Ariana Chaos Fired from FFP

arianaLast night during the FFP Merry Christmas Show, FFP’s December pay-per-view, Lizzy Kraven made her return to address the crowd about the injury she sustained at FFP Rebirth. Kraven was knocked off the top of the steel cage where she suffered a bruised spinal cord. And her professional wrestling career, which included an FFP World Title reign looked to be in doubt.

Lizzy said that she was recovery, but not as well as she had hoped. She said that she hoped to return to the squared circle in a few months. Then she was interrupted by the person who injured her. Ariana Chaos.

Chaos told Lizzy that she should retire and that there was no shame in doing so. Of course trying to rub it in that she was the one who put Lizzy on the shelf. However Lizzy replied, asking Ariana how long her Diamond Title reign lasted. Unfortunately for Ariana, her only Diamond Title reign lasted mere minutes as she issued an open challenge and lost the title immediately after winning it.

This set Ariana off. She hit Lizzy with a hard clothesline, targeting the neck. After driving in several stomps, security pulled Ariana away from Lizzy. But the damage had been done. Lizzy left the pay-per-view on a stretcher.

Later on in the night Matt Kraven announced that due to this disrespectful and tasteless act, he had no choice but to terminate Ariana Chaos from Full Force Pro.

Ariana was a one-time Diamond Champion. She was also the first female member of The Lifestyle. Early on in her run in FFP she joined forces with Brandi Moore during Brandi’s rivalry with Taylor Clawson. After splitting with Brandi, she found success as a singles wrestler.

We asked Matt Kraven if there was any chance that Ariana could make a return to FFP, however he still seemed angry at what happened just last night. Kraven’s response was simply, “I don’t want to talk about it right now”.


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