Two More Entered into the Valentine’s Day Tournament

We’re less than a week away from the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament – an event that promises to see a new FFP Diamond introduced to the professional wrestling world. In this one-of-a-kind never before seen one-day tournament, the professional wrestling world will have it’s eyes set on this epic show.

Let’s meet our two latest participants…

gogo-blackwater-inkage-inkgirl-3Shelley Silver

Shelley Silver was often bullied throughout her school years. So much so that her mother signed her up for self-defense and mixed martial arts classes. As years passed, Shelley continued to gain knowledge in these sports, and also gained a keen interest in MMA and professional wrestling. Eventually she went to Los Angeles where she began training in pro wrestling. She has yet to see success in pro wrestling, but hopes to very soon.

Shelley stands at 5’6″ and weights 140 pounds. She is originally from Seattle, Washington. She is a quick learner and she is very sneaky. However she has some pent up aggression that can easily get the best of her. Silver uses the Falling Rain as her finisher – which is a kneeling facebuster.

Shelley looks to come into the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament still a little green in this sport, but looks to make a name for herself by winning the whole thing.


That’s right! Rochelle returns to Full Force Pro in the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament! You all should be familiar with Rochelle. She’s a former FFP Diamond Champion. She shocked the FFP world by being handed the Diamond Championship by Matt Kraven. She held the title for 63 days before losing it to Brandi Moore.

Rochelle will make her return to FFP on Valentine’s Day and has every intention in winning the tournament, and gaining herself the roster spot that she left back in July of 2014.

With experience by her side, Rochelle very well could wind up being the winner of this tournament. We will have to wait and see.


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