraid of her Seduction Inc teammate?

However, on December 1, 2013, FFP’s Hail to the Victors pay-per-view, Brandi turned on Taylor. Taylor was defending the Diamond Title against Firefly when Brandi stormed the ring, kicked Firefly (causing Taylor to be disqualified), then blasted Taylor in the head with the Diamond Title.

Seduction Inc shattered. Which led to Brandi Moore befriending Ariana Chaos. Ariana then assisted Brandi in defeating Taylor for the Diamond Title on January 26, 2013 at Frost Bite. The two continued feuding, however Taylor never won the Diamond Title back.

A brief history lesson of the feud between Seduction Inc, but now we must raise the question. Can Brandi Moore handle Taylor Clawson winning? Because Sunday at FFP Rebirth we will be treated to a 10-Diamond Battle Royal. The final four Diamonds will compete in an Elimination Four-Way Match with the winner becoming the number one contender for the FFP Diamond Title. So if Brandi and Taylor can make it to the final four they will end up competing against one another to become number one contender. And if Brandi gets eliminated and Taylor winds up the winner, will Brandi storm off again? Will she disappear only to return and attack her BFF? Or will she be able to stand by her tag team partner and cheer her on, rooting for her to win the title that she won one year ago?

Seduction Inc is arguably the greatest faction in Full Force Pro history. And of course every faction, every stable, every group and every tag team has it’s history. However, is the jealousy and the envy in their rear view mirror? Or could we possibly see a part two of the Moore vs Clawson feud beginning as early as this Sunday?


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