12/31/2014 FFP New Year’s Eve Show


FFP New Year’s Eve Show | December 31, 2014
Troy, Ohio

The show opened up with a reminder that tonight’s main event would begin at 12:00 midnight, therefore it would be the very first professional wrestling match in the year 2015. It was also revealed that just like last year, FFP’s “Power Couple” FFP Adrenaline Champion Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle would count us down to the new year just before the match.

Next we learned that President Matt Kraven personally added the stipulation to the main event that if he got involved or even showed is face at ringside during the match, that Brandi Moore would be declared the winner, and new FFP Diamond Champion. Matt obviously wanted to show that he would absolutely not get involved no matter what.

Quinn Delaney vs Alexis Reed

This was Quinn Delaney’s debut match in FFP. After training for months with Matt Kraven, she was finally called up to the roster. Alexis took advantage of the rookie, beating her down early and not laying off. After a few snapmares delivered by pulling Quinn’s hair, Alexis hit a dropkick and got a two count.

She sent Quinn into the ropes and hit a Samoan drop for another two count. Reed then went to the top rope. However Delaney cut her off, and tossed her off the top shades of Ric Flair. A back elbow took Reed back down to the mat, followed by a leg drop. Quinn then hit a DDT for a two count.

The match continued, with both girls jockeying for position. In the middle of the ring the two connected with simultaneous clotheslines, leaving them both lying on the mat. When they got back to their feet they began to trade blows. Punches and chops over and over again. Until Alexis went for a wild clothesline which Quinn ducked and hit a Russian leg sweep. Quinn then locked in the Quinn Magic. Alexis reached for the ropes, and tried to roll over but couldn’t escape. She tapped out.


After the match the scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with Austin Briggs. Francine asked Austin about his vicious beating on Anarchy on FFP Monday Night, and asked him if he was nervous about Anarchy retaliating. Briggs said that obviously Anarchy was trying to distance himself from Briggs because he quickly accepted Jason Copeland’s suggestion to wrestle him in a non-title match. Austin then told Francine that sooner than later he would once again be the FFP World Champion.


Backstage we saw Vanity standing by with the Realm of Darkness. Vanity talked about how she dismantled Synn at the Merry Christmas Show and talked about how Synn would probably never show back up in FFP again. She said that she killed Synn’s spirit, she took her stable and most likely ended her career.

Giovanni Gotch & Natalie Skye vs Lacey Abernathy & Mona Skye

This tag team match mixed two feuds together. Giovanni and Lacey were given the option to choose their own partners, and they both decided to pick the feuding Skye Sisters. The Skye sisters actually started the match out, and surprisingly Mona Skye looked to be dominant wrestling her sister down and working on her neck with headlocks, front face locks and a swinging neckbreaker.

Lacey got tagged in and continued working Natalie down until she broke loose and tagged in Giovanni Gotch. Gotch connected with a couple of solid shots to Lacey, who immediately retreated to her corner and tagged Mona back in.

Mona seemed to have better luck with Giovanni, hitting her with a few power moves before hitting an impressive moonsault for a two count. Giovanni fought back and somehow got the Koji Clutch locked in on Mona. Mona tried reaching for the ropes. She even tried to roll the move over and somehow gain a pinning position, but she couldn’t do it.

However the fiery redhead ascended to the top rope and connected with a guillotine leg drop to Giovanni. Lacey then pulled Giovanni up and hit her with a snap DDT. When Lacey got back to her feet Natalie attacked, hitting her with shots to the head. Lacey grabbed Natalie’s hair and the two began trading shots, finally stumbling through the ropes and falling to the floor.

As Giovanni started getting back to her feet, Mona charged and hit her finisher, the Fameasser. Mona then hooked Giovanni’s leg and got the three count.

After the match Lacey joined her partner in the ring. They embraced and Lacey stood over Giovanni. Although Lacey wasn’t even the one to gain the pinfall on Giovanni, she decided to celebrate as if she beat her as easily as possible.

Natalie Skye was next into the ring and went after her younger sister, who took off through the crowd. Natalie continued chasing. Lacey watched as this occurred, unaware that Giovanni was getting back to her feet. When Lacey turned back around Giovanni reared back and hit her with a spinning kick to the face that laid the redhead out. Giovanni then grabbed the microphone.

She said that she was sick and tired of Lacey being such a pain in the ass, and she was ready to take this feud to the next level. She said that as long as Matt Kraven would be okay with it that she would like to face off against Lacey next Saturday at SSN in an “I Quit” Match. Giovanni then threw the microphone at Lacey and left the ring.


The scene cut backstage where The Headline were sitting in their locker room. Austin Briggs looked aggravated about Lacey getting beaten up by Giovanni after the match however she still recorded the victory.

There was a knock on the door. Briggs answered and found Logan Christopher waiting. He then simply asked, “can we talk?” Briggs let Logan in and shut the door, with the cameraman outside of it.

Daniel Matthews vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane

A back and forth match to say the least. Trading punches, kicks, elbows, chops, suplexes and slams. Patrick McCoy gained the upperhand for the first time reversing a superplex attempt from Daniel, and hitting an inverted suplex from the top rope. McCoy then climbed to the top and hit a Macho Man-esque flying elbow drop for a two count. When Daniel got back to his feet, Patrick hit him with a clothesline that sent him over the top rope.

Patrick hit the ropes, obviously going for a suicide dive onto Daniel, however Daniel grabbed the nearby Scarlett Ducane and pulled her in front of him. All three bodies collided, but Scarlett took the brunt of the punishment. All three lie on the ground, but Daniel was the first up. As Patrick checked on his girlfriend, Daniel stood, looking concerned for only a moment. He then leveled Patrick in the back of the head with a hard kick. Matthews pulled McCoy up and whipped him into the ring. He pulled Patrick up and attempted the Death Valley Driver, but McCoy slipped off of Daniel’s shoulders and hit his new finisher, the Code Breaker. As Daniel fell back, his arm connected with the referee, knocking him through the ropes and out to the arena floor.

McCoy pinned Daniel for a moment, but the referee was out. McCoy looked over and rolled out of the ring. He decided to grab a steel chair and punish Daniel for what he had just done to his girlfriend. McCoy slid into the ring with the chair. He waited as Daniel began to force himself up. Once he got to his knees, McCoy stepped back, ready to deliver the chairshot from hell. However McCoy was stopped in his tracks courtesy of a vicious low blow from Scarlett Ducane!

McCoy dropped the chair and fell to his knees. Scarlett walked around as Daniel got to his feet. McCoy looked up at the two, in pain and heartbroken. Daniel grabbed Scarlett by her red hair and the two kissed as McCoy tried getting back up to his feet. Daniel quickly grabbed McCoy and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Scarlett then helped the referee, who was beginning to wake, and pushed him into the ring. He saw the pin and made a very slow groggy three count. Daniel Matthews had won the match because of interference from Scarlett.


Next we saw Austin Briggs sitting in The Headline’s locker room watching the monitor. He obviously was getting ready to watch Anarchy’s match with Jason Copeland. Missy Hyatt and the American Bulldogs were also watching.

Non-Title Match
Anarchy vs Jason Copeland w/ Sunny

The match began with a handshake. Anarchy really worked Jason over. Copeland fought back, first with a big rebound clothesline off the middle rope. He then hit a running back elbow which knocked the big man down again. Copeland then took to the top rope and attempted a cross body block, but Anarchy caught him, and turned it into a sidewalk slam.

Anarchy attempted to lock in the STF but Copeland escaped. He popped back to his feet and hit a superkick. Anarchy stumbled back and Copeland attempted another one. However this time Anarchy ducked the attempt and hit a gruesome German suplex. Anarchy then hooked in the rear naked choke. Copeland fought, trying to break Anarchy’s grip or reach for the ropes. His feet were close, but he couldn’t make it. He was forced to tap out.

After the match Anarchy stood with his arm raised in victory. However before he could start any kind of celebration, Austin Briggs charged down to the ring. He slid in and hit Anarchy with a jumping knee to the upper back. Anarchy stumbled forward and collided with the turnbuckles. Austin then grabbed Jason and tossed him through the ropes and out of the ring.

Austin’s stablemates Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston also came down to the ring. They bullied Anarchy, forcing him through the ropes and to the outside. Austin pulled back the protective mats. Then, in an absolutely disgusting act, Austin, Nathan and Matt hoisted Anarchy up and planted him with a devastating spike piledriver on the concrete floor.

Paramedics were quick to come to the aid of Anarchy, even though the damage was obviously done. Austin grabbed the FFP World Title from the time keeper and hoisted it in the air. He grabbed a microphone and declared that since Anarchy would be out of action for a while, he would go ahead and hang onto the belt.


Backstage we saw Hunt Enterprises standing by. Bianca Hunt talked about in 2015 Hunt Enterprises would become the best FFP stable. She said that Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad not only were good enough to take home all the singles gold in FFP, but she said she also planned on them winning the Tag Team Titles, no matter who the champions were at the time.

The promo was cut short however when Adam Black came in from behind and took Aiden Conrad down with a wild punch. He mounted Aiden, delivering punches to the face until Caleb Newstead hit him from behind. Caleb pulled Black up and slammed him into the concrete wall nearby. After a couple of stomps, Newstead turned and helped Aiden back up. They grabbed Black and pulled him over to a nearby table, which had bottled waters and other refreshments placed on them. Newstead and Conrad hoisted Adam Black up and slammed him through the table. Then with Bianca by their side, they walked away.


Next we saw Tyrece Beckman with Daniel Matthews and Scarlett Ducane. Tyrece asked Daniel about his match with Patrick and if he felt bad. Daniel said that obviously he didn’t feel bad, and he’d do it 100 more times if he could. Tyrece then asked if Daniel and Scarlett were an item, or if they just kissed in front of Patrick to upset him.

Scarlett took the microphone and said that her and Daniel were an item, and that Daniel was a better wrestler, a better man and a better lover than Patrick McCoy could ever dream of being.

Daniel then took the microphone and announced that The Kingdom was rebuilding. The Kingdom was reloading and getting ready to take the FFP by storm. Matthews then teased saying that the Tag Team Champions were coming to The Kingdom very soon.

In the Ring

The scene cut to ringside. The FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox and challenger Brandi Moore were already at ringside. Taylor Clawson was also at ringside by Brandi’s side.

Next the FFP Adrenaline Champion Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle made their way down to the ring. The self-proclaimed Power Couple entered the ring to cheers from the Troy, Ohio crowd. Madison got on the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to the show tonight. Madison then asked everyone if they were ready for the New Year. As the crowd cheered the video screen showed the “Big Ball” in Time Square.

Soon, the count down began. Adam and Madison counted down with it until the ball touched the bottom. It was officially 2015. Adam and Madison quickly exited the ring as Nina and Brandi entered. Then, the bell rang.

FFP Diamond Title | If Matt Kraven interferes Nina loses the belt
(c) Nina Fox vs Brandi Moore w/ Taylor Clawson

The match began when Brandi Moore leveled Nina with a hard slap across the face that echoed throughout the Hobart Arena and made the crowd cringe. Nina immediately hit a double leg followed by punches to the head. Brandi fought back up, was sent into the ropes and floored with a clothesline. Nina then stepped back as Brandi got back up. Nina went for the Superkick, but Brandi fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring.

When Brandi got back into the ring the girls tried to gain a clear cut advantage on the other. Headlocks, arm drags, the usual type of “feeling out” wrestling moves. That is until Brandi sent Nina into the corner and distracted the referee. Taylor grabbed ahold of the tag rope tied behind the top turnbuckle, and began using it to choke Nina. Taylor dropped off the apron as the referee started to turn around.

Even though the referee didn’t see Taylor’s interference, Lavender Bow did. She walked down the isle pointing at Taylor. Lavender then stood in Nina’s corner, keeping a close eye on Brandi’s tag team partner.

Brandi took advantage of Taylor’s interference, working on Nina’s neck and throat area. Elbow drops, stomps and a perfectly placed forearm to the throat made it look like Nina’s Diamond Title reign would come to an end. Brandi then hooked Nina up for the Fisherman Brainbuster. Nina somehow escaped, keeping her hand on Brandi’s arm she pulled her around and hit a short arm clothesline. As Brandi started getting back up Nina blasted her with a shining wizard. Nina went for the pin, but Taylor slid into the ring. The referee turned to stop Taylor, but she got speared by Lavender Bow instead. Lavender and Taylor rolled around pulling each others’ hair and trying to get any kind of shot in that they could. If Joey Styles would have been there he would have yelled, “cat fight!”.

Finally Lavender and Taylor brawled until they fell out of the ring. Taylor got Lavender up against the ring apron and delivered a couple of forearms. Nina got distracted by the brawl and turned her attention to Lavender and Taylor. This was the opening Brandi was looking for. She grabbed Nina from behind and whipped her into the corner, her shoulder going inbetween the turnbuckles and cracking against the steel post.

Brandi then bounced off the ropes and hit Lavender in the back of the head with a baseball slide dropkick. Next, Brandi hooked Nina and successfully delivered the Fisherman Brainbuster. That was all she wrote.

However, Brandi didn’t go for the pin. Instead she slid out of the ring and grabbed the microphone. She screamed for Matt Kraven to come out and save his girlfriend. Brandi said that she was going to hit The End Game right now and end Nina’s career if Matt didn’t come out to stop it. This is exactly the same situation Nina was in at the Merry Christmas Show when Matt indeed did step into the ring to stop the move.

But Matt didn’t come out. Brandi begged him, getting ready to deliver the devastating move. Finally, accepting that Kraven wouldn’t come out, which would have guaranteed Brandi the Diamond Title, Moore loaded up and went for the running knee. However Nina hopped to her feet, jumped to the side of Brandi and rolled her up with a school boy pin. She used all of her weight to keep Brandi rolled up as the referee made the three count.

Immediately after the three count Brandi kicked Nina off. Fox rolled out of the ring and grabbed the Diamond Title. She turned and grabbed ahold of Lavender who was just getting to her feet. Taylor Clawson slid into the ring to check on Brandi, who was absolutely irate.

Lavender raised Nina’s arm up in the air as the two walked up the entrance ramp. Seduction Inc was left in the middle of the ring with frowns on their faces. The night didn’t end the way they had planned. Nina’s Diamond Title reign continued.


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