The Diamond Division is Booming


Renee Michelle

In the past couple of days Full Force Pro has welcomed three new Diamonds to the growing division. The Diamond Division has been a staple in Full Force Pro since the company opened it’s doors in 2008. Not only did the division bring us great Diamond Champions such as Brandi Moore, Taylor Clawson and current champion Nina Fox, but it also brought us unforgettable woman World Champions such as Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven and again Nina Fox.

Yesterday afternoon FFP was pleased to announce that Maryland Championship Wrestling superstar Renee Michelle agreed to wrestle for the company. Renee was crowned the first MCW Women’s Champion after winning a tournament. Obviously she will look to earn herself more gold here in FFP.


Giovanni Gotch

Today FFP also came to terms with two more break out stars in the world of professional wrestling. First, coming from a family whose name is synonymous with the early days of professional wrestling, Giovanni Gotch. We aren’t sure how exactly she is related to legendary grappler Frank Gotch, but she does come from the family. Giovanni looks to make her professional wrestling debut in our Diamond Divison. And she has already made an impact in FFP on Twitter, where she not only has been welcomed by many of the superstars and Diamonds, but also already agreed to join Austin Briggs’ star-studded stable, The Headline. Of course this didn’t sit well with The Headline’s only other competitive Diamond, Lacey Abernathy. However on Twitter Austin Briggs quickly tried to calm both women, telling them that they could win the Diamond Tag Team Titles.


Lavender Bow

The next Diamond signed to FFP goes by the name Lavender Bow. Lavender remains to be somewhat of a mystery. We aren’t sure about her past in the sport of professional wrestling, but can only get a small amount of information from her Twitter. She should make her debut in our Diamond Division sometime in the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to seeing all three of our newest Diamonds debut before the FFP Merry Christmas Show which will take place on December 28th.

We would like to thank all three of our newest Diamonds for agreeing to terms with Full Force Pro. We welcome them, and look forward to seeing what they bring to FFP.



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