12/24/2014 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | December 24, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

President Matt Kraven came out wearing his Cincinnati Reds Santa Claus hat. By his side was FFP Diamond a Champion Nina Fox, wearing a Santa hat as well.

Kraven reminded the crowd that Santa Claus would be coming to Wednesday Warfare soon. He wished everyone a Merry Christmas and thanked them for coming to the show.

Lacey Abernathy vs Kemina
Lacey attacked Kemina and gained
the advantage early. After a couple of snapmares using Kemina’s hair Lacey hit a superkick for a two count.

She attempted to lock on the Code Red Armbar a few times but Kemina obviously scouted the move, escaping every attempt. Kemina did hit a missile dropkick for a two count, then hooked Lacey into a high angle Boston crab.

Lacey eventually fought out and fought back, but Kemina stopped her dead in her tracks with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She then hit the Cradle Shock Driver for the pin. In two straight matches Kemina defeated the fiery redhead.

After the match Lacey hit the mat with frustration and stormed backstage.

Next we saw clips of the Adam Black/Aiden Conrad feud.

Backstage now we saw Synn again in her locker room. She still didn’t look right. She looked worried about her upcoming match at the Merry Christmas Show with Vanity.

Caleb Newstead w/ Bianca Hunt vs Adam Black
The match began slow with both wrestlers feeling each other out with armbars and side headlocks. Caleb planted Adam with a DDT for a two count. Black fought back using his brawling skills. A clothesline over the top sent both men to the floor.

Black slammed Newstead into the nearby steel steps then delivered a Russian leg sweep into the steel guardrail. Black went after Bianca for a moment but only to scare her. She let out a scream and scurried away.

The match found its way back into the ring as Aiden Conrad walked down to the ring. He stood beside Bianca as Adam Black continued with his offense. Black took Newstead up top for a superplex, but as he was about to deliver the move Bianca climbed onto the apron to distract the ref.

Aiden then jumped onto the apron and hit Black with a stiff right hand to the head. Aiden and Newstead then delivered a double Superplex to Adam. Next Newstead hit the Fisherman Brainbuster to Adam. Bianca and Aiden got back to the outside and Newstead made the pin.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Seduction Inc. Brandi reminded everyone that her and Nina would main event the Merry Christmas Show. And obviously Brandi declared that she would regain the Diamond Championship for an unprecedented seventh time.

Taylor then promised to beat Nina tonight and prove that Seduction Inc are the two greatest Diamonds in FFP history.

Next Daniel Matthews came out. He talked about The Kingdom gaining momentum and taking FFP over again. He then began to talk about piledriving Sunny at the pay-per-view. Patrick McCoy came out and told Daniel that he really shouldn’t worry about Sunny, but should worry about building The Kingdom back up. The two began to bicker. That is until Jason Copeland came out of the crowd. Armed with a Singapore cane Copeland nailed Daniel in the back. McCoy dropped his microphone and connected eye contact with Copeland.
McCoy then climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp.

Jason then lit Daniel up with his Singapore cane, leveling him with shots to the back, chest and head. Matthews lie motionless on the mat as Jason stood over him with the cane held high in the air. The crowd cheered as Jason got his revenge from Daniel’s attack at SSN.

Next we saw Lacey Abernathy backstage arguing with Austin Briggs. She was yelling about how Giovanni Gotch didn’t come out to help her earlier in her match with Kemina. Briggs told Lacey that she shouldn’t have needed help, that she lost fair and square.

Giovanni Gotch vs Firefly
A back and forth match that had the crowd oohing and awwing the whole way. Firefly, after flooring Giovanni with a spin kick, hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count. Giovanni fought back hitting a spinning neck breaker followed by a knee drop and a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count.

Firefly fought back again hitting a judo slam and a springboard elbow drop. She pulled Giovanni up for what looked like a suplex attempt, but Gotch reversed out of the move and hit an explosive elbow to the head. Gotch then locked in the Koji Clutch in the center of the ring. Firefly had no option but to tap out.

After the match Kemina came down to check on her tag team partner. Giovanni stood in the ring, appreciated the good match Firefly gave her. Lacey Abernathy then hurried down to the ring.

Before you knew it Lacey leveled Kemina from behind with a running knee to the back, sending her crashing into the corner. Lacey then began to put the boots to Firefly.

Kemina got back up and attacked Lacey Abernathy. Then, The Queendom made their way to the ring. Monika and Jenna got to the ring and began fighting with both teams as well. Eventually we were treated to a three team brawl.

Finally the team’s calmed and Lacey Abernathy grabbed a microphone. She said that her and Giovanni deserved to wrestle for the Diamond Tag Team Titles. The Queendom begged to differ. However Monika and Jenna then told Lacey and Giovanni that if they wanted to wrestle them at SSN, that if they could beat them, they could take their spot in the Diamond Tag Title Ladder Match at the Merry Christmas Show.

Of course Lacey and Giovanni agreed to the match.

Next the scene cut backstage where Daniel Matthews was irate. Tyrece Beckman tried to get a word with him, asking about what had just happened between him and Jason Copeland, and Patrick McCoy leaving during the attack. Matthews simply asked angrily where Patrick was, then shoved Tyrece aside.

Triple Threat Match | Winner is #1 Contender for Adrenaline Title
Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett vs Christopher Morgan vs Logan Christopher

This one was a barn burner. McCoy and Logan went at it, fast paced cruiserweight style. After a springboard elbow from Logan, Christopher Morgan planted him with a belly to belly suplex. Morgan then turned Logan inside out with a clothesline, and followed that up by hitting Patrick with a leg clothesline as McCoy got to his feet.

Daniel Matthews made his presence known, running down to the ring to confront Patrick about him leaving Daniel to be beaten by Jason Copeland. Of course the referee stopped Daniel. Matthews shoved the referee to the side and attempted to attack Patrick, however McCoy clotheslined him back of the top rope. When he turned around Christopher Morgan hit him with a boot to the gut, and planted him with the Tiger Driver for the pin.

McCoy was eliminated, leaving Christopher Morgan and Logan Christopher. The two went head to head, but Christopher Morgan’s power and experience was too much for Logan. After hitting a swinging neckbreaker off the middle turnbuckle, Morgan hit the Tiger Driver for the pin.

After the match the rest of The Lifestyle came out and celebrated with Christopher Morgan. At the FFP Merry Christmas Show he would take on Adam Hyatt for the Adrenaline Title.

Backstage we now saw The Headline. Lacey Abernathy and Giovanni Gotch were discussing just why Lacey came down, however they spoke about their opportunity at SSN and agreed that it was big. They said that they needed to be on the same page going against The Queendom this Saturday night.

Next we saw Matt Kraven with his Santa hat waiting on Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick backstage.

Non-Title Match
Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson w/ Brandi Moore

A hard hitting match, Taylor attacked Nina while she was on the apron, distracted by Brandi Moore. Taylor put the boots to Nina outside of the ring before the referee could even call for the bell. Nina fought back but Brandi Moore hit her from behind. Since the match hadn’t officially started yet the referee couldn’t disqualify Taylor for the interference, however he did send Brandi Moore to the backstage, threatening to immediately award the match to Nina if Brandi didn’t go.

When the Diamonds finally got back into the ring and match finally began. Taylor took advantage of Nina already being beaten up. She worked on Nina’s neck and throat, hitting a snake eyes across the top rope, and also choking her using the middle rope. Taylor went for the Flatliner but Nina escaped and planted Taylor with a high angle back suplex. Nina followed it up with a running dropkick to Taylor’s face, followed by a snap suplex. Nina set Taylor up for the Superkick, however Brandi Moore stormed down to the ring. She double legged Nina down while the referee called for the bell, disqualifying Taylor.

Seduction Inc then proceeded to lay the boots into Nina. Taylor planted Nina with the Flatliner as Brandi backed into the corner. Brandi then made a gun symbol with her hand and pointed it to Nina’s head, obviously calling for The End Game. However Matt Kraven, who has personally seen the injures that can occur from the move, ran down to the ring. He stepped inbetween Brandi and Nina and put his hands in the air. Brandi began to argue with Matt, however her and Taylor finally left, leaving Matt to tend to Nina.

As Matt helped Nina up, brand new FFP Diamond Lavender Bow came down looking concerned. She assisted Matt in helping Nina to her feet. Lavender gladly put Nina’s arm around her neck to help her walk. Kraven looked surprised as he and Lavender helped the Diamond Champion.

We then saw clips of the FFP World Champion Austin Briggs and his heated feud with Anarchy.

The scene cut back to the ring where Christmas music began to play. Finally, Santa Claus came down to the ring. With a bag full of goodies slung over his shoulder, he began to hand the presents out to the crowd. FFP action figures, FFP t-shirts, the FFP video game and more. Santa handed a bunch of stuff out to the Chicago crowd.

Santa climbed into the ring and continued slinging presents out into the crowd. The crowd cheered and snow fell from the ceiling. That is until Austin Briggs’ theme hit the speaker. Briggs walked down the isle with Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston behind him. With smiles on their faces they walked down to the ring, Briggs armed with a microphone.

Austin talked about how Santa had made a mistake and had forgot to give presents to Austin and his group. Briggs demanded that Santa give them the presents that they deserved now. Of course Santa replied, letting the three men know that they were on the naughty list. Briggs then told Santa that he was in for the worst beating of his life, and that tonight Christmas was canceled.

The three men surrounded Santa, getting ready to deliver the beat down. But before they could proceed, Anarchy along with Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce stormed the ring. After a couple of punches and clotheslines, Briggs and the Bulldogs were knocked out of the ring. Anarchy then took the microphone and asked Santa if there were any presents for him, Tau and Jackson.

Santa responded, letting the three men know that indeed there was one last present. A present for them and the Chicago crowd. The main event, Anarchy, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce taking on Austin Briggs, Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston. Santa then left the ringside area to get back to his sleigh and his Christmas duties.

Anarchy, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Austin Briggs & the American Bulldogs
This was another back and forth match treating us all to so many different power and technical maneuvers. Any time Briggs got tagged into the ring he would avoid Anarchy at all costs, tagging his teammates in and never locking horns with Anarchy. The Bulldogs double teamed Anarchy, however Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce retaliated, Tau flooring Nathan Caine with a Spear. Jackson Pearce then took Matt Evanston to the outside and hit a powerbomb through one of the nearby commentator’s tables.

Finally Anarchy and Austin Briggs were left in the ring together. Briggs pulled himself up using the ropes to stand. Anarchy snuck up behind him and hit him with a devastating German suplex. Anarchy then hooked Briggs in the STF right in the middle of the ring. Briggs screamed in pain. Trying so hard to get to the ropes to break the hold. He tried rolling, he tried reaching, but nothing could help. Finally, the World Champion was forced to tap out.

Anarchy rolled to his feet as Briggs rolled out of the ring. Anarchy, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce celebrated in the middle of the ring, high fiving and embracing. They then found the Santa bag which still had more FFP items in it. They passed the rest of the gifts out to the crowd as the show ended.


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