01/10/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | January 10, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

The show opened up with Anarchy out in the ring with the World Title in hand. He talked about being a fighting champion and being ready to take on Patrick McCoy and Daniel Matthews at Frost Bite. He also addressed Austin Briggs, and reminded Austin that even though the two wouldn’t meet at Frost Bite didn’t mean that their feud was behind them.

Austin Briggs then came out to the ring. Briggs told Anarchy that he was lucky that he didn’t face him at Frost Bite as Briggs would easily win the title back. The two traded words until Daniel Matthews came out. Obviously not a fan of either man, Daniel talked about he was better than both. This brought out Patrick McCoy.

Eventually Austin and Daniel turned the microphones on Anarchy and Patrick, talking both of the superstars down. Then, Matt Kraven came out and announced that tonight’s main event would be Anarchy and Patrick McCoy taking on Austin Briggs and Daniel Matthews.

Vanity vs Quinn Delaney

Quinn came out balls to the wall trying to take the big girl down. Vanity floored Quinn with a big boot for a two count. Quinn fought back and eventually got up on Vanity’s back, sinking in a deep sleeper hold. Vanity started to fade, eventually falling to her knees.

However she got back up to her feet and backed into the corner slamming Quinn into the turnbuckles. Vanity then grabbed Quinn and planted her with a chokeslam.

Vanity then set Quinn up for the Verticutter. However before she could deliver the finisher, Synn made her return to FFP, storming down the isle and sliding into the ring. Vanity released Quinn but it was too late, Synn nailed a running big boot causing Vanity to stumble backward. Synn then scooped Vanity up on her shoulders and dropped her with the Death Valley Driver.

Unfortunately the match ended due to Synn’s outside interference, but she finally one-upped her rival.


Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Adam Black. Adam talked about wanting to make a name for himself in FFP. He said that his closest goal was to become the FFP Adrenaline Champion. He said that whether that was against Eddie Siebenthaler or someone else, he would do what he had to do to win the title.

Valentina Perez vs Alexis Reed

A strong debut by Valentina Perez, whose initials just happen to be V.I.P. Alexis came out strong like she always can. Valentina stopped her in her tracks with a spinning back kick followed by a neckbreaker. Valentina went for a fireman’s carry but Reed escaped and rolled Valentina up for a two count.

The two began trading strikes, until Valentina gained the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Perez then hit Alexis with a devastating piledriver for the three count.

Next we saw a hype video of FFP’s Power Couple, Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle. Adam would be in action next week at Wednesday Warfare.


Synn walked into Matt Kraven’s office and asked for another match with Vanity. Something violent, bloody and extreme. Matt thought for a moment. He asked Synn if she had any suggestions. Synn smiled and asked Matt to face Vanity at Frost Bite in a Barbed Wire Match. Matt seemed shocked. But he granted Synn’s request. He also told Synn to be careful.


Now we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Valentina Perez. Tyrece asked Valentina how she felt after her victory. Valentina took the microphone from Tyrece and said that she showed that she was an elite Diamond, that she was the best Diamond and that in no time at all she would hold the FFP Diamond Championship.

Nina Fox & Lavender Bow vs Seduction Inc

So many matches are described as back and forth, but this one truly was. Both teams traded offensive moves. Lavender Bow had a lot of question marks on her making her debut, especially against the likes of Seduction Inc.

When Brandi Moore hit the Fameasser on Lavender, it looked to be all over, but Lavender somehow kicked out. Brandi kept Lavender in Seducion Inc’s corner, obviously trying to isolate the rookie. Taylor Clawson hooked Lavender in for the Flatliner, but she reversed Taylor’s finisher and locked in the Bowgasm. However Brandi was quick to get into the ring and break the hold up, which prompted Nina to get into the ring as well.

Nina ended up nailing Taylor with the Superkick knocking her into her corner. Once the brawl ended, Taylor made the tag to Brandi. Lavender also made the tag to Nina. Nina and Brandi went at it. Brandi gained the advantage and hit a backbreaker on the Diamond Champion. Moore went for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Nina hit a knee to Brandi’s head in mid-air, causing Brandi to drop Nina. Nina then flattened Brandi with an STO before tagging Lavender back in. Lavender hooked Brandi in the Bowgasm. Moore tried like hell to get to the ropes. However the hold was too much for her and she had to tap out. The rookie forced one of the greatest Diamonds in FFP history to tap out.

After the match Nina and Lavender embraced and raised each others hands in victory. With the victory they would be going on to Frost Bite and competing in a Fatal-Four Way to determine the number one contenders to the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles.



The scene cut backstage again where Matt Kraven announced that at Wednesday Warfare we would see a tag team battle royal. And the winning team would earn the right to face the American Bulldogs next week at SSN. Kraven explained that whoever won the battle royal would win it for their team. Therefore even if your tag partner is eliminated, as long as a team member is still in, the team is still alive. He also said he would announce the participants on Twitter throughout the week.

Anarchy & Patrick McCoy vs Austin Briggs & Daniel Matthews

Anarchy and Patrick came out working very well together. Austin and Daniel seemed to have disagreements throughout the match. Obviously their egos were too much to be able to team together. Also their affiliations didn’t help. Both men thought their stable was the strongest in FFP.

Austin got Anarchy up onto his shoulders and delivered Daniel Matthews’ finisher, the Death Valley Driver. This brought Daniel in who ended up getting the upperhand on Patrick McCoy. Matthews then planted McCoy with the Brainbuster, which was Austin’s finisher.

The two men began to argue in the middle of the ring. This opened up the opportunity for Anarchy and McCoy to deliver awesome German suplexes to the stable leaders. Anarchy then hooked Austin in the STF. The referee checked on Briggs, who was fighting to get to the ropes. As Anarchy held the move in, Daniel and Patrick went at it, with Daniel eventually tossing McCoy to the outside of the ring. He turned to Anarchy and looked to be about to save his partner. However he climbed out of the ring and waved “goodbye” at Austin. Briggs finally tapped out.

After the match Anarchy and Patrick shook hands. Obviously there was mutual respect there even though they would compete against each other as well as with Daniel Matthews at Frost Bite.


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