Six Women Now Entered into the Valentine’s Day Tournament

Monday we announced Amanda Kelly and the Foxy Boxer Candy as the first two participants in the 16-woman Valentine’s Day Tournament. Tuesday we announced Mariah and Néné. And today we add two more women to the list of aspiring Diamonds.

Will one of these two new women be able to make it to the finals of the tournament? We’ll have to wait and see on Valentine’s Day. Until then, let’s meet these two ladies.

magnolia_wrightMagnolia Wright
Standing at an even 5-feet tall and weighing 110 pounds, Magnolia Wright was born in Syracuse, New York, but also spends much of her time in Las Vegas. The 23 year old former stunt lady mixes striking skills along with high flying inside the professional wrestling ring.

A couple of her signature moves are the Cross Arm Breaker and a fan favorite, the Rocker Dropper. Her finisher is called the Mags Effect, which is a devastating reverse hurricanrana DDT.

Magnolia may not be the biggest or strongest woman in the Valentine’s Day tournament, which definitely could be a big disadvantage to her, however she will use her speed as well as striking and high flying skills to even the odds. She is also a very resourceful wrestler in the ring. In matches where she seems to be outmatched, look for her to target her opponent’s body part and try to work it down to her advantage.

hardbody_heatherHardbody Heather
A self-proclaimed “jock”, Heather Larssen has spent her entire life dedicated to sports. After a childhood excelling in gymnastics, soccer and basketball she earned high school all-state accolades in volleyball and swimming. She would go on to earn a full scholarship to the University of Texas in Austin where she helped lead her swimming team to three Big 12 Championships.

She eventually got caught up in weight training and landed herself a lucrative contract as a fitness model. As a model she made several contacts in pro wrestling. Looking for the next challenge, Heather left Texas for California and enrolled in wrestling school. After a year and a half of intense training, Heather is ready to make her debut, and has decided to debut in the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament.


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