01/14/2015 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | January 14, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

The showed opened up with The Kingdom coming down to the ring. Daniel Matthews talked about how he was going to become the new FFP World Champion at Frost Bite. He also hyped Eddie Siebenthaler and his Adrenaline Title run. Daniel also reminded everyone that The Kingdom was the best stable in FFP, even better than The Headline.

Non-Title Match
Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson

A great match to open the night with. Back and forth with both girls hitting some big moves for near falls. Nina set Taylor up for the Superkick but Brandi Moore came down to the ring and distracted Nina. The distraction was just enough for Taylor to hit the Flatliner and pin the Diamond Champion.


Backstage we saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Giovanni Gotch and Natalie Skye. He asked them about their odds of winning the Diamond Tag Team Fatal Four-Way at Frost Bite. Giovanni said that her and Natalie have been on the same page and have really been meshing as a team. Natalie agreed and told Tyrece that there was no doubt that they’d be leaving Frost Bite the new number one contenders.

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Kristopher Bradley

It had been a few weeks since we had seen Kristopher Bradley. He looked to be in good shape, but struggled against the in-ring abilities of Adam Hyatt. Bradley did end up hitting a spinning powerbomb for a two count. Hyatt fought back and took Kristopher down with the Superkick. Then 1, 2, 3 and Adam Hyatt was the winner.

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Next we saw Adam Black backstage with Francine Davis. Adam said that he still hadn’t heard if he could get a shot at the Adrenaline Title. Black promised that not only it would be a good match, but he would defeat Eddie Siebenthaler and become the new champion.

The scene cut to Valentina Perez who was in her locker room. Valentina reminded everyone that she was FFP’s VIP and that she was going to defeat Giovanni Gotch tonight.

Giovanni Gotch vs Valentina Perez

Although Valentina was still fairly new to FFP, she created a buzz on Twitter and her and Giovanni had traded words on the social media platform this past week. Giovanni started out using her technical skills to wear Valentina down, however VIP was quick to counter and gain the advantage, grabbing a handful of Gotch’s blonde hair and tossing her through the ring ropes.

Valentina then hit a suicide dive on Giovanni knocking her back down to the arena floor. The girls brawled around the ring and finally made their way back into the squared circle. Giovanni gained the advantage on Valentina and took VIP up to the top rope. It looked like Gotch was going for a superplex, however Giovanni’s redheaded rival Lacey Abernathy made her way out to the ring. Gotch looked over and demanded Lacey leave ringside. However the distraction was just enough to give VIP the opening to not only gain the upperhand on Giovanni, but hit a devastating sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope.

Valentina hooked Giovanni’s leg but somehow Gotch kicked out just before the three count. Valentina pulled Giovanni back up and went for a Rock Bottom, but Gotch reversed into the Koji Clutch. VIP reached for the ropes, with the submission move wearing her down. However before we could see any type of submission or escape from the hold, Lacey Abernathy slid into the ring and nailed Gotch with an elbow drop. Lacey then began to level Gotch with stomps. This brought out Natalie Skye who came to the aid of her tag team partner. As you could guess, this brought out Natalie’s sister Mona who immediately attacked her sister.

The two teams brawled until FFP security stormed the ring and separated them. Giovanni Gotch was declared the winner due to disqualification by outside interference.



Backstage Francine Davis was standing by with Logan Christopher. We hadn’t seen Logan in a few weeks and he looked noticeably different. A little more fit and maybe more confident. Francine said that Logan had an announcement and asked her to meet with him. Logan then said that he had talked to Matt Kraven, and Saturday at SSN he would face EJ “Money” Carter to decided the number one contender for the FFP Cruiserweight Title.

Brandi Moore vs Lavender Bow

In another feud that seems to have intensified on Twitter, both girls came out to fight. Brandi gained the advantage first blindsiding Lavender as the bell rang. Lavender fought back and ended up hitting an STO for a two count. Lavender ascended to the top rope, but Brandi put a halt on that, and hit a superplex for a two count.

Taylor Clawson ended up coming down to the ring which brought Nina out to make sure to have Lavender’s back. Nina and Taylor went at it on the outside when Taylor tried to get involved. Lavender tried hooking on the Bowgasm on Brandi but Moore escaped and hit a spinebuster. Next Brandi hit the Fisherman Brainbuster and pinned Lavender’s shoulders to the mat.

After the match Brandi went to the outside and hit Nina from behind with a clothesline. Brandi and Taylor then beat Lavender Bow down. Next, Brandi took a step back and hit Lavender with her devastating move, The End Game. Nina tried getting into the ring to protect her friend but it was too late. Brandi and Taylor proceeded to put the boots to Nina, and Brandi hit another End Game. After leaving Nina and Lavender laying, Seduction Inc left the ringside area to an arena full of boos.


Next we saw The Kingdom backstage in their locker room. Daniel Matthews reminded everyone that The Kingdom would soon be welcoming the Tag Team Champions into their stable. Did they mean the American Bulldogs? Did they mean the winners of the upcoming battle royal? Or were they expecting a debuting tag team to win the straps?

Tag Team Battle Royal
(Including: Two Man Mafia, Deranged & El Diablo, The Lifestyle, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce and Hunt Enterprises)

A crazy match with a lot of action all over the ring. The Two Man Mafia and Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce went at it while The Lifestyle and Hunt Enterprises duked it out. Aiden Conrad was the first eliminated when Christopher Morgan and Kashimanaki tossed him over the top.

Next out was Brandon Kincaide courtesy of Prince Tau, followed by Caleb Newstead by Deranged and El Diablo. Hunter Brown wound up tossing Christopher Morgan out. Next he went for Kashimanaki, however Deranged tossed him out. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce then teamed up to eliminate Kashimanaki. The final two teams were Deranged & El Diablo and Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce.

As the two teams went at it, the American Bulldogs came down for a better look. They hopped on the ring apron and distracted Prince Tau who wound up getting eliminated from behind by Deranged. Next, Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston climbed into the ring and obliterated Jackson Pearce. Flooring him with a clothesline from behind then stomping him down.

Deranged & El Diablo seemed hesitant to toss the last remaining superstar out, but knew that this would earn them a Tag Team Title match this Saturday at SSN. So they pulled Jackson to his feet and dumped him over the top rope.

Of course Deranged & El Diablo didn’t have much time to celebrate as the Tag Team Champions attacked them, and left them laying. Nathan and Matt walked up the entrance ramp with their titles held high. Obviously this was a plan to make sure they faced off against a team that they felt had no chance in beating them.

After the match Austin Briggs came down to celebrate with his tag team. Briggs was obviously proud of the Bulldogs plan. As they celebrated Anarchy made his way down the isle. Briggs was quick to exit the ring, demanding that the Tag Team Champions attack the World Champion. However Deranged & El Diablo had gotten back to their feet and backed the World Champion up.

The Headline then left the ring and backed up the entrance ramp leaving Anarchy, Deranged & El Diablo standing alone in the ring as the crowd cheered and the show went off the air.


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