Nina Fox Breaks Veronica Clyne’s 284-Day Diamond Title Reign

nina_ropesToday, February 6, 2015, Nina Fox surpassed the record breaking 284-day Diamond Title reign set by Veronica Clyne back in late 2009 to early 2010. Two nights ago Nina Fox faced off against Quinn Delaney in the main event of Wednesday Warfare and successfully defended the title. Everyone knew that if Nina could beat Quinn to keep her title on that night, that it would lead to her beating Veronica’s record.

Veronica Clyne is arguably the best Diamond in Full Force Pro history (although Brandi Moore and Nina Fox herself could easily be brought up in the same conversation), and her 284-day reign will always be impressive. Only being the fourth Diamond Title reign at the time, Veronica defeated Brandi Moore for the title and held it until losing it back to Brandi in early February.

Nina Fox has remained a humble champion since winning the belt on April 27, 2014. “I won it in a triple threat, I’ve defended it against so many, and I will continue to do my best to hold onto it,” Nina told us. “One day someone is going to come and beat me for it. I get that. No one stays champion forever. They try. But can’t do it.”

Nina obviously knows that eventually her title reign will indeed come to an end. She just wants the person that beats her to be a respectable champion. “I just don’t want to lose the belt on a fluke. I don’t want someone to beat me because their manager or boyfriend interfered. I want someone that I can respect to beat me. Then I want them to go on and defend the title against all comers, and represent FFP and the Diamonds to the best of their ability.”

nina_rainWe received a few comments from wrestlers (both past and present) as well as staff members about Nina breaking the record. Here is what they had to say.

Matt Kraven: “I trained Nina. I watched her career blossom into what it is today. I’m so proud of her. She’s an incredible wrestler. She’s held the Diamond Tag Titles, the Diamond Title and the World Title. She’s phenomenal, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. I’m so proud of Nina. I love watching her wrestle. I love seeing her do what she loves out there. It’s so early in her career and she’s already rewriting the record books. Great job Nina.”

Lizzy Kraven: “Nina is awesome. I love her. I’ve spent a lot of time with her, and have watched her grow into the wrestler that she is now. 285 days and I hope she goes another 285. My money is on her beating Kashimanaki’s 416-day record. Congrats Nina.”

Veronica Clyne: “Nina and I have a rich history in FFP. We’ve beaten the hell out of each other. We’ve blown the roofs off of buildings. And there’s no other Diamond that I’d want to beat my record than Nina. Congratulations Nina. Keep the hits coming.”

Daniel Matthews: “285 days is a long time. And Veronica was a part of the Soul Assassins when she set that 284-day record. I was spending every day with her. She worked her butt off to keep that title. Obviously Nina is doing the same. If Nina ever wanted to join The Kingdom, hands down, she’d have a spot waiting for her.”

Vice-President Emily Hart: “Of course I’ll give credit where it’s due. Nina has set the bar very high for Quinn Delaney, when she takes the Diamond Championship from her at Desperate Measures.”

Morgan Alexander: “Nina is an awesome wrestler. She’s beautiful. She’s young. And I think the best may be yet to come. I see a lot of Diamonds that want that title, but Nina just keeps knocking them off. She’s the real deal.”

Quinn Delaney: “Congrats Nina. It comes to an end on February 22nd at Desperate Measures. Sorry, not sorry.”

Former FFP Diamond Rochelle: “I have always seen something in Nina. I knew she was going to have a great future in this business. And here she is beating Veronica Clyne’s record for longest Diamond Title Reign in FFP history. Those two girls are sure fire FFP Hall of Famers whenever they open that HOF. Congratulations Nina. I’m proud of you.”

FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament Participant Sarah Robinson: “Nina is a fantastic performer. She is obviously one hell of a champion. It’s going to take someone special to take the title away from her.”

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