11/15/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | November 15, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

The show began with President Matt Kraven already in the ring. He asked Jason Copeland and Prince Tau to come down to the ring.

Of course the superstars oblige. Matt then explains that Jason did not know that Daniel Matthews interfered on Wednesday, and that he did not want to win the Adrenaline Title that way. Kraven then announced that tonight there would be a rematch between Prince Tau and Jason Copeland. If Tau wins, it will be like his title reign never ended. And if Copeland wins, he will officially be crowned the Adrenaline Champion tonight.

Deranged vs EJ “Money” Carter
EJ Carter had been quiet as of late. Ever since The Headline got reformed Carter hadn’t done much. But this match against Deranged he proved just how skilled he is in the ring. Wearing Deranged down with submission moves EJ then took to the air, hitting a missile dropkick and a springboard elbow drop. Finally he hit the Bankruptcy for the pinfall.

After the match the scene cut backstage where Daniel Matthews was obviously angry at Jason Copeland’s decision to face Prince Tau again for the Adrenaline Title. Obviously Daniel’s plan to entice Copeland was not working.

Next we saw the challenger for tomorrow night’s World Title match, Anarchy, standing by with Francine Davis. Francine asked Anarchy if he was concerned with any ring rust. Anarchy said that he hadn’t stopped training, and that he wasn’t worried at all. He admitted that Briggs was a great wrestler, but said that he knew he could beat him. Anarchy reminded the world of Austin using Sabrina and Alexis to beat him a few years ago, and said that tomorrow night none of those shenanigans would take place. Anarchy promised Francine and the world that after Rebirth he would hold the World Championship for the very first time.

Bridget vs Alexis Reed
Alexis Reed really came out on fire in this one. After her loss to Samantha West on Wednesday it seemed she really wanted to gain an impressive win tonight. But when she attempted a running clothesline Bridget nailed her with a superkick. After that Bridget hit a piledriver for a three count.

Backstage we saw Seduction Inc. Brandi talked about people doubting if she’d be able to cheer Taylor on if Taylor got a shot at the Diamond Title. Brandi said that she loved Taylor and definitely would let jealousy get inbetween them again.

The team then promised to not only dominate in tomorrow night’s Diamond Battle Royal, but promised to once again become the Diamond Tag Team Champions.

Next Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle came down to the ring. Adam talked about Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane winning Superstar and Manager of the Year last night at the FFP Awards. He talked about how Patrick jokingly said that they were becoming the new power couple. So Hyatt asked McCoy if he would be interested in locking horns tomorrow night at FFP Rebirth.

Patrick and Scarlett came out onto the entrance stage. McCoy told Hyatt that he would absolutely love to face Adam tomorrow.

FFP Adrenaline Title Rematch
Prince Tau vs Jason Copeland w/ Sunny

A back and forth match like on Wednesday. Copeland tried working Tau down by working on his back. Tau hit a spinebuster that seemed to knock all the air out of Copeland. Copeland fought back with a hard kick to the head followed by a swinging neckbreaker. A running knee and back Suplex got him a close two count.

Copeland went to the air, but missed a flying shoulder block. When he got back to his feet Prince Tau knocked him silly with the Spear. Tau pinned Copeland and retained his title.

After the match Prince Tau took his title and disappeared backstage. As Copeland got back to his feet he was viciously attacked with a steel chair courtesy of Daniel Matthews. After cracking the chair across his back many times, Daniel laid the chair down and planted Copeland on it with the Death Valley Driver.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Lizzy Kraven had apparently laid Ariana Chaos out in her locker room. Chaos was lying face down on the cold floor next to a table which had been tipped over. FFP Security quickly got into the room and stopped Lizzy from doing anything more.

The scene now cut to another backstage attack. FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox was lying motionless on the floor, with Lacey Abernathy standing over her. Abernathy, with the Diamond Title draped over her shoulder, told Nina that she’d go ahead and take the title with her tonight, since she’d be winning it tomorrow.

Winner Faces Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce at Rebirth for the Tag Team Titles
American Bulldogs vs The Lifestyle

The Bulldogs looked extremely on point, hitting many tag team moves including a double suplex and a leg sweep dropkick combo.

Christopher Morgan fought back, using his strength to plant Matt a Evanston with a belly to belly. Kashimanaki entered the match hitting multiple stiff kicks on Evanston.

Nathan Caine finally got tagged back in and cleaned house. Flooring Kashimanaki with a couple of lariats, Christopher Morgan got tagged back in only to get hit with the Double Underhook Driver for the victory.

After the match Nathan and Matt promised the crowd that tomorrow night at Rebirth that they would once again become the FFP Tag Team Champions. They said if everyone thought tonight was impressive, we hadn’t seen nothing yet.

The scene cut backstage again where Jason Copeland was attempting to find Daniel Matthews. Copeland was opening doors, screaming for Daniel. Finally an FFP worker informed Jason that Daniel had already left. Copeland eventually ran into Matt Kraven who was with Nina Fox and a medic. Copeland demanded that at FFP Rebirth he get a chance to get revenge on Daniel Matthews. Kraven tried to get Jason to leave to tend to Nina, but Jason insisted. Finally Matt agreed to let them go at it at Rebirth.


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