Amanda Kelly and Candy are the First Two Announced!

Last night we announced the 16-woman tournament that we will be holding on Valentine’s Day. This tournament will feature aspiring Diamonds. Women wrestlers from around the world wrestling for a shot to become the next FFP Diamond.

We have our first two participants! Let’s meet them!

amanda_kellyAmanda Kelly
We decided to begin with a unique woman wrestler. Amanda Kelly isn’t your average female wrestler. If you turn on wrestling on Monday or Thursday night, you won’t see any women that even closely resemble Amanda. Although she is a very pretty face, some would say the rest of her is a little “big”. But we are glad to have her here in FFP competing for a spot on our roster.

Just because she’s big doesn’t mean anything. In fact, that could mean that she is possibly much stronger and tougher for any other woman in the tournament to take down. Amanda will definitely bring the fight in this tournament, and will be one tough wall to climb!

Amanda is from Florida. She uses the Powerbomb and Kelly Bomb (a corner slingshot splash) as her finishers. Using moves like that, she could flatten much of the competition in this tournament.

Candy is new to the sport of professional wrestling. She’s a boxer. In fact, she’s a featured boxer with our affiliate Foxy Boxing. Candy has decided to try her hand at being a dual-sport athlete, and plans on using her boxing skills to make an impact in the 16-woman tournament.

Candy is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She stands at 5’5″ and weights 117 pounds. People call her “The Girl Next Door”, and she walks to the ring to Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”. She is obviously a very fit and beautiful young lady. Surely whoever she is put across the ring from will know that they are in for a fight!

Candy uses the Roaring Elbow as her finisher. A simply strike that will be very effective because of Candy’s background as a boxer, she could easily knock some of the competition clean out in the squared circle.


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