2014 FFP Awards


President Matt Kraven opened up the night by coming out and welcoming everyone to the very first FFP Awards. All FFP superstars were seated in front of the stage dressed to the nines. Matt thanked everyone, the FFP superstars and the fans for keeping FFP alive for one whole year.


Matt began the awards by announcing that the Event of the Year was none other than the Mid-Summer Classic with 42% of the total votes accumulated.


Next Matt announced that the winner of the Entrance Music of the Year Award was his ex-wife, former FFP World Champion Veronica Clyne, using “King of the World” by Porcelain and the Tramps. Veronica, although fired from FFP, showed up for the award show and was dressed in a beautiful black dress. Veronica thanked everyone for voting for her entrance music, and admitted that she very much missed hearing it play over the speakers as she walked down the isle. Surprisingly Veronica was welcomed with loud cheers from the crowd.


The next award was the Finisher of the Year Award. With 46% of the vote it was Synn’s submission hold, Nosferatu. Synn accepted the award and promised that Sunday night at FFP Rebirth she would lock Vanity in the hold and either Vanity would tap out or pass out from the pain.


The next award was the Signing of the Year Award. In a close vote Missy Hyatt beat out Sunny, April Hunter and the Impact Players with 36% of the vote. Missy Hyatt took the stage wearing a tight red and white striped dress. Missy said that FFP hasn’t seen anything yet. She promised that Austin Briggs would retain the World Title Sunday night, Lacey Abernathy would win the Diamond Title, and The Headline would soar to heights never seen before in FFP.


Matt announced that the next award was the Shocking Moment of the Year Award, and with 42% of the vote it went to Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore joining forces. Veronica and Brandi took the stage. Brandi was dressed in a tight pink dress and white high heels. The two who not only originally formed The Kingdom, but eventually split greeted one another before accepting the awards. Veronica thanked the fans for voting for her yet again. Brandi said that unfortunately this award reminds her of probably her biggest mistake in her career, but she was glad to get the award.


The next award was the Stable of the Year Award. Kraven announced, since we just awarded Veronica and Brandi for creating The Kingdom, we might as well bring the rest of The Kingdom up, because they destroyed the competition with 83% of the vote. Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Scarlett Ducane and Lizzy Kraven joined Veronica and Brandi on stage. They noted how The Kingdom was definitely a dominant stable, and the group wasn’t finished yet.


Matt now announced the Rookie of the Year Award winner. Nina Fox won the award with 42% of the vote. Matt noted that Nina skyrocketed this year, winning the Diamond Tag Titles with Samantha West, the Diamond Title from Brandi Moore and also from April Hunter, and obviously the World Title from Veronica Clyne. Nina took the stage, hugged Matt and accepted the award. She thanked everyone for voting for her and said that this category was definitely filled with very talented superstars.


The next category was Manager of the Year. Matt Kraven announced that Scarlett Ducane was the winner with 54% of the vote. Kraven noted that Scarlett brought the absolute best out of Patrick McCoy, and not only led him to the FFP World Title, but also several victories over Anarchy. Scarlett thanked Matt and said that she really didn’t figure she’d beat out Madison Castle. Scarlett said that her and Patrick had been taking it easy as of late, but were really going to turn up the heat in FFP.


Matt said that the next category could wind up becoming awkward. The Match of the Year Award went to Nina Fox defeating Veronica Clyne for the FFP World Championship at Blaze of Glory. Kraven invited both women, his ex-wife and current girlfriend to the stage. Veronica was the first to speak. She said that the match was definitely one of FFP’s best, and admitted that Nina Fox was the better wrestler that night. Veronica said that she wasn’t the type to tap out that often, but reminded everyone that Nina locked in a tight Dragon Sleeper and made her submit that night.

Nina thanked Veronica for her kind words. She admitted that it was the hardest fight she had ever been in, and said that in the future if the two ever locked horns again, that it would be an honor. Of course the crowd then erupted in “one more match” chants.


Matt stepped up and told both women to stay where they were, because with 50% of the votes the Nina Fox vs Veronica Clyne feud won the Feud of the Year Award. Nina and Veronica again thanked the crowd as they continued to cheer for the two Diamonds to go at it one more time.


The next award was the Diamond Tag Team of the Year. In what everyone had to consider an upset, The Queendom beat out Seduction Inc with 50% of the vote. Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman took the stage in matching dresses. They talked about how they indeed were the best Diamond Tag Team of 2014, and promised to become the greatest Diamond Tag Team in FFP history. They promised to surpass Seduction Inc and promised that they would be the new FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions this Sunday at Rebirth.


The next award was the Tag Team of the Year Award, and it was another close one. The American Bulldogs beat out Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce in a close one, with 46% of the votes. The Bulldogs took the stage in their suits. They thanked the crowd for voting for them, and admitted that the other tag teams were very good. They also admitted that many of their matches were tough this year. They reminded the crowd that tomorrow night at SSN they would battle The Lifestyle to become number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Then they talked about how they were hoping to due battle with Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce one more time for the belts.


Matt Kraven now announced that the winner of the Diamond of the Year Award was Nina Fox, who was definitely cleaning up tonight. Nina won big with 67% of the votes. Nina accepted her fourth award of the night, thanking everyone yet again. She said that at Rebirth this Sunday she was surely gonna have a tough fight on her hands, but promised the fans that she would do her absolute best to beat Lacey Abernathy and continue holding the Diamond Championship.


Finally it was time for the final award, which was the Superstar of the Year award. Matt Kraven admitted that he was a little surprised at the outcome, but announced that the winner, with 38% of the votes was the man who forced Anarchy into retirement, and held the FFP World Championship for 80 days, Patrick McCoy.

McCoy took the stage in a pin-striped suit. He admitted that even he was surprised that he had won the award. He thanked Scarlett for bringing out the best in him, and congratulated her for winning Manager of the Year. He jokingly said that he and Scarlett were taking Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle’s “Power Couple” title. McCoy then told everyone that if he was Superstar of the Year for 2014, just wait until 2015.

Finally Matt thanked the crowd for joining the FFP in their first ever award ceremony. He again thanked everyone for busting their butts to keep FFP alive and kicking, and promised to continue showcasing the greatest professional wrestling in the world, every single day.

Award Totals
Veronica Clyne: 5 (Match of the Year, Feud of the Year, Stable of the Year, Shocking Moment of the Year & Entrance Music of the Year)
Nina Fox: 4 (Diamond of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Match of the Year & Feud of the Year)
Patrick McCoy: 2 (Superstar of the Year & Stable of the Year)
Scarlett Ducane: 2 (Manager of the Year & Stable of the Year)
Brandi Moore: 2 (Stable of the Year & Shocking Moment of the Year)
Daniel Matthews: 1 (Stable of the Year)
Lizzy Kraven: 1 (Stable of the Year)
Missy Hyatt: 1 (Signing of the Year)
Nathan Caine: 1 (Tag Team of the Year)
Matt Evanston: 1 (Tag Team of the Year)
Monika Andrews: 1 (Diamond Tag Team of the Year)
Jenna Kaufman: 1 (Diamond Tag Team of the Year)
Synn: 1 (Finisher of the Year)


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