01/07/2015 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | January 7, 2015
Columbia, South Carolina

The show began with Patrick McCoy already out in the ring. McCoy talked about how Scarlett turned on him at the New Year’s Eve Show and aligned herself with Daniel Matthews, rebuilding their successful stable, The Kingdom.

Patrick said that he wouldn’t just let this thing with Daniel go the way that Jason Copeland seemed to do. He said that Daniel would pay for what he did, and would pay dearly.

Of course this brought Daniel out onto the entrance ramp with Scarlett Ducane by his side. McCoy looked disgusted at the view of his trainer. Matthews told Patrick that he would gladly teach him a lesson. Daniel said that since Austin Briggs lost his rematch clause with Anarchy, that Matt Kraven was probably looking for a new number one contender for the World Championship. Matthews then suggested himself vs Patrick McCoy for the number one contender spot.

Patrick said that he actually agreed with Daniel, and asked Matt Kraven to please consider, and make the match for tonight!


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis had already tracked Matt Kraven down. She asked Matt if Daniel and Patrick could indeed face off to become the number one contender for the FFP World Title. Kraven smiled and said that the match would be great. And he announced that it would indeed take place tonight.

Las Bellezas Peligrosas vs Lacey Abernathy & Mona Skye

All four women had something to prove. Obviously Las Bellezas Peligrosas wanted to prove that they deserved their titles back. Lacey and Mona wanted to prove that they were a worthy Diamond tag team, and of course Lacey wanted to prove she was better than Giovanni.

Lacey worked on Firefly’s shoulder, attempting to lock in the Code Red Armbar. Kemina had different plans, after being tagged in and clobbering Lacey with a stiff kick to the side of the head.

Kemina hit the Cradle Shock Driver, but before she could make the pin Mona Skye attacked. Firefly came into the ring next and dumped Mona over the top rope. Firefly then went after Lacey however she missed a spin wheel kick attempt and connected with her tag partner. Mona then tossed Firefly to the outside and hooked Kemina in the Code Red Armbar. Kemina held on for quite sometime, but eventually tapped out due to the pain.


The scene cut backstage where The Lifestyle were in the locker room. Now without Ariana Chaos due to her firing, it was only Christopher Morgan and FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki. There was a knock at the door. Christopher Morgan answered, and it was Deshaun Reed. Reed told Christopher and Kashimanaki that he was impressed with them both, and would really like to join their stable. Morgan seemed flattered. He thought for a moment before answering. He told Deshaun that tonight if he could win a match that he would be in the group.

Reed looked so happy. He asked Morgan who his opponent would be. Morgan smiled, and revealed that it would be him.


………….Coming to FFP at Frost Bite………….

If Deshaun Wins, He Joins The Lifestyle
Christopher Morgan vs Deshaun Reed

Deshaun Reed came out on fire, really taking it to Christopher Morgan. Avoiding any brawling moves, Reed used his speed and technical abilities to gain and keep a strong advantage on Morgan. That is until Deshaun came off the top for what looked like an attempted cross body block. Morgan, in mid-air, reversed into a devastating rib breaker. Morgan then hit the Tiger Driver for the pin.

After the match Morgan raised his hands in the air. He left the ring as Deshaun began to wake up.


Next we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with The Headline leader, Austin Briggs. Beckman asked Briggs what exactly Logan Christopher wanted from Austin Briggs the last time we saw Logan on FFP television.

Austin smiled. He said that Logan came to him and spoke with him about how his career had been floundering for quite sometime. Briggs said that Logan simply came to see if Austin would give him some assistance with helping him get out of the rut.

Tyrece asked Austin what his answer was to Logan. Austin smiled again and said that Tyrece would find out when everyone else does.


The scene now cut to Quinn Delaney, who was all smiles walking throughout the backstage area. That is until she nearly walked right into the Realm of Darkness leader Vanity. Quinn looked up at Vanity. The size difference was amazing.

Vanity told Quinn to watch where she is going because she could end up walking into a career ending situation. Quinn then told Vanity that she wasn’t afraid of her and that she would like to face her in a match this Saturday at Sadistic Saturday Night.

Next we saw a clip of the announcement that Lizzy Kraven would be returning at the FFP Japan Tour in march. Lizzy was announced as the first entrant into the Diamond Tournament.

Giovanni Gotch & Natalie Skye vs Seduction Inc

Another great Diamond tag team match up. Natalie Skye looked like she would end up on the losing side early after Taylor Clawson flattened her with the Flatliner, but Natalie somehow kicked out at the count of two. Taylor and Brandi began double teaming Natalie which brought Giovanni into the ring. Gotch cleaned house until she began to scuffle with Taylor. Brandi took advantage and took Gotch down with a hard chop block. Brandi then began to work on Giovanni’s leg.

Natalie got back into the ring and a brawl erupted. Seduction Inc took the offensive and sent both of their opponents to the outside. Brandi then hit the ropes and hit a suicide dive on Seduction Inc’s opponents.

Giovanni was the legal Diamond for her team, and unfortunately looked like she tweaked her ankle. Just a few days earlier, she had her shoulder busted up by Lacey Abernathy. Of course it didn’t seem to bother her tonight.

Giovanni went toe-to-toe with Brandi Moore, however Taylor Clawson got involved again. This once more brought Natalie Skye into the ring and both her and Taylor ended up falling through the ropes and to the arena floor. Brandi took Giovanni down and called for her Fisherman Brainbuster. She turned to her partner who seemed to be gaining the upperhand against Natalie Skye. Brandi then grabbed Giovanni by her long blonde hair and set her up for the Fisherman Brainbuster. But Gotch reversed into a small package. Holding the maneuver as tight as she possibly could, the referee made the three count. Giovanni and Natalie had upset Seduction Inc.

After the match Giovanni and Natalie celebrated up the entrance ramp. Seduction Inc stood in the ring, speechless. Both obviously fuming from the loss. However the loss quickly escaped their minds when Lavender Bow came out from the crowd, slid into the ring and attacked the FFP’s mean girls. Bow floored Taylor with a right hand and then barreled into Brandi with a double leg followed by many right and left hands.

Taylor grabbed Lavender by the hair, trying to pull her off of her partner. This brought FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox out to the ring. As Seduction Inc grabbed a hold of Lavender and were looking to lay down a beating, Nina cracked Brandi from the side with the Superkick. Brandi fell to the mat and rolled to the outside.

Lavender then scooped Taylor up onto her shoulders and hit a Samoan drop. Next, Lavender locked in a submission hold that was similar to the Buzzkiller. Taylor tapped on Lavender’s arm trying to get her to release the hold. Nina finally convinced Lavender to release the hold. She helped her friend up and embraced her. The two stood in the center of the ring with their hands interlocked, holding each others arms up in the air victoriously.


The scene cut backstage again where Matt Kraven was sitting in his office in front of a television watching the show. Kraven said that he was very impressed with all of the Diamond tag teams coming up. He said that The Queendom had said that they wanted new competition and it seemed like they were going to have their opportunity.

Matt then announced that this weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night we would be treated to the wrestling debut of Lavender Bow when she would team up with FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox to take on Seduction Inc!

Matt also announced that the winner of that match will go on to compete in the very first Fatal Four-Way in FFP history, which will also involve Las Bellezas Peligrosas, Giovanni Gotch & Natalie Skye and Lacey Abernathy & Mona Skye at FFP Frost Bite. Kraven said that the winning team would be named the number one contenders for the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Eddie Siebenthaler w/ Dallas Braun vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

In a rematch from this past weekend’s Sadistic Saturday Night, Adam Hyatt looked to regain the Adrenaline Title after losing it in a surprise match. Eddie, sporting a ‘The Kingdom’ t-shirt came out using his power to his advantage. Adam used his speed, trying to avoid the power moves from the big man. Hyatt ended up hitting a couple of moves off the ropes that took Siebenthaler down. Hyatt then went to the top and attempted a move, only to connect with Eddie’s boot, to the head. Eddie pulled Hyatt up and planted him with a sidewalk slam for a two count.

Eddie went for the Crucifix Powerbomb, but Adam reversed out and hit the Superkick. Eddie stumbled back and fell through the ropes, to the arena floor. Dallas tried helping Eddie up as Adam awaited his opponent in the ring.

When Eddie finally got back up he climbed up onto the apron. Only to be knocked down again with another Superkick from Adam Hyatt. Siebenthaler fell to the arena floor again, motionless. Since FFP doesn’t have count outs, the match continued on.

As Eddie finally started pulling himself back up, Adam went to the outside to assist. He pulled the big man up and rolled him into the ring. As he climbed back up onto the apron, Dallas Braun leveled him with an uppercut to the groin. Adam screamed out in pain and fell through the ropes and back into the ring. Madison now charged Dallas and speared her to the floor. The two girls began to brawl, rolling around the arena floor.

The referee was busy checking on Eddie during the low blow, so the match continued on. Siebenthaler pulled Adam up to his feet and hit the Crucifix Powerbomb off of the low blow. He hooked Adam’s leg and the referee made the count. Eddie Siebenthaler successfully defended the Adrenaline Title.


The scene cut backstage yet again, this time where we saw a beautiful dark haired woman standing by with Tyrece Beckman. Beckman announced that this young lady was the newest signee into the FFP Diamond Division. She interrupted, grabbing the microphone from Tyrece. She said that her name was Valentina Isabella Perez and that it was incredibly fitting that her initials were V.I.P. She said that she was coming to Full Force Pro to dominate the Diamond Division and become the fastest rising superstar in FFP history. She then handed the microphone back to Tyrece and walked away.

Number One Contender for FFP World Title
Daniel Matthews w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Patrick McCoy

Daniel Matthews walked confidently down to the ring. Mouthing off to some fans and even ripping up a fan’s sign that read “Daniel Matthews sucks”. McCoy got a better reaction obviously and came to the ring looking more than determined.

The match began with a feel-out period, both men trying to gain an advantage over the other. Back and forth they went until Patrick whipped Daniel into the corner and attempted a spear in the corner. Daniel moved out of the way and McCoy’s shoulder cracked into the ring post. Daniel then hit a shoulder breaker, and continued working Patrick’s shoulder.

McCoy eventually fought back, back body dropping Daniel over the top, Daniel’s back slamming into the ring apron. McCoy then hit the ropes and connected with a baseball slide dropkick which slammed Daniel’s back into the nearby commentator’s table.

Patrick placed Daniel up onto the table and climbed onto the apron. McCoy took a little bit of a running start and landed an awesome flying elbow, both men slamming through the table.

Eventually the match found it’s way back into the ring where Daniel gained the advantage off of a Scarlett Ducane distraction. Daniel scooped Patrick up onto his shoulders and went for the Death Valley Driver. McCoy slid off of Daniel’s shoulders and instead hit the Code Breaker. Patrick pinned Daniel, however Scarlett grabbed Daniel’s leg and draped it over the bottom rope. The referee only made it to a two count.

McCoy knew what Scarlett had done. She did it for Patrick himself at least half a dozen times. McCoy now pulled Daniel up and placed him on the top turnbuckle. McCoy climbed up with Daniel where both men began trading punches trying to gain the advantage. Both men tried to deliver some kind of move whether it be a superplex, a throw from the top or anything else. Eventually the two men had one another in a front face lock and after a couple of failed superplex attempts the two men fell from the top rope and ended up slamming onto the arena floor on the outside of the ring. Covered in sweat both men lie motionless on the arena floor, Scarlett looking very concerned for Daniel’s well being. The referee patiently waited for movement, however he eventually had to go to the time keeper. Finally, paramedics came to ringside and tended to both men. Obviously neither man could continue after the hard tumble to the ground. The time keeper announced that the referee ruled the match a No Contest due to neither man being able to continue. The show ended as Daniel and Patrick were both tended to by paramedics and FFP officials.


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