Interview with Taylor Clawson


This (Saturday) morning we got the opportunity to sit down with one half of the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Taylor Clawson. Here is the full interview.

FFP: Hello Taylor, how are you?

Taylor: I’m good. Ready for tonight.

FFP: Tonight, you and Brandi Moore will put the Diamond Tag Titles on the line against Nina Fox and Lavender Bow. How do you think you’ll fair?

Taylor: Brandi and I are the best Diamond tag team that FFP had ever had. Or will ever have. Nina is Diamond Champion. She’s a great wrestler. And Lavender has shown some promise being pretty new at this. But they won’t be able to beat us.

FFP: At Wednesday Warfare, Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch got involved in your match with Nina and Lavender. What are your thoughts?

Taylor: Two girls trying to make a name for themselves. I assume they’re trying to copy Seduction Inc. But there will e another Seduction Inc.

FFP: How do you feel about Emily Hart being named the new Vice President, then immediately getting herself involved in the World Title picture?

Taylor: Matt always does this. He brings a girl in as an authority figure, then they try to make a name for themselves. As long as she doesn’t get in Seduction Inc’s business, we’ll be just fine.

FFP: Earlier you mentioned Nina Fox’s Diamond Title reign. She’s closing in on Veronica Clyne’s 284-day reign as Diamond Champion. Are you impressed by Nina’s reign?

Taylor: You have to be impressed by it. If she keeps the title for a few more days, she’s the longest Diamond Champion EVER.

FFP: Do you have any plans on trying to regain that title?

Taylor: Absolutely. That’s always a goal. That’s a goal for me. That’s a goal for Brandi. That should be a goal for every FFP Diamond.

FFP: The last time you won that championship, Brandi Moore eventually turned on you. If you won that belt again, would you be afraid Brandi would do that same thing?

Taylor: Not at all. A lot of things have changed. It was a year ago that her and I feuded. Now, Seduction Inc is stronger than ever. That’ll never change.

FFP: So do you two plan on continuing to team here in FFP? Forever?

Taylor: I mean, we can still do singles stuff and be Seduction Inc. just because we’re the greatest Diamond tag team ever doesn’t mean we can only do tag matches. We will do the singles thing too. And always have each other’s backs.

FFP: You aren’t in the Tour of Japan Tournament, but Brandi is. How does that make you feel?

Taylor: I would have loved to be in it, but Brandi wasn’t in it last year. And I have no doubt that she’ll win it all.

FFP: Any other plans for Taylor Clawson in 2015?

Taylor: Continue ruling the Diamond tag division with Brandi. And yeah, I wouldn’t mind holding that Diamond Title again. Maybe I’ll be the one who snaps Nina’s title reign.

FFP: Is that a challenge?

Taylor: If Nina sees it as a challenge, then sure. Come get it girl.

FFP: Taylor, thank you for your time. Good luck tonight at Sadistic Saturday Night.

Taylor: Thank you.


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