01/25/2015 FFP Frost Bite (PPV)

FFP Frost Bite | January 25, 2015
Houston, Texas

The show opens up with pyro going off and the fans in Houston going absolutely wild. Frost Bite’s card is definitely a great one and the fans are ready to go. The scene cuts immediately to FFP ring announcer Katie Long who announces the special guest commentator for tonight, former FFP World Champion…Lizzy Kraven!

Lizzy walks down the isle to cheers all around the arena. The last time Lizzy was on television Ariana Chaos attacked her and she was stretchered out. However tonight she was only here to do commentary.

She picks up her headset and joins Jackson Flint and Morgan Alexander at the commentator’s table.

[Jackson Flint] Lizzy Kraven, welcome to the commentary table. We are pleased to have you here with us tonight.

[Lizzy Kraven] Thank you. I’m glad to be here. I can’t wait to step back into the ring, but for right now, this will do just fine. I’ve got the best seat in the house.

[Morgan Alexander] Lizzy it’s great to sit here next to only the second woman in FFP history to hold the FFP World Championship. But I have to ask you, are you going to be ready for the Diamond Tournament on FFP’s Tour of Japan? Is your neck going to be ready?

[Lizzy Kraven] Absolutely Morgan. Ariana set me back a little when she attacked me at the Merry Christmas Show, but I’ll be just fine. I can’t wait. I’m hoping to win the tournament for the second year in a row, and then who knows what title I’ll go after!

[Morgan Alexander] You brought Ariana Chaos up. She was fired after attacking you last month. Are you angry you didn’t get revenge?

[Lizzy Kraven] Honestly, I would have loved to hook up with her one more time, but it didn’t happen. I can’t control that. But Morgan, we’re at Frost Bite. I’m ready for this show!

[Jackson Flint] I agree Lizzy. Let the past worry about the past. Tonight we have a blockbuster card for you fans!

Jackson is interrupted by Austin Briggs’ theme music. Briggs walks down the isle, climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Austin Briggs: “It’s a damn travesty that I’m not on this card! I know that I didn’t get a spot in the Triple Threat Match for the World Title, and I understand that, but I’m the former FFP World Champion. I’m the greatest wrestler in this promotion. I’m the leader and creator of The Headline. I should be on this show!”

As Austin is complaining, Adam Hyatt makes his way to the ring, with a microphone in one hand and Madison Castle’s hand in the other. Hyatt climbs into the ring and stands face to face with Briggs, already armed with his own microphone.

Adam Hyatt: “Austin, these fans didn’t pay their hard earned money to listen to you bitch.”

[Morgan Alexander] Hard earned? I doubt it.

Adam Hyatt: “Listen Briggs. If you want a fight, I’m right here…”

As Hyatt finishes his sentence, the FFP Tag Team Champions the American Bulldogs head to the ring. They climb in and stand behind their stable leader Austin Briggs.

Austin Briggs: “Fight? You think you can handle this?”

As it looks as if Adam Hyatt may be looking at some trouble, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce hurry to the ring. They stand beside Adam Hyatt. It looks as if a two-team brawl could break out at any moment.

Adam Hyatt: “Things look a little evened up now Austin. So what do you say…you and your two goons against me, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce here tonight?!”

The fans go crazy thinking of the star-studded six-man tag match. Austin is reluctant.

Austin Briggs: “…You’re on!”

Briggs throws the microphone down on the mat and exits the ring with his stablemates by his side.

[Jackson Flint] We’ve already got an amazing card for you fans, and we just added one hell of a match!

[Morgan Alexander] The Headline was left off the card tonight, and I think they’re taking exception to that. I wouldn’t want to mess with Austin, Nathan and Matt tonight. They’re going to be out here with something to prove.

[Lizzy Kraven] I agree Morgan, they will be wanting to prove that they deserved to be booked, but if Adam’s team wins, maybe they prove that not only Adam deserves a shot at the World Title, but Tau and Jackson deserve Tag Title shots. What do you think about that?

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t know if I’d go that far. Adam Hyatt is an impressive superstar, but World Title worthy?

[Jackson Flint] Why not Morgan?! Adam Hyatt was the longest Adrenaline Champion in history. He has proved his worth to me.

[Morgan Alexander] He’s also held the title for the shortest amount of time Jackson.

[Lizzy Kraven] We’ll see what happens. I’m very excited for that match. And I’m super excited for our opening match. Quinn Delaney and Valentina Perez hooked up a few shows ago and VIP scored the win, but she did a little tight pulling during that pin. Quinn wanted her rematch and she gets it tonight at Frost Bite.

[Jackson Flint] Who do you think will win this one Lizzy?

[Lizzy Kraven] I think I have to go with Quinn Delaney.

[Jackson Flint] We’ll see. Let’s get to the match.

[Morgan Alexander] Aren’t you going to ask me?

[Jackson Flint] Nope…

Quinn Delaney vs Valentina Perez

Quinn Delaney comes down to the ring to nothing but cheers from the Houston crowd. Valentina’s entrance is a little different. A few cheers but for the most part, the crowd isn’t very fond of VIP’s cocky attitude.

Quinn goes for a handshake to start things off but obviously VIP blows that off and proceeds to hit Quinn with a slap in the face. Quinn stumbles back but quickly goes after VIP who heads to the ropes. She limbos under the top so the referee has to stop Quinn from proceeding. While Quinn is held up by the referee Valentina gets back in the ring and levels Quinn with a forearm to the head. She then hooks Quinn in a small package and gets a two count.

[Morgan Alexander] Wow! I thought it was over right there.

Quinn and VIP get back to their feet. They lock up and Quinn grabs a headlock. VIP escapes it and shoves Quinn forward, chop blocking Quinn from behind and taking her leg out. Valentina then locks in a single leg lock.

[Jackson Flint] Valentina working on Quinn’s leg early.

[Lizzy Kraven] Very smart early on. Take out an opponent’s limb and your chances of winning sky rocket. That’s what Veronica did to me to end my World Title run.

VIP continues working on the leg, causing Quinn to reach and stretch for the ropes. Finally she does and Valentina releases the hold. However it doesn’t stop Perez from reigning stomps and kicks down on Delaney’s leg. Quinn gets back to her feet and double legs Valentina. She delivers a couple of body blows before allowing VIP back to her feet. Quinn hits a few more strikes then a swinging neck breaker. Quinn climbs to the middle rope. When Valentina gets back up Quinn delivers a missile dropkick. She hooks Valentina’s leg and gets a two count.

Valentina fights back to her feet, but Quinn blocks a punch attempt and hits a backbreaker. She then climbs to the top rope. She attempts a flying leg drop, but Valentina rolls out of the way. Quinn crashes to the mat, doing more damage to her leg. Valentina notices and slaps on a Figure Four Leglock. The crowd lets out a collective, “wooo!”

[Jackson Flint] Back to the leg.

[Morgan Alexander] Great move by Valentina. Keep Quinn grounded and take that leg away from her.

Quinn’s face tells the story. She’s obviously in a lot of pain. However she keeps on scraping and clawing toward the ropes, and finally gets to them. Valentina must break the hold, however she keeps the hold locked in dangerously close to the five count.

The referee backs her away from Quinn and gives her a warning. Valentina approaches Quinn, but Quinn hits a kick to Valentina’s ribs. VIP backs away and Quinn charges. Valentina however quickly hits a dropkick to Quinn’s leg. Delaney crashes back down to the mat and VIP slaps on a single leg Boston crab. Quinn slaps the mat in frustration and continues reaching for the ropes.

[Lizzy Kraven] Things aren’t looking good for my girl Quinn. Valentina came in here with a gameplan on her mind, and it’s working out for her tremendously.

Quinn finally gets to the ropes, but when she gets back to her feet she is limping pretty bad. Valentina hits the ropes and attempts another chop block, but Quinn jumps over the attempt. When VIP gets back up Quinn hits her with a quick superkick. VIP falls to her back, but Quinn does as well, her injured leg buckling under her weight. She pulls herself back up using the ropes, and delivers an elbow drop. She hooks VIP’s leg but gets a two count.

Quinn pulls Valentina back up and slaps on an old school bearhug. VIP tries muscling her way out as Quinn keeps the hold locked in as best as possible. Quinn finally releases, sends VIP into the ropes and hits a dropkick. She pulls VIP back up and hooks her in a backslide pin. The referee counts and VIP escapes at the two count. Both Diamonds get back to their feet. Quinn attempts a kick with her bad leg, but Valentina catches it. She smiles at Quinn before attempting a dragon leg screw. However Quinn quickly jumps up, catches Valentina’s head and rolls her up in an unorthodox pin. The referee counts, 1, 2, 3! Quinn Delaney wins the match.

[Jackson Flint] Wow, she surprised Valentina with a crazy roll up and gets the victory.

[Morgan Alexander] You’ve got to be kidding me. Valentina was the better wrestler the entire match!

[Lizzy Kraven] Only thing that matters is who got their hand raised Morgan. Quinn Delaney gets the win!

As Lizzy says that, Quinn gets her hand raised by the referee, but the agitated Valentina Perez gets back up and levels Quinn from behind with another chop block. VIP then pulls Quinn up and hits the VIP Treatment, knocking the redhead out cold.

Valentina stands up and raises her arms in the air. The crowd boos as Perez looks down at her victim. She leaves the ring while Quinn starts to regain consciousness.

[Lizzy Kraven] What a sore sport. She lost the damn match. No need to attack the poor girl afterward.

[Morgan Alexander] Whenever you’re in that ring, you’ve got to be on your toes. Valentina should have won the match, and she walks away victorious after that.

[Lizzy Kraven] Victorious? She lost the match Morgan. And what she did just shows that she has no class.


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis is standing by with Giovanni Gotch.

Francine Davis: “Giovanni, at Wednesday Warfare we saw you compete in a great match with Lacey Abernathy. You came out victorious, but then “Fabulous” Fiona Burke made her FFP debut, brutally attacking you from behind with a Singapore cane. How are you feeling?”

Giovanni Gotch: “I’m fine Francine. Fiona wanted to make a name for herself by going after me. Not sure if it’s because she’s threatened by me, if it’s because my last name is Gotch, or what. But I feel fine. And tonight I’m going to show the world just how fine I am in the Diamond Tag Team Fatal Four-Way Match.”

Giovanni now walks away and Francine sends it back to ringside.

[Jackson Flint] Giovanni Gotch seems rather confident. At Warfare she won a battle against Lacey Abernathy. And like Francine mentioned, she was attacked by Fiona Burke.

[Morgan Alexander] Fiona Burke. I love her. She is hot. And sexy. I…

[Lizzy Kraven] Enough Morgan! Let’s get to our next match.

[Jackson Flint] I agree Lizzy! Our next match will see the debut of a superstar that we have been hyping for a while now, Draiden.

[Morgan Alexander] I can’t wait to see this guy.

[Jackson Flint] Here we go…

Draiden vs Deranged

Draiden comes down to the ring with the Houston crowd cheering. His mysterious look is definitely a sight to see. Deranged comes out next. The two lock up and Draiden gains the advantage. After a couple of technical wear down holds, Draiden delivers an awesome release German suplex. He follows it up with a couple of hard kicks to Deranged’s chest. He then pulls Deranged up and hits a double arm DDT for a two count.

Deranged fights back, hitting a spin wheel kick that knocks the newcomer to the mat. Deranged then goes up top and hits a splash. He hooks Draiden’s leg but only gets a two count. He pulls Draiden up and hits the ropes, but Draiden catches Deranged and hits a big spinebuster. He then ascends to the top rope and hits a devastating double stomp to the chest. Draiden then locks in the LeBell Lock.

[Jackson Flint] I understand he calls this hold the Fade Into The Darkness.

[Morgan Alexander] We all know it’s the LeBell Lock, but I like that name. The Fade Into The Darkness. And it looks like Deranged is fading…

Deranged reaches out for the ropes, but can’t reach them. He seems to be losing consciousness. The masked superstar finally taps out and Draiden comes out victorious in his debut.

[Lizzy Kraven] Draiden wins and in impressive fashion. Deranged may seem like a push over to some, but he’s a multi-time Cruiserweight Champion. And it seems Draiden made easy work of him. We could be looking at a future Cruiserweight Champion.


The scene now cuts backstage where we see Daniel Matthews with Scarlett Ducane. Matthews seems to be almost meditating while Scarlett rubs his back and shoulders. The scene cuts to Anarchy, who is sitting in his locker room with the World Title on his knee. He’s looking down at the title that he fought so hard to get. The scene cuts once more to Patrick McCoy, who last year at this time was the FFP World Champion. All three competitors look determined to leave tonight the FFP World Champion.

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The scene cuts backstage to President Matt Kraven’s office. Kraven is all smiles. He announces that he has set the brackets for the Men and Diamond Tournaments that will be featured in the second annual FFP Tour of Japan in March. Kraven reminds everyone that last year’s winners were Matt Evanston and Lizzy Kraven, and that this year those two would compete in the tournaments, facing off against the opponents that they defeated in the finals.

Matt also reminds us all that not only is this a tournament for the chance to wrestle for any title that you wish, but that this will be similar to WWE’s “Money in the Bank” rules, and that the winner of each tournament will be able to “cash-in” for whichever title that they like, at whatever time that they wish!

Men’s Bracket
Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 3.21.32 PM

Diamond Bracket
Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 3.24.06 PM

Barbed Wire Match
Vanity vs Synn

Obviously the crowd expects a violent match with this one. During the break FFP crew members brought down several boards with barbed wire stapled to them. Barbed wire also has been wrapped around the ropes on each side of the ring. The only way to enter the ring is to carefully slide under the barbed wire, or somehow jump over it.

Vanity and Synn enter the ring by sliding under the barbed wire. The bell rings and the two go at it. No lock ups, hammerlocks or arm drags here. It’s fists. Both girls grab each other by the hair, and repeatedly slam their fists into each other’s faces.

Synn crashes to the mat first after a hard right hand to the side of the head. Vanity then delivers a couple of stomps. She grabs Synn by her hair and pulls her toward the side of the ring. Hell bent on tangling Synn in the barbed wire.

[Jackson Flint] I’m honestly scared for both of these girls’ well beings. This is so dangerous. And both girls are honestly looking to kill the other.

[Morgan Alexander] This is freaking awesome.

Vanity attempts to shove Synn’s face into the barbed wire, but Synn kicks Vanity on the top of the head as she’s bending over to grab Synn. Vanity stumbles back. Synn jumps to her feet and hits a hard kick to the chest. Vanity stumbles back and falls into the barbed wire. She is quick to step away. Synn charges, but Vanity counters catching Synn by the throat and slamming her to the mat. She delivers an awesome kick to Synn’s back. She then pulls Synn up by her hair, and throws her into the barbed wire on the ropes. Synn screams in pain. Vanity charges, going for a spear, but Synn dodges. Vanity crashes into the barbed wire, head first. Some of her hair gets tangled up in the barbed wire she she’s pressed against it.

[Jackson Flint] What is she going to do? How can she get out of that?

[Morgan Alexander] Lose some hair…

Synn delivers a couple of hard kicks before sliding out of the ring and grabbing a barbed wire board. She tosses it up over the barbed wire covered ropes. Then grabs another board. This one, she slides under the ropes, only getting it stuck for a second. Then she reenters the ring.

By now Vanity has pulled herself out of the barbed wire, a little bit of dark hair is seen hanging from the barbed wire. Vanity attempts to kick Synn, but Synn catches her leg and pulls her in for a hard clothesline. Synn then grabs one of the barbed wire boards and tips it over on top of Vanity. Synn backs away, runs and elbow drops the board.

[Lizzy Kraven] This is brutal.

Synn backs away, waiting for Vanity to get herself out from under the board. When she finally does, Synn runs at her, but catches a big boot to the face. Synn stumbles back, Vanity grabs her by the throat, and delivers a big chokeslam on the other barbed wire covered board. Vanity pins Synn and nearly gets a three count.

Vanity now pulls Synn up by her hair once more. She scoops Synn up on her shoulders and attempts a death valley driver on the barbed wire. However Synn pushes herself off of Vanity’s shoulders and delivers a German suplex. Vanity’s head nearly hits the barbed wire that’s wrapped around the ring ropes.

Synn pulls Vanity up again and sets her up for a powerbomb on one of the barbed wire cover boards. However Vanity is too much for Synn to lift. Instead Vanity back body drops Synn on the barbed wire. Vanity backs away and attempts a senton, but Synn moves out of the way and Vanity crashes to the board. Synn delivers a couple of stomps before letting Vanity get back to her feet. Synn backs away and hits another super kick. She then hooks Vanity and hits a fisherman suplex onto the barbed wire covered board. Synn has to pull a little hair out to get away from the barbed wire board. She grabs the other board, lifts it up over her head and pretty much suplexes it onto Vanity’s body. Vanity is now sandwiched between the two boards.

[Jackson Flint] Vanity isn’t going anywhere now.

[Morgan Alexander] And once those barbed wire boards touch, it’s like they lock together. Vanity is in a barbed wire sandwich.

[Lizzy Kraven] Synn is going up top.

Synn carefully climbs to the top rope, careful to not slice her hands open. She delivers a splash off the top, crashing down on the back of the board, further sandwiching Vanity inbetween the two barbed wire boards. Synn stays on top of the board, pinning Vanity for the three count.

[Jackson Flint] Synn finally got her victory over Vanity! And boy was that match brutal! I really hope these girls are done feuding, because they just keep destroying the other.

[Morgan Alexander] I have to give it to her. Synn never gave up. This whole feud she got her ass kicked by Vanity, and tonight she has cause to celebrate.

[Lizzy Kraven] Synn showed a lot of heart. Vanity took her stable away from her, beat her to death many times, and Synn finally walks away the winner.


The scene cuts to President Matt Kraven’s office. Kraven is sitting watching the pay-per-view with Nina Fox and Lavender Bow. There is a knock at the door. Kraven yells for them to come in. It’s Quinn Delaney, still limping after her victory.

Matt Kraven: “How can I help you Quinn?”

Quinn Delaney: “Did you see my match?”

She looks at all three for responses.

Matt Kraven: “Yes we did. You and Valentina put on one hell of a match.”

Quinn Delaney: “Nina, I think I’ve proven that I should be number one contender. Please let me have a shot at your title.”

Lavender Bow: “Quinn, does this look like the time or place? We’ve got a match here in a little while. Nina needs to be concentrated on that, and not on if you should or shouldn’t get a title match.”

Nina Fox: “It’s okay Lav. Quinn, Matt will have to set the match up, but if you want a shot at my Diamond Title, that’s fine by me.”

Quinn smiles. She reaches out and shakes Nina’s hand.

Quinn Delaney: “Thank you! Thank you Nina.”

[Jackson Flint] Well there you have it. Nina Fox says that if Quinn Delaney wants a title shot, she can have one.

[Morgan Alexander] But will she?!

[Jackson Flint] What do you mean?

[Morgan Alexander] Will she get a title shot? Matt Kraven may try to protect Nina. He may be afraid that Nina is going to lose the title. Will the match actually happen?

[Lizzy Kraven] Oh stop it Morgan. Matt will book the match. Nina is a fighting champion. She will gladly put the title on the line against anyone.

Six-Man Tag Match
Adam Hyatt, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Austin Briggs & The American Bulldogs

Both teams make their way down to the ring, and before the bell can even sound a brawl breaks out. Eventually Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce take the American Bulldogs to the outside of the ring while Austin Briggs and Adam Hyatt due battle inside.

Tau levels Matt Evanston with a clothesline over the steel guardrail. Tau and Pearce then beat Nathan down and slam him into the nearby steel ring steps. Finally the bell sounds for the start of the match.

[Jackson Flint] So the match is officially underway now.

Austin Briggs goes for the Brainbuster super early on Adam Hyatt, but Hyatt escapes the attempt and goes for his Superkick immediately after. Briggs ducks the Superkick attempt and clobbers Adam with a clothesline from behind. Briggs then plants Hyatt with a piledriver for a two count.

The American Bulldogs finally get back up onto the apron and Austin tags Nathan in. Nathan hooks Hyatt’s arms and goes for the Double Underhook Driver, however Prince Tau enters the ring and levels Nathan with a clothesline. Matt Evanston comes in and scoops Prince Tau up onto his shoulders, most likely for the Go to Sleep. However Jackson Pearce climbs into the ring and the two teams break into another brawl.

[Jackson Flint] Another brawl!

[Morgan Alexander] The referee can’t handle these guys.

[Lizzy Kraven] The Headline are all outside of the ring, and what is Adam Hyatt doing?!

Hyatt hits the ropes and performs a dangerous suicide dive, knocking all three members of The Headline to the arena floor. Hyatt then slides back into the ring and joins Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce.

Austin Briggs grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring. As he approaches Adam Hyatt with the weapon, the referee jumps in front of him and grabs the foreign object. Austin has words with the referee. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs slide into the ring armed with their Tag Team Titles. Adam Hyatt goes after Briggs who is still arguing with the referee as Nathan and Matt level Tau and Jackson with their belts. The Bulldogs now stomp Tau and Pearce, pushing them with their feet, rolling them out of the ring. They toss the titles out of the ring and grab a hold of Adam Hyatt. As Nathan holds Adam’s arms back, Matt grabs the referee and pulls him away from Austin.

[Jackson Flint] What are they doing?!

[Morgan Alexander] I know exactly what they’re doing. Watch this…

Nathan continues holding Adam while Matt now distracts the referee. Austin brings the steel chair back and levels Adam with a chairshot to the head. Hyatt drops to his knees, then falls chest first to the mat. Briggs now tosses the chair while Nathan climbs out of the ring. Matt lets go of the referee and joins Nathan on the apron.

Austin now pulls Adam back up to his feet. Although Adam is out, Austin proceeds to hit the Brainbuster. Briggs then hooks Adam’s leg for the three count.

[Jackson Flint] What a crock.

[Lizzy Kraven] I agree Jackson. The Headline is a group of three ridiculously talented men. And yet they had to stoop to using the Tag Titles and a steel chair to win the match.

[Morgan Alexander] They’re resourceful.

[Lizzy Kraven] Give me a break Morgan.


The scene now cuts to Christopher Morgan, who is in The Lifestyle locker room with Kashimanaki. Morgan is talking Kashimanaki up, telling him that he will definitely beat Logan Christopher and continue his Cruiserweight Title run.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher comes out first. Surprisingly none of The Headline comes to the ring with him. Kashimanaki comes down next. Christopher Morgan isn’t with him either.

[Jackson Flint] It looks like we are going to get a fair one-on-one match.

[Lizzy Kraven] I’m happy with that. I was worried that we may see Christopher Morgan, Austin Briggs or the American Bulldogs out here. These two guys are capable of putting on the match of the night right here.

The bell rings and the men lock up. Kashimanaki gains the advantage first, and looks to start working Logan’s leg like Valentina did in the opening match. Taking away Logan’s leg would not only help Kashimanaki in gaining a victory, but would take a lot of Logan’s offense away from him.

After a couple of drag leg screws, Kashimanaki takes Logan up onto the top rope. He attempts a top rope hurricanrana, however Logan pushes Kashimanaki’s legs, causing him to back flip and land on his feet on the mat. Logan then leaps off the turnbuckle and hits a devastating shining wizard. Logan pins Kashimanaki, but somehow Kashimanaki kicks out JUST before the three count.

[Jackson Flint] That was CLOSE!

Logan pulls Kashimanaki up and hits a Northern lights suplex. Holding it for a pin. 1…2… and Kashimanaki kicks out again. Logan delivers a couple of stomps, and ascends to the top rope. He calls for his Shooting Star Press, but Kashimanaki rolls out of the ring. He shakes his head, trying to ‘clear the cobwebs’. However Logan decides to dive off the top rope and hit Kashimanaki with a diving clothesline on the arena floor. Both men lie on the protective mats motionless.

[Jackson Flint] That was dangerous. All the way from the top rope to the arena floor.

[Morgan Alexander] These guys are out.

Logan is the first up. He slowly rolls into the ring, waiting for Kashimanaki. When Kashimanaki finally gets up onto the apron Logan grabs him and attempts to suplex him into the ring, but mid-suplex, Kashimanaki delivers a knee to the top of Logan’s head. Logan lets Kashimanaki go and stumbles back. Kashimanaki then cracks Logan in the head with one of his trademark and dangerous stiff kicks.

Logan drops to his knees, and Kashimanaki hits a shining wizard. He pins Logan. 1…2… and Logan kicks out. Kashimanaki now pulls Logan up. He calls for his finisher, the Kashimanaki Driver. He hoists Logan, up Logan escapes the attempt. He hits Kashimanaki with a kick to the midsection, and a facebuster. Logan now ascends to the top. Kashimanaki gets to his feet and tries to grab Logan before he jumps off the top, but Logan hits a Macho Man style flying double axehandle. Logan climbs back to the top rope again. This time he goes for the Shooting Star Press, but he only connects with Kashimanaki’s knees.

[Jackson Flint] Oh that’s gotta be it. Logan is gasping for air. That had to end it.

Kashimanaki now pulls Logan up and plants him with the Kashimanaki Driver. He hooks Logan’s leg for the pin. 1…2…AND LOGAN CHRISTOPHER KICKS OUT!!!

Kashimanaki looks over at the referee. He looks down at Logan and back at the referee. He now stands and begins questioning the ref.

[Morgan Alexander] Holy crap! He’s going to have to kill him.

[Lizzy Kraven] Logan is showing heart you guys.

As Kashimanaki questions the referee, Logan gets up and hooks him in a school boy for a pin. 1…2… and Kashimanaki kicks out. He gets back up and attempts another stiff kick to Logan’s skull. However this time Logan ducks it and grabs Kashimanaki’s arms. Christopher proceeds to deliver an impressive Dragon Suplex, holding the move for a pin attempt. 1…2… and Kashimanaki kicks out. Logan beats Kashimanaki to his feet by only an instant. Logan hits Kashimanaki with a boot to the midsection. He then bends him over and hits him with a cradle piledriver. Logan hooks Kashimanaki’s leg and the referee counts. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Logan Christopher wins!

[Lizzy Kraven] Logan Christopher is the new Cruiserweight Champion!

[Jackson Flint] That was one hell of a match! Congratulations to Logan Christopher.

[Morgan Alexander] Congrats to Logan, and congrats to The Headline. They have another title in their stable. And when Austin Briggs finally gets his World Title back, they’ll be flying high.

[Lizzy Kraven] Kashimanaki put up one hell of a fight, and both of these guys should be proud of their performance. Lately we’ve seen some great matches, and this is another one that could wind up being 2015 Match of the Year. And it’s only January!

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Diamond Tag Team Fatal Four-Way Match | #1 Contender for Diamond Tag Team Titles
Las Bellezas Peligrosas vs Lacey Abernathy & Mona Skye vs Giovanni Gotch & Natalie Skye vs Nina Fox & Lavender Bow

All the teams walk down the isle and step into the ring. Only two girls can begin the match and it’s decided that it’s Firefly and Lacey Abernathy.

[Jackson Flint] I have a feeling this one is going to be crazy.

[Morgan Alexander] I just love it all. Eight sexy drop dead gorgeous Diamonds right in front of me. I’m in heaven.

[Lizzy Kraven] Calm down Morgan.

Lacey gains the advantage over Firefly and uses her brawling skills to beat the masked luchadora down. Kemina gets tagged in from Firefly and begins to put the hurt to Lacey. Lacey eventually tags out to Lavender Bow.

[Jackson Flint] Lavender Bow hasn’t had too much spotlight in the ring. I’m really curious to see how she fairs in here.

[Morgan Alexander] And she’s hot!

[Jackson Flint] Morgan. Call the match.

[Morgan Alexander] Well right now she’s got a headlock on Kemina. And I’ve heard some rumblings backstage that her and Matt Kraven have a thing going on. Shhh, don’t tell Nina.

[Lizzy Kraven] Morgan! One, I know you’re full of it. Two, call the match.

[Morgan Alexander] Fine. Jeez…

Lavender Bow hits a couple of arm drags and a hip toss on Kemina, followed by a dropkick. Kemina tags to Giovanni Gotch. Gotch and Lavender square off. Lavender hits a couple of strikes and sends Giovanni into the ropes. Bow goes for a back body drop but Gotch puts on the brakes, hits a hard kick to Lavender, and clotheslines her. Lavender scurries to her corner and tags in Nina Fox.

Fox and Gotch hook up. Fox gains the advantage early. Mona Skye now enters the ring and nails Nina with a shot to the head. She throws Nina to the outside, but gets hit with a German suplex from Giovanni.

[Jackson Flint] Here we go! Things are about to get crazy.

[Morgan Alexander] Yep! Chicks flying everywhere. These two are brawling here. Las Bellezas Peligrosas look like they’re about to do something crazy.

Lacey Abernathy and Mona Skye end up on the outside of the ring with Giovanni Gotch and Natalie Skye. Kemina and Firefly hit the ropes and hit beautiful springboard splashes on Lacey and Mona. Gotch slides back into the ring and goes head to head with Nina Fox again, this time taking Nina down with a bulldog. Giovanni sets Nina up for what looks to be a move from the corner, but Natalie Skye ends up making the blind tag with Giovanni. Gotch looks none too pleased, but exits the ring.

[Jackson Flint] That didn’t look good.

[Morgan Alexander] Yeah, Giovanni looked like she had it under control.

[Lizzy Kraven] I think she’s shrugging it off guys.

Natalie squares off with Nina, and continues where Giovanni left off. After a snap suplex Natalie hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. As Skye goes for the pin on Nina, Giovanni reenters the ring. She LEVELS Natalie with a kick to the side of the face. Natalie falls limp to her back beside Nina Fox.

[Jackson Flint] What the hell?!

[Lizzy Kraven] I guess she didn’t shrug it off you guys.

By now Kemina and Firefly are starting to pull themselves back up to the apron, however Lavender Bow enters the ring and hits a dropkick, one foot to each one of the Las Bellezas Peligrosas. Nina Fox now drapes her arm over Natalie’s body while Giovanni climbs out of the ring. Gotch watches, walking backwards up the isle. The referee counts, although confused at Gotch’s actions. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Wow! Nina Fox and Lavender Bow are the new number one contenders for the Diamond Tag Team Titles, but I think the bigger story here guys, is that Giovanni Gotch kicks Natalie right in the face and cost them the match.

[Morgan Alexander] That was brutal. God I heard the echo of her skull over here.

[Lizzy Kraven] I don’t understand why she did that. Blind tags happen all the time. No need to destroy your relationship with your tag partner and walk out like that.

[Jackson Flint] Congratulations to Nina and Lavender. They’ll face off against either Seduction Inc or The Queendom in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, EMTs are coming down to check on Natalie you guys.

[Lizzy Kraven] Yeah, that could definitely have given her a concussion. You can’t be too careful.


The scene cuts backstage where Francine Davis is standing by with Patrick McCoy. Francine asks Patrick about how he feels he will do tonight in the Triple Threat World Title Match.

Patrick McCoy: “One year ago, I was the FFP World Champion. At this same event last year I was the champion and beat Anarchy to continue my title reign. Now, I’m trying to beat that same man, in a Triple Threat Match to once again become champion. Some people say the odds are stacked against me. I’ve seen the people on social media. Many people are picking Anarchy, and many are picking Daniel Matthews. I’m the afterthought. Well that stops tonight. I don’t care if it’s Anarchy or Daniel Matthews, I’m doing whatever it takes to become the FFP World Champion again.”

McCoy walks away as the scene cuts back to ringside.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Eddie Siebenthaler w/ Dallas Braun vs Jason Copeland

Eddie Siebenthaler entered the ring to a chorus of boos. Although the man had came into FFP winning the Adrenaline Title in his first match, his alliance with The Kingdom was enough to keep the fans from liking him.

Jason obviously came out as the fan favorite. As he entered the ring the crowd chanted, “Copeland, Copeland!”

[Jackson Flint] Jason Copeland has been fighting hard here in Full Force Pro for quite sometime trying to win himself some gold. Tonight, I have a feeling he’s walking away with that Adrenaline Championship.

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t know Jackson. Eddie is a beast. He’s a big man that knows how to throw down. I think I’ve got to go with Siebenthaler.

[Lizzy Kraven] Siebenthaler is a big man. Jason has his work cut out for him.

The men lock up and Eddie gains the advantage with a knee to the chest. He whips Copeland into the ropes and hits a diving clothesline. He goes for a nonchalant pin already, but Copeland kicks out at one.

Siebenthaler pulls Copeland back up and hits him with a short arm clothesline. He waits for him to get up again, and hits a running knee lift, knocking Copeland right back down. Eddie then turns to the crowd and puts his arms in the air. The crowd boos.

[Jackson Flint] Eddie looks impressive thus far.

Siebenthaler pulls Jason up and calls for the Crucifix Powerbomb. However Jason escapes out of Eddie’s grip and nails the big man with a hard spinning elbow to the head. It rock the big man. Eddie stumbles backward. Jason lets out a scream, and hits another spinning elbow. This time Eddie falls inbetween the top and middle rope and falls to the outside. Copeland waits. Once Eddie has shown sign of life, Jason hits the ropes and attempts a baseball slide dropkick. Eddie backs away. Jason lands on his feet, however Siebenthaler grabs him from behind and delivers a devastating release German suplex right through the announcer’s table. Jackson, Morgan and Lizzy scurry away as the table shatters and the monitors fly in the air.

Eddie grabs the tattooed fan favorite by his hair and pulls him from the ruble. He now Irish whips him into the nearby steel ring steps. Copeland falls to the floor. Eddie lays in a couple of stomps before pulling the challenger back up, and slamming him head first into the steel ring post. Eddie rams Jason’s head into the post two more times, the last time finally busting the young man’s forehead open. Siebenthaler then hoists Jason up, and hits him with a snake eyes across the steel guardrail.

Eddie walks over to Dallas and puts his arm around her. She pats him on the back, obviously proud of his performance thus far.

Copeland pulls himself up using the guardrail. Slowly he turns toward Eddie, who charges and levels him with a running big boot. This sending Jason over the guardrail and to the feet of the crowd members in the front row.

Eddie now rolls back into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring, with his arms up in the air. The crowd boos.

Jason again is slow to get to his feet. He sloppily climbs over the guardrail falling to the protective mats at ringside. He uses his hands and knees to crawl up the ring steps and falls over the bottom rope back into the ring. Siebenthaler drags him to the middle of the ring and covers him. 1…2… and Copeland somehow kicks out. Eddie looks surprised, but stays on top of his opponent.

He lays in a couple of shots to the head before pulling Jason up. He sets him up for a suplex, however Jason escapes, landing on his feet behind Eddie, and rolls him up in a schoolboy pin. 1…2… and Eddie kicks out. Eddie pops back to his feet as Jason gets to his knees. Siebenthaler, out of frustration, delivers another running boot, right to Copeland’s head. Jason, now dawning a crimson mask, lies motionless on the ring mat, blood puddling under his cut forehead. Eddie pulls Jason up and this time successfully hits the Crucifix Powerbomb. Eddie then hooks Jason’s leg. 1…2…3.

About the time that Dallas Braun grabs the Adrenaline Title and hands it to her man, the commentator’s have plugged their headsets back in.

[Jackson Flint] I think we’re back…yeah, it’s working. You guys here?

[Morgan Alexander] Mine is working. What a match.

[Lizzy Kraven] We didn’t even have time to brace ourselves for that German suplex through our table. Now we’re left with a mess at our feet.

[Jackson Flint] Eddie Siebenthaler looks impressive tonight in his FFP pay-per-view debut, and I could see this guy holding this title for a long time.

[Morgan Alexander] You just said you thought Jason would win the belt earlier.

[Jackson Flint] I admit, I was wrong.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh, you heard that folks. He was wrong! And I, WAS RIGHT!


The scene cuts backstage where Tyrece Beckman is with Daniel Matthews in The Kingdom’s locker room. Matthews looks ready for his match, and Seduction Inc are in the background with their Diamond Tag Team Titles strapped around their waists. Beckman asks Daniel what he thinks of tonight so far.

Daniel Matthews: “Well Eddie Siebenthaler just showed the world what he’s capable of! Seduction Inc are going out next, and are going to make short work of The Queendom. And then in the main event I’m walking away with the FFP World Championship again! It’s going to be a good night for The Kingdom Tyrece. A very good night for The Kingdom.”

Tyrece starts to ask another question, but Daniel shoves him toward the door as he turns to talk to Seduction Inc one last time before they leave for their match.

[Jackson Flint] Daniel is pumped.

[Morgan Alexander] And why wouldn’t he be? His stable looks to be on the rise yet again. Seduction Inc vs The Queendom is coming up next, he’s hoping to see his girls take care of business, and then walk out of here with the World Title in his possession. This could be an epic night for The Kingdom.

[Lizzy Kraven] It could be. Then again, they could leave Houston, Texas with the Adrenaline Title and nothing more.

[Jackson Flint] Lizzy is right.

[Morgan Alexander] You guys are party poopers.

[Jackson Flint] Diamond Tag Team Title match, coming next!


Although everyone was expecting the Diamond Tag Team Title match to be next, we are surprised to hear President Matt Kraven’s theme hit the sound system. Matt walks down the isle with a smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

[Jackson Flint] What’s Matt doing out here? He already announced the Tour of Japan Tournament Brackets. What else does he have to say?

Matt Kraven: “How are you guys doing tonight?!”

The crowd cheers.

Matt Kraven: “Well the reason I am out here tonight is to make a huge announcement. Tonight not only are we witness history with this spectacular event here in Houston, but we have made an acquisition unlike no other. You see, Friday night I sat down with a lovely young lady by the name of Emily Hart. Emily has decided to invest a good amount of money in Full Force Pro. Now I don’t want to disclose how much, but I can tell you that because of her investment, FFP will be able to do a lot more than what I ever thought we’d be able to do. Emily invested this amount of money contingent on one thing…that she be named the first ever Full Force Pro Vice-President. I thought about it for a few moments. I’ll admit, all the zeros on the check had me distracted, but I thought about it. Emily is a bright young lady, she’s a natural star in the entertainment world, and ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the first ever FFP Vice-President, Emily Hart!”

Emily walks down the isle looking as beautiful as ever. She waves to the crowd as she walks the isle. Obviously excited and happy to be in Full Force Pro, she climbs into the ring and Matt gladly hands his microphone over to her.

[Jackson Flint] A new Vice-President! What does this mean?

[Morgan Alexander] I’ve spoken to this lovely lady on Twitter. She’s hot. She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s everything that I would like a Mrs. Morgan Alexander to be!

[Lizzy Kraven] Morgan, you’re something else, you know that.

Emily Hart: “Thank you. I am happy to be here in Houston, and I’m so excited to now be a part of Full Force Pro. Matt, honey, it’s 2015. The days of privacy are over. With social media and the internet, let’s just let the cat out of the bag. Two million dollars. That’s what I invested. Two-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero…dollars. Full Force Pro will benefit from this, Matt will benefit as now I can take a few things off of his plate and he can relax a little more, and I get to make history as FFP’s first ever Vice-President. And don’t worry about a thing fans. I’m going to strive to do what’s best for FFP. I’m going to strive to do what’s best for all of you. And I’m going to do what I can to make sure you get the best professional wrestling in the world today. Thank you!”

[Lizzy Kraven] I’m honestly very surprised to hear this. Matt hasn’t had the best history with women becoming authority figures here. There was Commissioner Brandi, there was Kimmy Carmichael, there was Commissioner Elizabeth Summers. And now this. I don’t know…

[Jackson Flint] I agree Lizzy. This could be trouble.

[Morgan Alexander] You guys are so negative. This is great. Matt doesn’t have to worry about as much. It frees him up to handle other things. And I…I get to see her everyday!

With that Matt and Emily embrace. She waves at the crowd one more time as Matt holds the middle rope up for Emily to exit the ring. The two now business partners walk up the entrance ramp and disappear behind the curtain.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs The Queendom

Both teams don’t seem super liked by the Houston crowd. A mixed reaction for both. Taylor Clawson begins the match with Monika Andrews. After a few brawling moves from both Diamonds, Taylor hits an STO out of nowhere for a close two count. Monika is obviously hurt. Taylor drags her to Seduction Inc’s corner and tags in Brandi Moore.

Moore lays in a couple of stomps before pulling Monika up and hitting a suplex. Moore taunts Jenna Kaufman before going back to Monika. However the taunt was just enough to allow Monika to get her mind right, as she scoops Brandi up and plants her with a spinebuster. Brandi pulls herself up, but once she gets to her feet Monika nails her with a devastating shining wizard. Moore hits the mat and lucky for her rolls out of the ring. Monika then tags in Jenna Kaufman.

[Jackson Flint] Brandi may be lucky that she rolled out of the ring. That shining wizard was brutal.

[Morgan Alexander] The Queendom came to win baby.

Jenna goes to the outside and pulls Brandi up by her hair. She rolls Brandi back into the ring. However as Jenna goes to climb onto the apron Taylor charges on the apron and levels her with a kick to the chest, knocking her to her back on the arena floor. This of course brings Monika into the ring, however the referee scurries to keep her out of the ring.

Taylor drops down to the arena floor and hits a scoop slam on Jenna. She lays in a couple of stomps before climbing back onto the apron.

[Jackson Flint] Classic Seduction Inc.

[Lizzy Kraven] That’s right. They know what they’re doing in there.

Brandi climbs to the outside and now forces Jenna back into the ring. She enters with Kaufman, and pulls her up by her hair. Brandi whips Jenna into the corner and charges after her. However Jenna raises her feet in the air and connects with Brandi’s chest. Brandi stumbles back, and Jenna charges, hitting her finisher, the Spear!

[Jackson Flint] Jenna hit the Spear! This could be it!

Jenna tries to capitalize by pinning Brandi, however Taylor climbs into the ring and levels Jenna with a kick to head. This brings Monika back into the ring who hits Taylor with a clothesline. Of course the referee demands that Taylor and Monika leave the ring. By now Jenna has pinned Brandi, but the ref doesn’t see it. Monika tries to point it out, but the referee keeps his attention on restoring order.

Frustrated, Jenna pulls Brandi up and whips her into the ropes. She hits Brandi with a dropkick, pulls her to her corner and tags Monika Andrews back in. Monika pulls Brandi up and sets her up for the Angel’s Wings. Before she can perform the move, Brandi escapes, reversing the hold into a short arm clothesline. Monika gets back to her feet but receives a boot to the midsection and a DDT.

Brandi begins to crawl to her corner, reaching out to tag Taylor Clawson back in. Monika is doing the same, hoping to tag in Jenna.

[Jackson Flint] These two teams do not like each other, and they’re putting on one hell of a match for all of us.

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t know who I want to win!

Brandi tags Taylor a second before Monika tags Jenna. The two meet in the center of the ring trading forearms and punches. Jenna gains the advantage. She hits a couple of chops on Taylor’s chest before sending her into the ropes and hitting a back elbow. Jenna hits the ropes and delivers a senton. She then hooks Taylor’s leg but only gets a two count. Jenna now grabs Taylor’s legs and slaps on a Boston crab.

Taylor reaches for the ropes. She can’t reach them, so she begins to try grabbing Jenna’s legs. Trying to get a reversal or break the hold all together, Taylor squirms around trying to gain the best position. By now Brandi has gotten back up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Again the referee runs in front of her to stop the interference. By now Taylor has worked her way out of the Boston crab, however Jenna still has ahold of her feet. Monika climbs into the ring, jumps to the middle rope and drops a leg drop on Taylor’s chest. Jenna then flips over, still holding Taylor’s legs for a roll up. Monika slides out of the ring as the referee makes the count. 1…2… and Taylor kicks out. Jenna and Monika both look shocked.

[Morgan Alexander] Wow, I thought that was all she wrote.

[Lizzy Kraven] I agree. I thought The Queendom had regained the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Jenna steps back now, waiting for Taylor to get back to her feet. Obviously she is setting up for another Spear. Taylor finally gets up and Jenna charges. However Taylor raises a knee and connects with Jenna’s head. Kaufman falls to her back and Taylor falls backward. Reaching back and connecting a tag with Brandi Moore.

Brandi climbs into the ring and jumps on Jenna, leveling her with rights and lefts to the head. Monika climbs into the ring yet again, but Brandi hits her with a knee lift followed by a DDT. Monika fights to get back to her feet, but Brandi plants her with her old finishing move, the Fameasser. Brandi turns back around in time to see Jenna getting up on her knees. Brandi hits her with a hard kick to the chest, pulls her up by her brown hair, and hits the Fisherman Brainbuster. Moore then hooks Jenna’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Seduction Inc did it! They retained against The Queendom. And it was an outstanding match.

[Lizzy Kraven] All of these matches tonight have been great Jackson. And I tell you what, Seduction Inc just proved to me that without a shadow of a doubt, they are the greatest Diamond tag team in Full Force Pro history, if there was even a doubt.

[Morgan Alexander] Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson. Hot as can be, and they can kick ass too. What a match!


The scene cuts backstage yet again. Francine Davis is standing by with Nina Fox and Lavender Bow. She asks the two how they feel after winning the right to be named number one contenders for the Diamond Tag Team Titles, and asks them what their thoughts are on Seduction Inc and their victory just now against The Queendom.

Nina Fox: “Brandi and Taylor are two tough girls. The best Diamond Tag Team in FFP history. Without a doubt. That’s why they’ve held the titles on six different occasions. However, they’ve held those titles six different times, so they’ve lost them five. And the sixth time they’ll lose them, will be to Nina Fox and Lavender Bow.”

Lavender Bow: “I haven’t had a whole lot of in-ring time here in FFP. The time I have spent in there, I’ve proven to you all that I can hold my own. Nina and I are clicking. We’re on the same page, and I don’t think there is a team on the Diamond roster that will be able to slow us down. Come hell or high water, you’re looking at the new Diamond Tag Team Champions. And whether Seduction Inc like it or not, the future of the Diamond Division are standing right here in front of you, Nina Fox and Lavender Bow.”

Nina Fox: “That’s right!”

Nina and Lavender put their arms around each other and walk away as Francine sends the action back to ringside.

[Jackson Flint] Well guys, it’s all come down to this. Anarchy, Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Title. The first time an FFP Triple Threat Match has been contested under first pin ends the match rules! Anarchy doesn’t have to be pinned to lose his title.

[Morgan Alexander] We all know the rules Jackson. Anarchy has a 33.3% change of winning. But so does Daniel and Patrick. Unless, my prediction comes true. I predicted on Twitter earlier today that Patrick McCoy would help Daniel beat Anarchy and become World Champion. I feel like this has all been a ruse, and McCoy is still a member of The Kingdom.

[Lizzy Kraven] Honestly Morgan, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, I think this will be Anarchy’s night. I think that somehow, someway he is going to walk away from Frost Bite still the World Champion.

[Jackson Flint] The time for talk has ended you guys. Let’s get to the main event!

FFP World Title | Triple Threat Match
(c) Anarchy vs Patrick McCoy vs Daniel Matthews w/ Scarlett Ducane

Daniel Matthews is the first participant out to the ring. With Scarlett Ducane leading the way, Daniel looks as confident as ever. He walks down the isle, slides into the ring and stands as the crowd litters him with boos.

Patrick McCoy comes down next. Not making eye contact with his ex-girlfriend Scarlett Ducane, McCoy steps into the ring and takes his place in the corner.

Finally the current, reigning and defending FFP World Champion Anarchy makes his way down the isle. The crowd give him a standing ovation as the big man walks down the isle with the World Title strapped around his waist.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy fought for so long to win that title, and tonight, he’s going to have to fight like hell to keep it.

[Morgan Alexander] It’s not happening Jackson. He might as well kiss it goodbye.

After Katie Long finishes up the announcements, Daniel Matthews charges, attacking Anarchy before the bell even rings. Nailing Anarchy with lefts and rights he gets the big man rocked. Anarchy stumbles back into the corner where Matthews continues his assault. The referee quickly calls for the bell.

Matthews takes a step back and hits a hard running clothesline. Anarchy falls to his knees, before going down to the mat and rolling out of the ring. However when Daniel turns around Patrick McCoy is there. He scoops his former mentor up on his shoulder and plants him with his finisher, the Kryptonite Krunch!

[Jackson Flint] The Kryptonite Krunch! It’s over already!

Patrick looks surprised. He hooks Daniel’s leg. The referee makes the count. 1…2… and Anarchy pulls Patrick’s leg, pulling the cruiserweight out of the ring and to the arena floor. He and Anarchy now begin to trade punches on the outside.

[Morgan Alexander] Wow, just like that I thought it was over.

[Lizzy Kraven] Yeah, Patrick almost became a two time champion right there.

Anarchy gains the advantage slugging it out with Patrick, however McCoy hits an elbow to Anarchy’s head, rocking the big man. Daniel Matthews finally gets to his feet, hits the ropes and nails the two with a suicide dive to the outside of the ring. All three men lie on the arena floor as the Houston crowd cheers them on.

[Jackson Flint] What a start to this match!

Daniel is the first one up. He pulls Anarchy up and hits a couple of right hands before clotheslining the champion over the steel guardrail. He now grabs Patrick McCoy and slings him back into the ring. Daniel climbs up onto the top rope and hits a flying headbutt shades of Chris Benoit (who?!). Matthews now hooks Patrick’s leg. 1…2… and Patrick kicks out. Daniel gets back up and waits for McCoy to make a move. As McCoy gets up to his knees Daniel charges and hits the shining wizard. He immediately bounces off the ropes and hits a beautiful Asai moonsault. He pins McCoy again. 1…2… and again McCoy kicks out.

Daniel now grabs Patrick and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. He motions to the crowd that he’s going to go for the Death Valley Driver off the top. He ascends to the top with Patrick, however McCoy levels Daniel with a shot to the midsection, stopping him in his tracks. Patrick now scoops Matthews up onto his shoulder and delivers an insane Kryptonite Krunch from the top rope! McCoy lies in pain for a moment, obviously the move took a little out of him as well. he then drapes his arm over Daniel’s chest. 1…2… AND ANARCHY BREAKS UP THE PIN!

[Morgan Alexander] Holy crap! Patrick McCoy has had Daniel Matthews beat twice, and Anarchy broke up the pin both times!

[Lizzy Kraven] Patrick McCoy came for a fight you guys!

[Jackson Flint] He absolutely did!

Anarchy pulls Patrick up and whips him into the corner. He charges, and levels him with running shoulder block. McCoy falls to a sitting position. Anarchy backs up again, and this time hits McCoy with a running shoulder. Anarchy now turns his attention to Daniel, who is still down. Anarchy grabs his leg and slaps him in the STF.

Matthews reaches for the ropes, trying hard to break Anarchy’s grip.

[Lizzy Kraven] This is one of Anarchy’s submission moves. Daniel better get to the ropes or get out, because he won’t last too long in this. Especially after the Kryptonite Krunch off the top.

Anarchy continues keeping the hold locked in, until Patrick McCoy hits the ropes and delivers a dropkick right to Anarchy’s face. McCoy pulls Anarchy up and now plants him with a DDT. He delivers a couple of stomps, hits the ropes, and delivers a leg drop.

Patrick gets up again, about the same time that Daniel is up. They look to be about to go at it when Daniel puts his arms up. He begins to negotiate with Patrick. Obviously Matthews is wanting to team up with Patrick, take Anarchy out and then go one-on-one.

[Morgan Alexander] I told you guys that these two were going to team back up!

[Jackson Flint] Morgan I don’t think they’re teaming up as much as Daniel is just trying to get any help he can to take Anarchy out. Once they do that, Daniel thinks he can beat McCoy.

[Lizzy Kraven] Funny thing is, McCoy has had Daniel beat twice already. Matthews may be setting himself up for more than he can handle.

Daniel puts his hand out for a handshake. McCoy looks at it for a moment as the crowd begins to boo. McCoy then grabs it, pulls Daniel in and wraps him in a small package. 1…2… and Anarchy again breaks Patrick’s pin up.

[Lizzy Kraven] If it weren’t for Anarchy, I believe McCoy would have beaten Matthews three different times here tonight!

Anarchy grabs a hold of Patrick and slaps in the Rear Naked Choke. McCoy reaches out but can’t reach the ropes. Anarchy however doesn’t have the hold in for very long as Daniel plants a stomp right in the forehead of Anarchy. Matthews now pulls Anarchy up and tosses him inbetween the ropes and to the arena floor. Daniel pulls Patrick up, scoops him up onto his shoulders and plants him with the Death Valley Driver. Daniel pins Patrick. 1…2… and somehow Patrick gets his shoulder up JUST before the three count.


[Morgan Alexander] Easily killer.

Matthews can’t believe it. He hooks Patrick’s leg again, this time pulling on his black trunks. 1…2… and Patrick kicks out again. Matthews slaps the mat in frustration. He rolls out of the ring and grabs the World Title from the time keeper. He heads toward the ring, obviously looking to hit McCoy for the belt. However Anarchy grabs Matthews from behind and turns him around. Without missing a beat Daniel levels Anarchy with the World Title, flooring the champion. Blood immediately begins gushing out of his forehead.

[Lizzy Kraven] Oh my God that’s a lot of blood.

[Morgan Alexander] Yeah it is. Anarchy is hurt. That’s not good. Not only is he bleeding all over, but it’s going into his eyes.

[Lizzy Kraven] We may need some help out here.

Matthews turns his attention toward the ring, however the referee intercepts the title. Through the cameras you can hear the referee warn Daniel, telling him that he SHOULD disqualify him and throw him out of the match.

[Jackson Flint] Daniel should be thrown out of this. he doesn’t deserve a chance after that!

Daniel slides back into the ring. As Patrick is obviously groggy, trying to get back to his feet, Daniel hooks him and plants him with a devastating piledriver. Daniel hooks Patrick’s leg for the pin as the referee reenters the ring.

[Morgan Alexander] That’s it. New World Champion!

1…2…AND PATRICK KICKS OUT YET AGAIN! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Daniel sits up, with his hands on his head. He looks up at the ref holding three fingers in the air.

[Jackson Flint] How did Patrick kick out again?! A Death Valley Driver, a piledriver. What else can this kid take?

[Morgan Alexander] This is amazing.

[Lizzy Kraven] It truly is. All three of these guys want this title. But who wants it more?!

Anarchy is starting to regain consciousness. Slowly crawling to the ring he reaches up and grabs the ring skirt. Meanwhile Daniel pulls Patrick up once more. Matthews scoops Patrick back up onto his shoulders, going for another Death Valley Driver, however Anarchy slides back into the ring. He levels Daniel in the lower back with a running knee. Matthews drops Patrick to his feet, and falls to his knees. Anarchy hits the ropes and hits an impressive shining wizard to a standing Patrick McCoy. McCoy falls back and rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile Anarchy grabs Daniel. He delivers a couple of headbutts and then slaps Daniel with an open hand across the face. Daniel steps back and hits Anarchy with a kick to the groin. Anarchy falls back, holding his groin and screaming in pain, blood still painting the mat below him blood red.

Matthews falls to his knees and grabs a hold of the middle rope opposite of Anarchy. The referee yells at Daniel before checking on Anarchy.

[Lizzy Kraven] Daniel is really pushing it here. I would have thrown him out of this match a couple of times now.

As the referee checks on Anarchy, Austin Briggs runs down the isle armed with a steel chair. He proceeds to level Daniel Matthews with a hellacious chairshot to the top of the skull. The force causes Daniel to go to his feet, and stumble backward. Anarchy has now gotten back up to a standing position and catches Matthews right before he falls to the mat. Anarchy hooks in the Rear Naked Choke, dropping to the mat in the center of the ring and wrapping his big legs around Daniel’s body.

[Jackson Flint] Austin Briggs has gotten involved and Daniel looks out on his feet!

[Morgan Alexander] Anarchy’s got him in the middle of the ring.

[Lizzy Kraven] Where is Patrick?

[Jackson Flint] I think he’s still out on the floor. He hasn’t moved.

Matthews is out. His eyes are rolled back in his head and his arms are hanging lifelessly to the mat. The referee checks on Daniel a couple of times before raising his arm in the air and letting it go. It falls to the mat below and the referee calls for the bell.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy wins! Anarchy successfully defended the World Title against Daniel Matthews AND Patrick McCoy!

[Morgan Alexander] What about Austin Briggs?! Where did he go?

[Lizzy Kraven] He ran back up the entrance ramp about as quickly as he got down here. Patrick is out. Daniel is out. Anarchy is bloody, and he’s still the FFP World Champion.

The referee awards Anarchy the FFP World Championship. Anarchy, still bleeding heavily from the forehead, hoists the title in the air. The crowd cheers as the big man standings proudly in the ring, still the champion.

[Jackson Flint] I can’t believe that he beat the odds!

[Morgan Alexander] I can’t believe we didn’t see Daniel and Patrick reunite. And I didn’t get to look at Scarlett as much as I would have liked.

As Anarchy celebrates Christopher Morgan storms down to the ring. He slides in and levels Anarchy with a clothesline from behind. The big man crashes to the mat, dropping the title to his side. The referee tries to get in Morgan’s way, but Christopher grabs him by his striped shirt and tosses him across the ring. He hits the mat and rolls to the outside.

[Jackson Flint] What the hell is he doing out here?

[Morgan Alexander] I think we’re about to find out.

Morgan then grabs the World Title. He looks at it for a moment, then looks back at Anarchy. Christopher walks over and pulls Anarchy by the hair, forcing him up to his knees. Christopher then hits the ropes, and BLASTS Anarchy in the face with the title. About this time, the new Vice-President of Full Force Pro Emily Hart hurries down the entrance ramp.

[Jackson Flint] Here we go. Emily Hart is about to make her first big impact in FFP. Suspend this guy. Fire this guy. I really don’t care. This is classless, beating Anarchy down like this.

Meanwhile, Morgan pulls Anarchy up by his hair. He forces him to his feet, hooks his arms behind him, and plants him with a dangerous Tiger Driver. Christopher then grabs the World Title again. By now Emily has climbed her way into the ring. Christopher locks eyes on her as she approaches, pointing at Christopher like she is about to reprimand him.

[Lizzy Kraven] This guy needs a suspension. And maybe a swift kick in the ass.

Hart then grins. She grabs Morgan’s wrist and raises his arm in the air. He holds the World Title up above his head, straddling Anarchy’s bloodied body. Emily points to Christopher as he stands proudly over the FFP World Champion. Obviously this was a setup by Emily Hart.


[Morgan Alexander] Calm down Jackson. Calm down.

[Lizzy Kraven] Matt brings in another bimbo, and this is what happens. She invests money, becomes the Vice-President, and on the same night she orchestrates an attack like this. Stupid bit-

[Jackson Flint] Hold on Lizzy. I understand how you’re feeling right now. But let’s not go there.

[Lizzy Kraven] Fine. Fine.

Lizzy throws her headset down and exits ringside, walking up the entrance ramp and disappearing behind the curtain. Meanwhile Emily is still standing with Christopher Morgan in the center of the ring. The Houston crowd throws paper cups and any other trash they can get a hold of, booing and jeering as the attack. Morgan continues holding the FFP World Championship in the air. The show goes off the air as Morgan throws the belt down on Anarchy’s unconscious body, and leaves the ring with Emily Hart by his side.


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