Francine Davis sits down with President Matt Kraven

8-15-2013 12-18-04 PMToday Francine Davis had the opportunity to sit down with the President of FFP, Matt Kraven. They talked about Matt’s relationship with Nina, her match with Brandi Moore, Austin Briggs’ upcoming match with Anarchy and much more.

The following is a transcript of their interview.

FD: Mr. Kraven, how are you today?

MK: I’m good Francine. And you?

FD: I’m good. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to sit down with me. FFP has really been growing lately.

MK: Yes it has. It’s been great. We’re very active on Twitter, Facebook and the internet in general. It’s a very nice time for FFP.

FD: How is everything going, from the office end of things?

MK: It’s going well. You have your usual hurdles. But nothing I can’t handle. I’ll tell you, the acquisition of stars like the Impact Players, Missy Hyatt, Sunny and April Hunter have been huge for us. They’ve really gotten a lot of eyes on the product that possibly wouldn’t have seen it without them. Star power is a big deal in this business.

FD: How are things between you and Nina Fox? I’ve noticed that you guys’ relationship isn’t something that is featured that much on FFP. Is that on purpose, or just coincidence?

MK: Eh, maybe a little bit of both. From time to time you’ll see us in my office together watching the show. Because that’s natural. We always spend time together during the shows. Watching and enjoying. However, our relationship isn’t anything that I want to put on as a big deal in Full Force Pro. I guess I may have done that a little too much with Veronia or Brandi, and look how all of that ended. I figure low key is the way to go.

FD: But you two are doing well?

MK: Absolutely. Nina is amazing. I love spending time with her. I love watching her wrestle. She’s a great person and I’m a lucky guy.

FD: She’s had the Diamond Title for over 230 days now. She’s coming closer and closer to Veronica’s record.

MK: Yes she is. I can’t believe it’s been so long. She won it back at the end of April at All Torn Up.

FD: Is there any part of you that wants to give her easy matches so she can break Veronica’s record?

MK: Absolutely not. I wouldn’t want to do that to Nina, and she wouldn’t want me to do that to her. On December 28th at the FFP Merry Christmas Show Nina is defending against Brandi Moore. Brandi is arguably the greatest Diamond in FFP history. That will be quite a battle.

FD: What if Brandi beats Nina?

MK: Then Brandi will be the new FFP Diamond Champion. What else would be the case?

FD: I was just curious.

MK: Nina knows she has to go out and compete against the best female wrestlers in the world holding that title. She knows that eventually, she’ll have her shoulders pinned to the mat. It’s pro wrestling. You can’t win them all. Eventually we all fall.

FD: Speaking of falling, do you think Austin Briggs will be able to keep his World Title when he takes on Anarchy at the Merry Christmas Show? Or will Anarchy finally make Briggs fall, and for the first time ever hold the World Title?

MK: That’s going to be one hell of a match. These two guys legitimately despise one another. Briggs has been very smart in their feud. He’s pulled out all the stops. Their match is a No Disqualification, which could benefit Austin more than Anarchy. But we’ll see if Anarchy has some tricks up his sleeve.

FD: The Merry Christmas Show is shaping up to be a great event.

MK: I strive to put on the best pay-per-views that I can. I feel like I need to make every pay-per-view better than the last. If not, I’m failing the audience.

FD: You don’t see that kind of logic everywhere.

MK: I’m not sure why not. Without the fans, pro wrestling wouldn’t exist. We need to cater to them.

FD: You’re absolutely right. Any other big announcements coming? I’ve heard some things about FFP signing a new Diamond. Someone who is somewhat established. Any truth to that?

MK: There is truth to that. And I’d say you’re pretty good at your job Francine. I’ve been talking to a somewhat established female wrestler and I believe we are about to come to an agreement. If so, we will have to work everything out, but she will debut as soon as possible.

FD: Well Matt, as always I appreciate your time. Thank you for answering all of my questions honestly. I look forward to meeting with you again.

MK: It was my pleasure Francine. See you soon.


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