02/04/2015 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | February 4, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The show opens with a replay of Christopher Morgan and Austin Briggs’ attack on Anarchy last weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night. Then the scene cuts to ringside where Emily Hart and Christopher Morgan are on their way to ringside. Morgan gets on the microphone and guarantees that he will defeat Anarchy for the World Title at Desperate Measures.

Draiden vs EJ “Money” Carter

A fast paced match that sees EJ hit some quick offensive moves. Carter hits a death valley driver and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Draiden turns the tide with a dropkick followed by a superkick that echoes throughout the arena. Carter attempts to gain the advantage, but Draiden shuts him down with a double arm DDT followed by a flying headbutt. Draiden then hooks in The Fade Into the Darkness. Carter holds on, but eventually has to tap out.


The scene cuts backstage where Francine Davis is standing by with the Two Man Mafia. Francine asks the two what their plans are now that they’ve became a part of Team Honor. Hunter says that they have been quiet for too long and that their destiny has always been the FFP Tag Team Titles. Brandon Kincaide adds that they have went at it with the American Bulldogs time and time again, and they know they can take the gold from them.

The scene then cuts to The Headline, where Austin Briggs is talking to both Giovanni Gotch and Fiona Burke, giving them last minute tips on defeating Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson. The Diamond Tag Team Champions look ready.

Taylor Clawson vs “Beautiful” Giovanni Gotch

Surprisingly, both girls come to the ring alone. Taylor begins with Giovanni by wrapping her in a headlock, trying to wear her down with a headlock take down, then an elbow drop. Gotch fights back and hits a clothesline. Gotch begins working on Taylor’s leg until Clawson hits a cross body block and then a Samoan drop. Taylor slaps on a camel clutch but eventually releases.

Taylor goes for the Flatliner, but Giovanni escapes and hits a devastating STO. Gotch then calls for the Koji Clutch. She slaps the hold on near the center of the ring. Taylor stretches, and squirms, trying to make her way to the ropes. Stretching with her leg she gets very close. Giovanni sees this, and releases the hold. She plants an elbow into Taylor’s back and drags her to the center of the ring.

Giovanni slaps the hold back on. Taylor again begins to stretch for the ropes, obviously in pain. This brings out Brandi Moore. Moore gets about halfway down the entrance ramp before Fiona Burke runs out from the back. Brandi hears the commotion from the crowd, turns and greets Fiona with right hands. The two go at it on the entrance ramp. Brandi gains the advantage, rocks Fiona with a couple more punches, and slams her into the steel guardrail. Brandi then begins to stomp her downed opponent.

Giovanni sees this and releases the Koji Clutch. She runs up the ramp and hits Brandi with a clothesline. She pulls Brandi up by her hair and slams her into the guardrail as well. She then helps Fiona get back up. Gotch heads back to the ring where Taylor is still down. She pulls Taylor up, but Clawson jams her thumb into Giovanni’s eye. Gotch stumbles back. Taylor then hooks her and plants her with the Flatliner. Clawson then hooks the leg and gets the three count. Fiona slides into the ring to go after Taylor, but she quickly slides out of the ring. Brandi and Taylor disappear quickly to the backstage area as Fiona checks on her tag team partner.

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Backstage we see Tyrece Beckman with President Matt Kraven. Beckman asks Matt what his expectations are for the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament, which will feature 16-woman from around the professional wrestling world trying to become FFP’s newest Diamond.

Matt says that he is very excited, and so happy that he came up with the idea. He says that he has very high expectations that it will be a night of great wrestling action, and at the end of it, FFP will have it’s newest Diamond.

Tyrece also asks Matt if there’s a chance that more than one woman will walk away with FFP contracts. Matt says that the reason for the tournament is to crown the next FFP Diamond, but says that he can’t promise that he won’t want to sign others as well.

Levi Blake w/ Daniel Matthews vs Jason Copeland

Levi uses his power to manhandle Jason. The tattooed fan favorite battles back and hits an awesome corner clothesline followed by an impressive fallaway slam. Copeland sends Levi into the corner again and goes for a Stinger splash type move, but Levi moves out of the way. Levi then hits the ropes and clobbers Jason with the Mudlick Clothesline for the pin.

After the match Daniel Matthews climbs into the ring. He proclaims that The Kingdom is the greatest stable in Full Force Pro. Then he demands that Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch put the Diamond Tag Team Titles on the line in a rematch, against Seduction Inc. Matthews again tells everyone that The Kingdom is much better than The Headline.


Backstage we see FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox sitting, staring at her title. Today is day 283. If Nina retains tonight, she will certainly break Veronica Clyne’s 284 day Diamond Title reign, which is the longest Diamond title reign in FFP history.

Adam Black vs Austin Briggs

Adam Black comes out putting up an awesome fight to Austin Briggs. Using his brawling style to gain the advantage, Black backs Austin into the corner and beats him down. He backs away and hits a running back elbow, which causes Briggs to stumble out of the corner and fall to his chest. Black then climbs to the middle rope. When Austin gets back up, Adam hits a tornado DDT for a two count.

Black continues using his brawling, more specifically brutal punches. He hits Austin with a clothesline over the top, hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive. The two go at it on the outside of the ring until Austin sees an opening and rams Adam, shoulder first, into the steel ring post. Briggs stays on top of his opponent, cashing him into the steel guardrail at ringside. Briggs lays in a couple of stomps before sending Black back into the ring.

Briggs works Adam down, although Adam does hit a rising clothesline which flattens Austin. Adam attempts the Jumping Piledriver, but Briggs reverses into a back body drop. Austin then hits the Brainbuster for the pin.


On Valentine’s Day the world will be treated to the first ever FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament. 16-woman from all over the globe will do battle to become the next FFP Diamond.

Currently entered in the tournament is Amanda Kelly, Candy (from Foxy Boxing), Mariah, Néné, Magnolia Wright and Hardbody Heather.

Six more women will join this special event. And FFP Legend Veronica Clyne will join us to do color commentary!

Brandi Moore vs “Fabulous” Fiona Burke

Continuing the brawl from earlier, these two girls go at it. Fist for fist and kick to kick. Brandi hits a clothesline over the top rope. She goes out onto the apron and hits a double axehandle off the apron, crashing down on her opponent. Brandi hits a couple of stomps and Irish whips Fiona into the steel steps nearby. Brandi lays in more stomps before backing away and charging. She attempts a running knee but Fiona moves out of the way and Brandi crashes into the steps. Once Brandi gets back up, Fiona grabs her leg and hits a dragon leg screw. She then whips Brandi back into the ring.

Fiona pulls Brandi up and plants her with a DDT. She attempts a pin but only gets a two count. She pulls Brandi up and hits another DDT. She attemps a pin again, but gets a two count once again. Fiona pulls Brandi up a third time. She scoops her up and hits a powerbomb. Again, only a two count.

Taylor Clawson now walks down the entrance and stands at ringside. Giovanni Gotch isn’t far behind. Fiona hits the ropes and delivers a baseball slide dropkick to Taylor. She turns around in time to get hit with a boot to the gut. Brandi then hits her old finisher, the Fameasser. She hooks Fiona’s leg but only gets a two count. Brandi gets up, and sees that Giovanni has climbed up onto the apron. Moore hits a running forearm knocking Gotch down to the floor. When she turns around Fiona hits a shoulder block. Fiona then scoops Brandi up and hits the Fab Drop for the three count. Fiona Burke defeats Brandi Moore!

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FFP Diamond Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Quinn Delaney

Quinn Delaney walks out looking confident. The crowd cheers for her. Nina Fox comes out with the Diamond Title on her shoulder. Although a fan favorite, it almost seems as if the crowd wouldn’t mind seeing her impressive title reign come to an end just to be able to say that they were there to see the reign end.

They lock up and Nina hits a quick arm drag. Quinn gets back to her feet and they lock up again. This time Quinn hits a hip toss. They lock up again. The two muscle back and forth and end up in the corner. Nina releases the lock up, clean break. They do it again. This time Quinn clean breaks. However she then hits a knife edge chop. She whips Nina into the opposite corner and charges. But Nina jumps to the middle rope and hits a rebound cross body block.

Nina goes for a cover but only gets a one count. Nina pulls Quinn back up and hits a snap suplex. She pulls Quinn up again and hits a scoop slam. Nina then hits the ropes and hits a leg drop. Goes for another pin. 1…2… and kick out.

Nina waits for Quinn to get up. She charges and attempts a clothesline. Quinn ducks and hooks Nina from behind. She hits a high angle bridging German suplex. Nina kicks out right after the two count. The two get back to their feet and the crowd applauds.

The two lock up again. Quinn hooks Nina into a headlock. Nina reverses into a hammerlock, but Quinn hits a hard back elbow. Nina stumbles back, and Quinn hits a spinning kick to Nina’s ribs. Delaney then scoops Nina up for a powerbomb. However, she runs with Nina in the air and hits a devastating powerbomb into the corner. Nina’s body crashes into the turnbuckles. As she stumbles out of the corner, Quinn hits the ropes and delivers a running clothesline. Quinn hooks Nina’s leg. 1…2… and Nina kicks out.

Quinn now goes up top. She waits as Nina is slow to get up. Quinn then dives off and hits a missile dropkick. Quinn waits again. Once Nina is back up to her feet Quinn charges and hits a spinning clothesline, almost knocking Nina out of her boots. Delaney pins Fox, but the champion kicks out at two. Quinn looks a little frustrated. She pulls Nina up by her black hair. She sets Nina up for a death valley driver, but Nina slides off of her shoulders and hits a German suplex. She releases the suplex and waits for Quinn to get back up. She hooks her arm and hits a Northern lights suplex. She waits for Quinn to get up again. She goes for her Superkick, but Quinn ducks it, hooks Nina’s arms behind her and hits a Tiger Suplex. The referee counts. 1…2… and again Nina Fox kicks out. The crowd is applauding, cheering, chanting and sitting on the edge of their seats.

Quinn pulls Nina up once more. Quinn calls for Quinn Magic, however as she turns back toward the champion, Nina plants the challenger with an STO. Nina slowly gets back up. Quinn is pushing herself up to her knees. Nina watches, and looks into the crowd. Then she pulls the trigger and hits the Superkick to Quinn. Delaney falls back to her chest. Nina rolls her over and hooks the leg. 1…2…3! Nina Fox retains the FFP Diamond Title!

The crowd erupts with cheers. The referee presents the title to Nina and raises her arm in the air. Nina sets the title to the side and helps Quinn up. The two Diamonds embrace. Obviously both are completely spent after an epic main event. However, Emily Hart now makes her way down the isle. The crowd immediately begins to boo. Emily, who is carrying a microphone, tells Nina that just because she won the match doesn’t mean that her night isn’t over. Nina turns to Emily, curious to see just what the Vice-President is up to. Emily then yells, “NOW!”.

Quinn Delaney quickly grabs the Diamond Championship off the mat. Nina turns around in time to get LEVELED in the head with the title. Nina falls to the mat like a ton of bricks.

Quinn now hooks Nina’s leg. The referee has already left the ring, but Emily slides in and takes it upon herself to count Nina’s shoulders to the mat. 1…2…3! Emily announces that Quinn Delaney is now the NEW Diamond Champion!

This brings out President Matt Kraven. Kraven, with microphone in hand, storms to ringside. Screaming no into the microphone. He says that obviously the match was over and that this title change did not happen. Matt then orders Quinn and Emily to leave ringside.

Emily tells Matt that it’s fine that her plan didn’t work out, but tells Matt that she already had another plan. She then announces that Quinn Delaney will face Nina Fox for the Diamond Title at Desperate Measures in a No Disqualification Match.

Matt begins to fight Emily on her match announcement, but Nina Fox, who has just now gotten back up grabs the microphone from Matt and accepts the match. Emily Hart is all smiles as the match that she wanted is now official.


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