11/22/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | November 22, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with President Matt Kraven who was back after taking time off to watch over Lizzy Kraven. Matt announced that Lizzy was definitely in the beginning of a long tough road, but that she was a fighter and was hell bent on returning to the ring. The crowd cheered and chanted for Lizzy.

Triple Threat Match
Samantha West vs Bridget vs Synn

Hard hitting with all three Diamonds wanting to prove they are the better. Bridget was first eliminated with a Shining Wizard from Samantha West. West then tasted the Diamond Dust from Synn who won by pinfall.

After the match Vanity came out and floored Synn with the Verticutter.

Backstage we saw Austin Briggs, who guaranteed victory tonight for The Headline.

Adam Black vs Aiden Conrad
A hard hitting match that went back and forth while inside the ring. The action eventually spilt to the outside where they traded blows over the steel guardrail and through the crowd. Eventually both men armed themselves with steel chairs and attacked one another. Finally the referee had to declare the match a draw.

Backstage we saw Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce approaching Anarchy to be his two partners for tonight. Anarchy agreed.

Caleb Newstead w/ Bianca Hunt vs Logan Christopher
No one expected Logan Christopher to be able to pull out a win. But after he hit a superkick that echoed through the arena, he went up top for the Shooting Star Press. However Newstead lifted his knees and Logan crashed into them. Newstead then hit the Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Nina Fox. She asked Nina about her upcoming Diamond Title defense against Brandi Moore at the FFP Merry Christmas Show. Nina said that she knew her and Brandi would deliver the best woman wrestling in the world.

Now we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Natalie Skye. He asked Natalie about her and Mona’s recent troubles. Natalie said that her and her sister were coming back to FFP to win the Diamond Tag Team Titles again.

Mona then came from behind and knocked Natalie to the floor. She laid in stomps and kicks until security pulled her away.

6-Man Tag Match
Austin Briggs & The American Bulldogs vs Anarchy, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce

A very physical match that saw many close calls. Anarchy locked Austin Briggs into a rear naked choke but the Bulldogs interfered. This turned the match into a two team brawl. The FFP Tag Champions took Tau and Pearce to the outside while Missy Hyatt distracted the ref. Austin Briggs eventually took possession of the World Title and leveled Anarchy with it. Briggs then pinned Anarchy and gained the win for his team.

After the match The Headline used steel chairs to decimate their opponents. Briggs targeted Anarchy’s ribs, hitting them over and over with a chair.

All smiles, the group left happy with the mess they made in the ring.


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