01/31/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | January 31, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The show opens up with President Matt Kraven and Vice-President Emily Hart walking down to the ring together. The two had had some interaction on Twitter which led to a lunch earlier today, and it looks as if the two worked out some of the issues that they had.

Matt announced that the two had done just that. He said however that Emily was going to stay a part of The Lifestyle, although he was very much against that as she was one of the top executives of FFP. He said that the two see no reason that they can’t get along and work as a cohesive unit to make Full Force Pro the absolute best that it can be.


Backstage we see Nina Fox and Lavender Bow getting ready for their match. Seduction Inc walks by with their Diamond Tag Titles on their shoulders. The two teams trade words before Seduction Inc finally walks away looking rather confident.

Triple Threat Match
Deshaun Reed vs Hades vs Kristopher Bradley

All three men go for broke in this match. Kristopher Bradley starts off handing out right hands to both men. However Hades catches him with a hard kick to the side, then a DDT. Deshaun Reed assists Hades with dumping Kristopher to the outside. Deshaun and Hades go at it until Bradley makes his way back into the ring, blindsiding Hades. Deshaun and Kristopher then team up together, until Reed hits Bradley with a Crash Landing for the three count, eliminating him.

Hades and Deshaun go at it again. Deshaun works Hades down, however Hades hits a rising clothesline. He goes to the top and hits a guillotine leg drop before scooping Deshaun up and planting him with the Burning Hammer for the pin.


Francine Davis is now standing by with Quinn Delaney. Quinn congratulates Nina Fox on her title reign. She then asks if she could finally get her title shot, and have a chance at stopping Nina’s title reign just days before she would break Veronica Clyne’s 284-day reign. Quinn then says that she will be waiting for Nina’s answer.

Lacey Abernathy vs Valentina Perez

Lacey Abernathy comes out wanting to have a nice showing after losing to Giovanni Gotch a couple weeks ago. Lacey works Valentina down, working on her arm setting her up for the Code Red Armbar. However, Valentina reverses an attempted shoulder breaker from Lacey into an inverted DDT. Valentina continues working the redhead down with stomps to the back of the head. Followed by a vicious piledriver. Valentina then hits the VIP Treatment on Lacey and hooks her leg for the pin.

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Tyrece Beckman now joins the Two Man Mafia. Hunter Brown and Brandon Kincaide talk about how they have turned a new leaf and that they will show respect and honor in the squared circle. They remind us all that they are apart of Anarchy’s Team Honor stable, and that they will gladly face any tag team next week on Wednesday Warfare.

Prince Tau vs Christopher Morgan

Hard hitting to say the least. Prince Tau hits a big clothesline early on, but Christopher Morgan is right back up, delivering stiff forearms and chops. Christopher hits the first big move, a swinging backbreaker for a two count. Morgan sets Tau up for the Tiger Driver, but Tau escapes and hits his Spear. Morgan ends up rolling out of the ring which is definitely a blessing in disguise. Tau goes to the outside and sends Christopher back in. He sets Morgan up for the F5, but Morgan slides off of Tau’s shoulders and hits a leg lariat. Morgan then plants Tau with a Samoan drop followed by the Tiger Driver for the three count.


Backstage Daniel Matthews is talking to Eddie Siebenthaler and Levi Blake. He is talking them up for tonight’s main event. However he also tells them that they could easily take out the American Bulldogs and become the new FFP Tag Team Champions. Siebenthaler and Blake look convinced, and ready for a fight.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Title Rematch
(c) Seduction Inc vs Nina Fox & Lavender Bow

Brandi and Nina start the match off. No love loss there. After some light brawling Nina resorts to her technical abilities, which are obviously a little better than Brandi’s. However Brandi hits a big clothesline and tags in Taylor. Taylor beats down on Nina until Fox escapes and tags in Lavender Bow.

Taylor and Lavender go head to head. Trading punches, chops and forearms until Taylor delivers a thumb to the eye, slowing down her opponent. Taylor then hits a Russian leg sweep followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Brandi gets tagged back in and sets Lavender up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Nina gets in the ring and breaks up the attempt. Both teams break into a brawl. Eventually Brandi tosses Nina out of the ring while Lavender clotheslines Taylor over the top. Lavender then hits an impressive Northern lights suplex for a two count.

The match continues on, multiple tags and big moves. Lavender hits a beautiful moonsault off the top but only gets a two count on Taylor Clawson. Nina comes in and attempts a Superkick, but Taylor reverses into an electric chair drop attempt, however Fox reverses her reversal with a victory roll for a close two count.

As the match keeps going, Nina and Brandi end up in the ring and nail each other with simultaneous clotheslines.

Then, we are greated by Vice-President Emily Hart. Hart comes out onto the entrance stage and announces that this match was actually supposed to be a Triple Threat, however word apparently didn’t get back to the third team. Emily says that Austin Briggs has agreed to help her out with something, therefore she would allow his newest tag team, Team FAB to enter this match. Emily also announces that this match would NOT be elimination, but first pinfall wins!

“Fabulous” Fiona Burke and “Beautiful” Giovanni Gotch storm to the ring. Quickly grabbing Lavender Bow off the ring apron and tossing her into the steel guardrail, they then move on to Taylor Clawson. Clawson fights back on the outside of the ring until she is double chokeslammed on the commentator’s table. The table doesn’t break, but Clawson lands hard on it, before rolling off and falling to the arena floor.

Fiona and Giovanni now slide into the ring. Nina and Brandi are both pushing themselves to their feet. Giovanni scoops Brandi up onto her shoulders and plants her with a death valley driver. Meanwhile, Fiona scoops Nina up and hits her with her finisher, The Fab Drop. Fiona and Giovanni cover their opponents. The referee seems confused. However Emily Hart demands over the microphone that he make the count. So with both hands the referee makes the three count. And awards the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles to Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch.


The scene cuts to Jackson Flint and Morgan Alexander who are trying to make sense of the situation. Austin Briggs apparently is going to help Vice-President Emily Hart out with something, therefore she allowed Team FAB to basically come in midway through the FFP Diamond Tag Team Title match, and basically steal the belts. Jackson seems disturbed by this, however Morgan is happy to just be seeing the likes of Emily Hart, Fiona Burke, Giovanni Gotch and Seduction Inc.


The scene cuts backstage where Francine Davis has caught up with Matt Kraven. She asks Matt what he thinks of what Emily Hart just pulled out there. Matt says that he’s so aggravated that he doesn’t even want to talk about. Then he says that he needs to check on Nina, and heads toward the trainer’s area.

Six-Man Tag Match
The Kingdom (Daniel Matthews, Eddie Siebenthaler & Levi Blake) vs The Headline (Austin Briggs & American Bulldogs)

This match is obviously going to be filled with all kinds of animosity. The Kingdom and Headline have been going at it about which stable is best for quite sometime now. Levi Blake starts the match out with Nathan Caine. Both men go at it with full force (no pun intended). Levi hits a running big boot followed by a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb. Nathan fights back, rocks the big man and hits a backbreaker, followed by a belly to belly suplex. Matt Evanston comes in and attempts the Go to Sleep, but Eddie Siebenthaler comes in and hits Matt with a running knee. Austin Briggs and Daniel Matthews now enter the ring and begin to trade punches.

Daniel gets the upperhand and hits Austin with a clothesline over the top, sending himself over with him. Nathan Caine then clears the ring of Eddie Siebenthaler so it’s just Matt and Levi. Levi attempts the Mudlick Clothesline, but Evanston ducks and hits a superkick. Levi falls into his corner and Daniel Matthews makes the tag.

Matthews and Evanston go one on one. Austin Briggs tries to get involved again, but Eddie Siebenthaler cuts him off. A brawl erupts again, however this time on the outside of the ring. As the referee is trying to watch over the legal wrestlers, meanwhile trying to convince the brawling wrestlers to go back to their corners, Daniel Matthews sneaks in a low blow that the referee misses. Daniel then scoops Matt Evanston up onto his shoulders and hits the Death Valley Driver. He hooks Matt’s leg and gets the 1, 2, 3.

After the match Austin rallies his group and quickly leaves ringside. The Kingdom stand in the center of the ring, without the former Diamond Tag Team Champions, celebrating their victory over the Headline.


The scene quickly cuts backstage where Anarchy has the World Title on his shoulder, and his gym bag packed. Apparently he is headed toward his car as he is backstage near the parking area. From behind him Emily Hart appears and yells for him. Anarchy turns and begins to trade words with her. However from the opposite side, Christopher Morgan and Austin Briggs suddenly storm into view, flooring the champion. Morgan and Briggs put the boots to the World Champion, beating him senseless on the concrete. Briggs pulls Anarchy up, and holds his arms back behind him. Morgan blasts Anarchy with several shots to the head. Morgan then grabs the World Title, and again levels Anarchy in the forehead, splitting him back open like at Frost Bite.

Anarchy falls to the concrete again. However Morgan isn’t done. He pulls the big man up once more and hits a gruesome DDT on the concrete. The sound is sickening as blood now begins to pool under Anarchy’s head. Emily Hart now approaches. She thanks Austin for his help. Briggs thanks her for letting Team FAB be involved in the Diamond Tag Team Title match. Christopher Morgan then hands the World Title over to Emily Hart. She looks at it for a moment. Even fixes her hair in it’s reflection. She says that soon that title will belong to her and Christopher. She then drops it on Anarchy’s body, and her and Christopher climb into a nearby limo. That is how the show comes to an end.


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