12/20/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | December 20, 2014
St. Paul, Minnesota

The show began with The Headline making their way down to the ring. Missy Hyatt leading the way, Austin Briggs beside her with the World Title on his shoulder, the American Bulldogs, Lacey Abernathy and Giovanni Gotch behind the leaders.

The group took the microphone and talked about how great they are, like normal. Briggs guaranteed victory over Anarchy at the Merry Christmas Show. He talked up the American Bulldogs, and also the newest Diamond tag team in FFP, Lacey Abernathy and Giovanni Gotch, Power & Beauty.

Renee Michelle vs Alexis Reed
The crowd gave Renee Michelle a great ovation for her FFP debut. Alexis Reed attacked Renee as she was entering the ring. Renee fought back using several kicks to knock Alexis down. Renee hit a spinning DDT for a two count. She went to the middle rope, but Reed cut her off, hitting her with a forearm to the stomach and whipping her off the ropes by her hair. Alexis then went for the Reed Bomb, but Renee escaped and hit a superkick. Renee then hit the Bonita Bomb for the three count.

Next Daniel Matthews came down to the ring with Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane by his side. Matthews promised the world that The Kingdom was not dead, and that if they continued tuning into FFP that they would not only see The Kingdom, but see the resurgence of the greatest stable in FFP history. Daniel also reminded everyone that his plan at the Merry Christmas Show was to piledrive Sunny.

Next we saw clips from the feud between the Bellezas Peligrosas, The Queendom and Seduction Inc.

Kemina vs Lacey Abernathy
A back and forth highly competitive match. Lacey Abernathy got the upperhand first by offering a handshake, then kicking Kemina in the stomach. Lacey tossed Kemina to the outside and continued beating her down. She rolled Kemina back in and hit a running clothesline for a two count.

Lacey then pulled Kemina up but before she could attempt a move, Kemina hit her with a punch to the head, followed by a back elbow. She pulled Lacey up and hit a snap suplex. After a couple of stiff kicks, Kemina scooped Lacey up and hit the Cradle Shock Driver for the pin.

After the match Giovanni Gotch came down and helped Lacey up. She tried comforting Lacey, however Lacey pushed Gotch away and stormed off.

Backstage we see Tyrece Beckman joined with Natalie Skye. He asks her about her upcoming match with her sister at the Merry Christmas Show, and asks her if she can find herself to eventually forgive her.

Natalie says that the two went out into that battle royal hoping to work together and end up in the final four. She said that she would have never guessed that Mona would double cross her like that, and that at the pay-per-view Mona would pay for her betrayal.

Now we see Bianca Hunt backstage hyping Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad up for their upcoming tag team match.

Firefly vs Giovanni Gotch
Another highly competitive Diamond match. Firefly gained the advantage first using an array of suplexes followed by an impressive missile dropkick. Firefly went for a pin afterward but only got a one count.

Gotch fought back, hitting a double leg takedown, followed by a dropkick to Firefly when she got to her knees. Gotch pulled Firefly up and hit a Northern lights suplex for a two count. She waited for Firefly to get to her feet again, and attempted a superkick. Firefly however ducked the move, and hit a high bridge German suplex for a two count. The two Diamonds got back to their feet and squared off again. The crowd gave the girls a great ovation as Lacey Abernathy made her way down to the ring. After a sequence of moves followed by a Russian leg sweep by Giovanni, Gotch noticed Lacey. She turned and asked Lacey why she was at ringside. This led to Firefly rolling Gotch up off the distraction. However Gotch kicked out at two.

The two Diamonds locked up again, and Gotch hit a knee to the stomach and a fisherman suplex. She stood up and called for her finisher, the Koji Clutch. She got ready for Firefly to get back to her feet so she could hook the move in, however Lacey Abernathy slid in and floored Firefly with a clothesline before Gotch could do anything.

The referee called for the bell due to the outside interference.

Lacey stayed on top of Firefly laying in punches. Gotch tried to grab her redheaded partner and pull her off, but Lacey shoved Gotch and continued beating Firefly down. Finally Gotch grabbed Lacey by her hair and pulled her off of her downed opponent. Giovanni and Lacey then began arguing. Austin Briggs then quickly came down to the ring and split the girls up. He tried to calm them down and eventually got them to leave the ring.

Now we see Synn backstage. But she doesn’t look like she normal does. She looks worried. Watching around her shoulder. Sitting and thinking, most likely about her upcoming Thumbtack Match with Vanity at the FFP Merry Christmas Show.

Caleb Newstead & Aiden Conrad w/ Bianca Hunt vs Deranged & El Diablo
Honestly, Hunt Enterprises owned this match. Deranged and Diablo both had short flashes of offense but for the most part, the match was dominated by Newstead and Conrad. Newstead hit Deranged with the Fisherman Brainbuster to win the match.

Afterward Adam Black came out onto the entrance stage with a microphone. He told Aiden Conrad that he wanted one more match with Aiden. One final match to settle the feud, and he wanted it to be at the FFP Merry Christmas Show. Aiden took a microphone and gladly accepted. However, Caleb Newstead got a microphone too and demanded a match with Black Wednesday at Warfare. Adam smiled at Newstead and accepted the challenge.

Backstage we saw Matt Kraven and Nina Fox sitting in his office. Nina talked about how her and Brandi could easily put on the greatest Diamond Title Match of all time. Matt said that the two were arguably the two greatest Diamonds in FFP history, and that they indeed could put on a great match.

Hades w/ Vanity vs EJ “Money” Carter
EJ Carter has been looking to get back into the Cruiserweight Title picture and looked to beating Hades as a great way to do so. The match started with some basic technical holds and evolved into a high flying battle. Hades hit a flying elbow drop followed by a flying leg drop while EJ hit an awesome double underhook suplex off the middle rope and a frog splash. Hades gained the upperhand and went for the Burning Hammer, however EJ escaped the move and hit a spin wheel kick. Carter then hit the Bankruptcy for the pin.

After the match President Kraven came out and announced that at the Merry Christmas Show EJ Carter would take on Kashimanaki for the FFP Cruiserweight Championship.

Next we saw Jason Copeland and Sunny getting ready backstage. Sunny looked a little worried, but Jason put his arm around her and they walked toward the entrance area.

The scene then cut to Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce with Francine Davis. They said that their number one priority was going back to the FFP Tag Team Titles. Tau said that it was nice having the Adrenaline Title, but that he and Jackson came to FFP for the tag team gold, and they would do what they had to to get the straps back.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Jason Copeland w/ Sunny

The main event was a great match featuring many close calls. Jason Copeland hit a Macho Man style flying elbow drop for a very close two count. Madison Castle was obviously very nervous during the count. Adam Hyatt returned the favor with a Samoan drop from the middle rope which got him a two count as well. Hyatt loaded up for the Superkick, but Copeland ducked the attempt and hit a Flatliner for a two count. Copeland then stood back, waiting for Adam to get back to his feet to try another move.

However as Copeland was ready to strike Daniel Matthews stormed down the isle and clobbered him with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Jason crashed to the mat and the referee called for the bell. Daniel laid stomps into Jason beating his rival down.

Adam Hyatt turned and attempted to stop the attack, but Daniel floored him with a hard fist to the head. Daniel then pulled Jason up, kicked him in the gut and hit his finisher the Death Valley Driver. He turned to Sunny and smiled. He looked into the crowd and pointed at Sunny. Then he slid out to the ring. As he approached her, she took off running up the entrance ramp and disappeared behind the curtain. Matthews then grabbed a steel chair and slid back into the ring.

Matthews placed Jason’s head in the chair and folded it up. He climbed to the middle rope, obviously getting ready to jump on the chair, which would result in the chair being slammed shut on Jason’s head. But before Daniel could jump, Patrick McCoy came down the isle. He stood in between Daniel and the downed Jason Copeland. Obviously McCoy was trying to talk sense into Daniel, telling him to not attempt to seriously injure Jason. Daniel got off the middle rope and began to argue with Patrick. Eventually they began to shove each other. This brought Scarlett Ducane out. She stood between the two, holding them apart the best she could. Finally Daniel shoved Patrick, climbed out of the ring and left ringside.


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